Monday, June 9, 2008

McCain Agrees - Obama Is Carter's Second Term

John McCain as he sits down to an interview with Carl Cameron of Fox News. Image Credit: FoxNews

McCain Agrees - Obama Is Carter's Second Term

In an interview with Fox News reporter, Carl Cameron, John McCain responds to Carl's repeat of the Democrat Party talking point ... you know the one talking point that they think they have ... that a vote for John McCain is a vote for a third Bush presidential term.

This talking point has been part of a steady drum beat and to be truthful, it is almost the only thing that Obama and the Democrat Party can scare people with as it relates to a McCain presidency.

This excerpted and edited from FoxNews -

McCain says Obama will offer U.S. a second Carter term

by Mosheh Oinounou, FoxNews - June 9th, 2008 7:04 PM Eastern

Responding to charges that he represents a third Bush term, McCain tells Fox that Obama offers the nation a second term for President Carter.

“You know one of his favorite phrases is that I would be a Bush third term. Well I think maybe his proposals could be a Carter second term,” McCain told Fox during an interview at campaign headquarters Monday afternoon.

McCain also discusses his strategy to win over Reagan Democrats and has some tough words for Obama’s economic policies, labeling the IL Senator a “liberal, doctrinaire Democrat.”
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The messiah has arrived and all we have to do is just wait by the road for the beginning of Carter's Second Term.

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