Tuesday, September 1, 2009

State Run "Obama TV" Strikes Deal to Broadcast At Gas Stations!

GSTV's installation is completely painless and all-inclusive. We take care of the management, the equipment, the network, and content, including creating your product promotions. So you and your customers can sit back and enjoy the show (it is a little like how the Obama Administration would like the American people to feel as he implements his radical political agenda). Partical Caption & Image Credit: GSTV

State Run "Obama TV" Strikes Deal to Broadcast At Gas Stations!

Gas Station TV chosen to provide NBC content to 30 million on-the-go viewers.

That's right, it is not bad enough that Chris Matthews talks about a strange feeling running up his leg on his seldom viewed show on the equally unattended cable outlet MSNBC ... now we all may be treated to the same type of incisive reflections at the gas pump as we have to stand there and fill our tanks with the politically "hated" elixir.

This excerpted and edited from NACS Online -

NBC Universal and Gas Station TV Form Partnership
NACS Online (National Association of Convenience Stores) - Posted: Sep 1, 2009

NBC Everywhere and Gas Station TV announced earlier this week that they have formed an exclusive advertising and content partnership to bring NBCU content to gas stations across the country. As of yesterday, NBCU content is available to more than 30 million viewers each month during visits to gas station pumps.
Gas Station TV is available in more than 100 U.S. DMAs (and more than 800 US cities), including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.

“Gas Station TV continues to be sought out by the top advertisers due to our reach and ability to conduct both national and local campaigns,” said Gas Station TV CEO David Leider. “We chose NBC as our partner as they are the only major network truly committed to giving their loyal viewers the quality programming they enjoy — and now expect — when they are away from the home.”

Each GSTV screen features a four-and-a-half minute combination of local and national NBCU content, as well as content from ESPN and AccuWeather. Gas Station TV’s technology allows geo-targeting down to the station and daypart, appealing capabilities for advertisers.
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Our Administration does not have an energy policy other than the recent appointment of a Politically-Radical Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones ... and there lies the rub. General Electric, as a company, views the green initiates put forward by the Obama Administration as THE way to save a dying company from itself.

Jeffrey R. Immelt, chairman and chief executive of General Electric leads a discussion with business leaders at an Ecomagination news conference at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California May 24, 2007. Image Credit: Fred Prouser

Ever since Jeffery Immelt became the CEO of the multinational conglomerate, General Electric, it has lost profits, and its rather large media holdings, NBC Universal, have given its viewing public a 24/7 barrage on the "greening" of America in order to pursuade and propagandize the public into supporting Barack Obama's Cap & Trade plan. If Cap & Trade were to become law it would mean hyper-large Government contracts for alternative power generating technologies of which General Electric would be first in line to benefit from ... Profit From!

Of course, this new deal now indemnifies Gas Station TV from scrutiny by the newly appointed Radically-Political FCC Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd (officially - diversity officer of the Federal Communications Commission) ... we are sensing a theme here. Yes, this is the same Mark Lloyd who was very fond of Hugo Chaves and his political take-over and control of Venezuela. Mark Lloyd stated while participating in a 2008 conference on "media reform," what a wonderful leader Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, was, and wincing at an unpleasantness the dictator had to deal with, the uppity owners of media, people who had some objections to the outright take-over of their property in mind.

He spoke of Chavez's "incredible revolution, a democratic revolution," and of the "property owners and the folks who then controlled the media in Venezuela" who "rebelled" and who "worked to oust him." Still, said Lloyd, Chavez "came back with another revolution, and then ... began to take very seriously the media in his country."

NBC Universal media properties list in alphabetical order [ctrl-click photo to enlarge]. Image Credit: NBCU

Quid Pro Quo is the order of the day here during Carter's Second Term, and Gas Station TV just became another cog in the wheel of the state run outfit headed by the very compliant NBC Universal aka "Obama TV"!

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