Friday, May 30, 2008

The Misery News Network – MSNBC

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The Misery News Network – MSNBC

In the nineteen-nineties when Bill Clinton was president, many people began to tune out from CNN, the 24 hour cable news network, when the reporting “loop” from the channel ran stories that appeared to be unbalanced and favorable to the daily goings on of the Clinton Administration, and Bill Clinton. This observation became so universal that the nickname of CNN was the Clinton News Network.

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After catching another edition of the daily morning political news and discussion program on MSNBC, Morning Joe, it is becoming clearer what MSNBC should change its name to when the rumored separation between software giant, Microsoft, and the National Broadcasting Corporation, removes its association from “MS”NBC.

Just in time for Carter’s Second Term, the Democrat Party will be able to trot out the MNN, the Misery News Network.

This is a place where in today’s broadcast, the performance artists pontiffs rantings are not really news to analyze or understand as it relates to the insights on the background of Barack Obama, the suicide rates of military personal in Iraq requires exhaustive review, Scott McClellan, former press secretary to the Bush Administration, is hailed as a hero for his recently released book that political consultant, Dick Morris recently characterized as a tome for money that really adds insights to … nothing (paraphrased … “we already know all of this information about public relations efforts on behalf of the Iraq war effort – executive administration’s do this – what was the purpose of the “Gettysburg Address” for example?”), and health care (a Government fixed health care system) is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed in this next election cycle. This just in … a crane collapses in New York City, thank-you, broadcast producers, for the cut-away.

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We see the second coming of the Misery Index and the perfect messenger of this broader attitudinal “groundswell” – The MNN. The cable news outlet for the decidedly liberal General Electric corporate broadcast property of the NBC network (featuring Jeffery Immelt, CEO/Who does business with the mullahs in IRAN, Keith Olberman, Sportscaster turned Political Pundit/”Reporter”, Chris Matthews, Political Pundit who gets a strange feeling in his leg when he thinks of Barack Obama – HIS WORDS, cipher Mika Brzezinski, Boston plagiarist, Mike Barnacle), and the voice for Carter’s Second Term.

All Hail To The MNN!

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