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The Obama Family And Photo ID's

Q: Is it true that nobody remembers Obama attending Columbia University? -- A: At least one of his classmates remembers him well, and the university proudly claims Obama. Caption Credit: | Image Credit: Twitter

The Obama Family And Photo ID's

The internet is much more fun then what Americans use to do to become informed a couple of decades ago ... read a newspaper, attend a class, or go to the library.

Information is readily available and, more importantly through the use of social media and communications web programs (Twitter and the expanded application, Tweet Deck), just flows to one's consciousness with incredible speed with greater depth/diversity than ever before here during Carter's Second Term.

Take, for example these two items that involve photo identification and two members of a family united through marriage.

The two members of a family related through marriage would be from the first family of the United States, the 44th President and his wife Barack and Michelle Obama, and the photo identification information that was presented/found on the internet involves two completely different issues.

The first issue that involves photo ID has the information communicated to inform all of those people who wish to attend and meet with Michelle Obama, at a downtown Washington D.C. Barnes & Noble store located at 555 12 St. NW, at E St. On Friday June 8th.

It's difficult to go on a book tour when you're married to the Leader of the Free World, but First Lady Michelle Obama will visit a Washington, DC, Barnes & Noble bookstore over the next week to autograph copies of her newly published book American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America. Image Credit: Whitehouse via Obama Foodorama 

This excerpted and edited from NewsBusters -

First Lady Requires Photo ID for Her Book Signings; Voter ID Law-hating Media Fail to Note Obama Hypocrisy
By John Bates | June 06, 2012 | 13:11

The Obama administration has done its best to oppose states from instituting new, stricter voter ID laws, complaining that many minority voters lack photo identification. But those same folks it wants voting in November are apparently not welcome anywhere near the First Lady's book signings. Something tells me that the same media outlets comparing voter ID laws to the Jim Crow Laws, however, won't see any hint of hypocrisy here, if they even report the story at all.

As stated on the blog Obama Foodorama

On Friday, June 8th, those wishing to attend the event must purchase a copy of the First Lady's book at the location and leave it at the store, according to the employee. At the same time, customers must also submit their social security number and show an official photo ID (driver's license, passport) to a Secret Service agent, and they will be issued a wristband to the First Lady's event on June 12.( Emphasis added)

The liberal media, particularly Obama-boosting cable network MSNBC has done its best to attack voter ID laws as discriminatory at best and racist at worst.
[Reference Here]

The second bit of information involving photo identification and an Obama has to do with this Barry Soetoro proof of status and identification to New York's Columbia University issued in 1981.

If you hadn't guessed, Barry Soetoro is how our current president Barack Obama referred to himself as he pursued his life before finishing his education in liberal political philosophy and law.

Some of the interesting information found on the photo ID card image shared on Twitter is that it was issued in 1981, the bearer had attained an Associate of Arts degree (Occidental College located near Eagle Rock, CA - assumed), the ID number is #600962011054355, and that the bearer is designated as a "Foreign Student" (foreign to where? - out of state, out of nation, out of this world????).

The second case of Photo ID contains more questions than it has answers because it was shared at Twitter with 140 characters alerting those who noticed the Tweet about the existence of the Photo ID Card and a link since lost.

What we do know though is that Barry Soetoro is now our President and that this information about him was never shared before his election to our highest office and it would have been nice to know that Barry/Barack was one of the few college students who had the attention to detail to have attained an Associates of Arts degree along his path to a full Bachelors Degree and professors credential.

By the way, what were his grades at Occidental College, Columbia University, and ... etc.?


The ID of Barry Soetoro for Columbia University is not authentic because the ID template used for the image appearing on Twitter was not used by Columbia until 1996 - fraud busted but real questions remain ... did Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama actually get an AA Degree from Occidental? and ... what were his grades at Occidental College, Columbia University, and ... etc.?


The Obama Administration isn't joking, however, when it insists on people having to show proper identification for a book signing with Michelle Obama but also insists that NO ID should be required for a person to vote for/against a binding law or a representative to any political office here in the United States.

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