Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The A-Z of Barack Obama

The moment when Barack Obama declared victory over his rival Hillary Clinton - Image Credit: Times Online (UK)

The A-Z of Barack Obama

File this under - - "The More You Should Know"

The Times Online (UK) had an interesting take on educating its readers about the presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party for President of the United States -


J is for Jakarta, where Obama went to school until he was ten. J is also for the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the black Chicago church pastor who baptised the Obama children. Obama disowned him after his race-tinged rants threatened to alienate white voters

K is for Kenya, the country where Obama's grandfather was a domestic servant to the British. Also for Dennis Kucinich, the no-hope Democratic contender that Obama accidentally voted for in the Illinois primary

L is for Leo, Obama's starsign . Also for Luo, his family's tribal heritage in Kenya

They should have added under "J" the word "jettison" ... and under the letter "L" - lightweight.

One wonders what other about-faces (as in "throw under the bus" - a suggestion for the letter "T") and changes in direction Mr. Obama will perform in order to become president ... establish a "war footing"?


Goldwater said...

Cool site. My friend made this same reference to Obama, he is the next Jimmy Carter for sure. Both are making grave mistakes with Iran.

PS. I'm a conservative from Australia. My site is: (warning: bad language)

helenmarie said...

C - of Barack

Look to the corrupt machine of Chicago--its interesting that nothing political happens from Chicago or in the state of Illinois without the control of the Daley machine--it is very silent-no words -in error it slipped that brother
William is econ advisor--the ties to 1920s Irish and Italian mafias has been written about---It will spread the corruption of Chicago across the country--LOOK OUT

PS: the Daleys will be rid of US Atrtny Fitzgerald who has tried mightily to clean up the city--its come too close to the mayor his self

To keep up - read Kass in the Chicago Tribune

Fed up with corruption---JM chicago