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Climategate: Todd Stern of the US State Department pushes forward on AGW agenda

Todd Stern, a climate negotiator during Bill Clinton’s presidency and more recently a fellow at the Center for American Progress, will assume the role of special envoy for climate change at the State Department. “We have no shortage of evidence that our world is facing a climate crisis,” said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the appointment of special envoy ceremony, who went on to attribute a large part of the problem to the burning of fossil fuels [evidence we now know was based on fraudulent data]. Image Credit: EPA

Climategate: Todd Stern of the US State Department pushes forward on AGW agenda

In the wake of Climategate, the level of consequences brought about due to the fraudulent activities put forth by the climate control political activists and scientists begins to make itself clear.

Todd Stern, the State Department's special envoy for climate change, stated at a February 16, 2010 briefing in Washington, "slightly less than 100 countries have indicated they want to be part of the accord ... but others may still sign on."

Further, on January 28, 2010, Todd Stern placed this statement on the State Deparment's website that read in part, "The United States today officially announced its desire to associate with the Copenhagen Accord and submitted its emissions reduction target to the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The U.S. submission reflects President Obama’s continued commitment to meeting the climate change and clean energy challenge through robust domestic and international action that will strengthen our economy, enhance our national security and protect our environment."

Why is the United States State Department playing a role in this effort of participating and policing the Copenhagen Accord when the science that is at the core of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)/Climate Change has been exposed as being based on fraud?

Todd Stern serves as Special Envoy for Climate Change. He speaks about the "Focus the Nation" Clean Energy Town Halls and the Obama Administration's climate policy - "President Obama’s stimulus plan provides $80 billion of new spending and loan guarantees to accelerate our clean energy transformation. In addition, the President has called for a dramatic expansion in our investment in clean energy research and development." [ctrl-click Image to launch video of Todd Stern statement] Image Credit:

This excerpted and edited from -

Africa: Nearly 100 Nations to Reduce Emissions Under Copenhagen Accord

Cheryl Pellerin, - 18 February 2010

Nearly 100 countries have signed on to the Copenhagen Accord, a nonbinding agreement crafted in the final hours of the U.N. climate change conference in December 2009, meeting the first official deadline of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat.
The Copenhagen Accord is a 12-paragraph document (PDF, 182 KB) developed by leaders of 25 major greenhouse-gas-emitting nations, including the United States, covering the actions needed by industrialized and developing countries to avoid the worst effects of global climate change.

The accord seeks to limit global temperature rise by pushing developed countries to make deep but unspecified cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and by setting global and national emissions peaks "as soon as possible," with a longer deadline for developing countries.
By January 31, countries that wish to be associated with the accord were to notify the UNFCCC secretariat of their support. To date, Todd Stern, the State Department's special envoy for climate change, said at a February 16 briefing in Washington, "slightly less than 100 countries have indicated they want to be part of the accord ... but others may still sign on."
In other progress on the accord, a new high-level advisory panel on climate change financing has been created. It will be co-chaired by U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Ethiopia Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

"The advisory group will develop practical proposals to significantly scale up both short-term and long-term financing for mitigation and adaptation strategies in developing countries," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki moon said in a February 12 press conference with Brown and Meles. "In particular, it will look at how to jump-start the mobilization of new and innovative resources to reach $100 billion annually by 2020. Funding would include both public and private sources."

Funds will support adaptation, mitigation, technology development and transfer, and capacity building in developing countries, with priority for the most vulnerable. Panel members will include a balance of representatives from developed and developing countries.

Ban expects the group to present initial findings during the UNFCCC parties' May 31-June 11 negotiating session in Bonn, Germany, and final recommendations before the 16th conference of the UNFCCC parties (COP-16), to be held November 29-December 10 in Mexico City.

"There are probably four or five elements of the accord that need further work," Todd Stern, the State Department's special envoy for climate change, said, "and those things need to be carried forward."

These include:

• Climate fund: A Copenhagen Green Climate Fund will be established to support activities in developing countries related to climate change mitigation. The new advisory panel will study potential sources of revenue for the fund.

• Technology mechanism: A mechanism will be established to enhance ways to develop and transfer technology to support country-specific adaptation and mitigation efforts.

• Transparency: The actions of developed and developing countries will be subject to international measurement, reporting and verification in accordance with guidelines adopted by the conference of the parties. The guidelines have yet to be established.

"Whatever the ups and downs of this process at any particular moment, there is only one direction that this process can go, which is in the direction of action to reduce emissions," Todd Stern, the State Department's special envoy for climate change, said,. "I very much hope we get there sooner rather than later, and we will be doing everything we possibly can to advance that goal."
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The AGW HOAX has placed the lives of people in nearly 100 nations under a process based on activities that were designed to promote life lived ... under a lie. The lie is that the science is "settled" about the effects of human activity and industrialization in our modern world ... in fact, the only settled science is that all of the data used to put forth the concept that human activity creates global warming and climate change was based fraud.

Climategate, as this discovery of mass FRAUD is becoming known, created a gusher of money that flowed into climate research and made clear just how much "AGW/Climate Change research professional fortunes" became tied to the notion of climate catastrophe. It was the fear of catastrophic climate change, after all, that unleashed the rising ocean of money by which their research came to be funded. Findings that might call the hysteria into question would also put at risk the flow of funds into their field and had to be shut down through owning the peer review process.

This article points out the these forces will not go away until they are made to pay back the money these promoters of this hoax have received already. To them, (and this includes Todd Stern, the State Department's special envoy for climate change) keeping the hoax alive is the only thing that matters.


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