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Let’s Talk About Failure – Honestly

Rush Limbaugh speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference - Image Credit: MSNBC screen shot

Let’s Talk About Failure – Honestly

Over the weekend, there was a lot of talk about Rush Limbaugh and his stated desire for President Barack Obama to fail. Rahm Emmanual, Chuck Todd, even some recognized figures in the GOP hopped on the bandwagon, tying to make the comment out to be more than the comment really was … a defense of the constitution, free enterprise, and the personal freedom pursuit way of life that America is known for.

To be honest, the current leadership has a few wishes of failure of their own which they pursue but are not up front enough to state as clearly as Rush Limbaugh has in his proclamation.

The Democrat Political Party voted unanimously to saddle the American population to $787 Billion dollars in mostly pure government spending without reading the 1,100 page (up from 700) appropriations bill they passed (this should be unconstitutional). The final version of the bill was released at 11:00 pm ET and by 3:00 pm the very next day the Senate and House of Representatives approved the spending with only three Republican Senators joining 100% of the Congressional Democrats. The Democrats want our economy to fail. The only way to pay for this type of spending is to have the government print more money without any consideration for wealth creation. Democrats are not interested in wealth creation so as a defacto position … they want wealth creation to fail

The Democrat Political Party would want any balanced budget to fail, for with a balanced budget they would not be able to make the Government bigger and thereby, more intrusive into everyone’s life.

Last week, President Barack Obama submitted his budget plan for the next year’s budget and if all of the provisions in the budget were to pass, he would want charitable giving to fail, he would want to have the growth in the value of houses and the housing industry to fail, and he would want his plan to increase taxes on ONLY those who earn $250,000 dollars to fail because of the following:

1) Obama proposes to eliminate tax credits on money that is given by all individuals to charitable causes and churches. Effectively, this is also an increase in taxes to people who earn less than $250,000 dollars (I supposed he lied).

2) He proposes to eliminate or reduce the tax credit for interest paid on any home mortgage … in other words, one has to pay tax on interest paid on the home mortgage loan. This will have the effect of making the house worth less the moment it passes because the house costs more to own … it will basically make a four bedroom house become the value of a three bedroom house. This provision is also an increase in taxes to people who earn less than $250,000 dollars (I supposed he lied, again).

3) Lastly, Barack Obama placed a provision of raising fees and taxes on all energy producing commodities by $634 Billion dollars. So, if someone purchases gas for their car, lights their home with electricity, cooks their food with natural gas, heats their home with heating oil they will pay more for it because the Federal Government through the leadership provided by the Democrat Political Party headed by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid will increase the cost of these goods. Effectively, this is also an increase in taxes to people who earn less than $250,000 dollars. I suppose that Barack Obama just wants our way of life to fail.

Let’s be clear, Democrats that are in office and those who vote for them want to have our stock markets (the DOW is down to 6,813.63 / -249.30 / -3.53% / today at 10:00 am PT alone, and devalued over 50% since Obama was elected), Capitalism, small business, free enterprise, and personal freedom to FAIL!

Barack Obama has passed and proposed more Federal Government spending and socialism in six weeks than has ever been put in place in the 233 years that our country has been in existence. This 44th Presidency will be a Carter's Second Term the likes of which no one has ever imagined.

The Obama Salute - A Social Engineering Orgy ... And We ALL Lose Our Freedom Of Choice! The Government owns what once was a limitless future and has capped opportunity to those who would have benefited from it the most. Image Credit:

This excerpted and edited from the International Hearld Tribune -

Obama's budget plan sweeps away Reagan ideas

By David Leonhardt - Published: February 27, 2009

The budget that President Barack Obama proposed is nothing less than an attempt to end a three-decade era of economic policy dominated by the ideas of Ronald Reagan and his supporters.

The Obama budget - a bold, even radical departure from recent history, wrapped in bureaucratic formality and statistical tables - would sharply raise taxes on the rich, beyond where Bill Clinton had raised them.
After Obama spent much of his first five weeks in office responding to the financial crisis, his budget effectively tried to reclaim momentum for the priorities on which he had campaigned.

His efforts would add to a budget deficit already swollen by Bush's policies and the recession, creating the largest deficit, relative to the size of the economy, since World War II. Erasing that deficit will require some tough choices - about further spending cuts and tax increases - that Obama avoided this past week.

But he nonetheless made choices.

He sought to eliminate some corporate subsidies, for health insurers, banks and agricultural companies, that economists have long criticized. He proposed putting a price on carbon, to slow global warming, and then refunding most of the revenue from that program through broad-based tax cuts. He called for roughly $100 billion a year in tax increases on the wealthy - mostly delayed until 2011, when the recession will presumably have ended.
"The tax code will become more progressive, with relatively higher rates on the rich and relatively lower rates on the middle class and poor," said Roberton Williams, a senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center in Washington.
The details remain vague, but the budget begins paying for investments that would eventually allow Medicare officials to refuse to pay for medical treatment that does not show evidence of improving health. If successful, that change would vastly reduce the government's long-term budget deficit. It is also likely to bring down private health costs, because insurers typically follow Medicare's lead.
There are still many outstanding questions about Obama's efforts, starting with whether Congress will pass a budget that looks anything like his. His proposals on health care are likely to meet stiff opposition from some doctors and insurers. Spending more money on financial aid - absent other changes to the education system - may not lift the graduation rate very much. And if the economy remains weak into next year, as many forecasters expect, congressional Republicans will try to blame the affluent for the looming tax increases.

Whatever happens, though, it has been a long time since any president has tried to use his budget to shape the government and the economy quite as much as Obama did on Thursday. On that score, he and Reagan have something in common.
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If Barack Obama and the Democrat Political Party doesn’t want our existing economy and social structure of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to FAIL in the name of gaining even more oppressive power over our lives, they have a very funny way of showing it through their leadership.

We want these folks, and their agenda to FAIL so that the markets turnaround and grow, so that people have confidence in our economic structure again, so that small businesses can hire people because the owners who file personal income taxes of over $250,000 dollars will not be taxed into oblivion, and so that we all can make decisions about where we want to give our charitable contributions without being penalized for our giving.

This is a time in our country that is far worse than the trouble created by our 39th President, Jimmy Carter.

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