Friday, August 22, 2008

Empty Suit Embraces Gas Bag To Form Democrat Ticket!

CNN is reporting through a source which CNN says that they can not reveal that Joseph Biden was offered the Vice-President slot on the ticket by Barack Obama and that he, Biden accepted. Image Credit: Richards/Getty

Empty Suit Embraces Gas Bag To Form Democrat Ticket!

Was there ever a better Democrat Party marriage made in heaven?

What a ticket – Barack Obama who was against going into Iraq as a front on the war on terror when HE had nothing on the line (he had NO vote and no position of power on the issue) has picked as a Vice Presidential partner,

a longtime Senator (35 years) who argued and voted for our involvement in Iraq,

was in complete agreement with his Senator friend, John McCain, on pursuing a Surge strategy in order to put down the build up of al Qaida terrorist forces and former Baathists in Iraq,

and even stated that he would make a good VP choice for the presumptive Republican Party nominee for President, Senator John McCain if Senator McCain wanted to cross political parties for a dramatic choice to fill out the ticket!

That person is the very senior Senator from Delaware (near Pennsylvania) – Joe Biden.

So now we will all be treated to a doubling down of the Gaffe factor what with an inexperienced junior Senator from Illinois who should be saying less away from a teleprompter is teamed up with a speech plagiarizing (1988) egomaniac who should talk less when he is asked a question … Biden is the type of person who, when asked “what time is it?” is inclined to tell you how to build the watch, how he helped with some of the original watch makers on construct of their designs, how he made a suggestion on the type font used to form the numbers on the face of the watch, that there should be many types of watches like ones for a pocket, a broach, put a strap on one so that it can be worn on a wrist, make watches that would appeal to different genders, and call it a timepiece – all very helpful stuff. Joe Biden has NEVER held an executive, leadership position … he has always been a legislator.

Sound the gun, ring the bell, and let the alarm begin the Democrat race for President of the United States and let us hear how we can become citizens of the world out of the mouths of;

1.) an empty suit with little in the way of accomplishment at the top of the ticket and,

2.) a world champion policy wonk, gas bag at the bottom of the ticket.

Let the Gaffe war, begin.

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BigT said...

This is precious. I just can't wait to unload on this ticket. It will be fun!