Monday, June 18, 2018

Will The 44th Presidency's, Carter's Second Term, FBI Ever Be Trusted Again?

Former FBI official: the Bureau has become corrupted by ideology and ego... and there's growing discontent among the rank and file (VIDEO). Image Credit: Tucker Carlson via FB (2018)

Will The 44th Presidency's, Carter's Second Term, FBI Ever Be Trusted Again?

MAYBE ... never ...

... include the whole of the Department Of Justice (DOJ) now that they just issued their Inspector General (IG) Report and it followed the exact template that then FBI Director presented nearly 2 years ago when he, Comey, went through the laundry list of law-breaking by Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) then ending with the conclusion that NO PROSECUTOR would take HRC to trial.

The DOJ IG Report went through nearly 500 pages of descriptions of Political BIAS, over-reaches in power, deviance of FBI procedure, and unequal justice - then ending with the concluding ruling that NO Provable Political BIAS existed in the illegal HRC private email server investigation.

These people distort process in order to pursue their collective progressive political ego and personality. Ego and emotion rules the day as these bureaucracies pile Bias upon Bias in order to undo the fair election of a 45th President that is anybody but Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The FBI was rigging an election for President of the United States on behalf of one political party over the other.

We, at Carter's Second Term, see Bias upon Bias along with Fix upon Fix "being placed in" to insure a Clinton Presidency using a two-tiered justice system where anybody but Hillary Clinton would be arrested for the countless felonies in the mishandling of classified information on her illegal private email server.

If the FBI will ever be trusted again, the rank and file will have to step forward and become the face of  - first, justice - then proper process over ideology and ego. 

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