Tuesday, March 2, 2010

President Barack Obama is a drunk

Barack Obama should not only try harder to kick his smoking habit, his team of doctors warned, but they also recommended 'moderation of alcohol intake'. Image Credit: Beer Conspiracy

President Barack Obama is a drunk

That's right - President Barack Obama is drunk on power, the power of the office has intoxicated this political chief executive to the point that he refuses to listen to the voice of the American people.

Take healthcare reform, for example. The President keeps pushing for a 1 to 2 Trillion dollar federal government takeover of our healthcare insurance industry and our country has no money to pay for it.

The American people know that we do not have any more money for Government spending and the proof of this was just discovered yesterday in a political poll by a liberal polling outfit that lists as informative blogs on its blogroll - * Daily Kos * Facing South * Free Republic * Hotline On Call * MyDD * Political Forecast * Political Wire * Race 4 2008 * Senate Guru * Swing State Project * The Fix * Wizbang! - released data showing that Barack Obama's approval rating is now underwater (less than 50%) in the nine swing states he won handily in November 2008 to become president of the United States.

Public Policy Polling stated, "Barack Obama now has a negative approval rating in every state he flipped from the Bush column to his in 2008. In each of those places his level of support is now in the 44-46% range."

On another note ... White House physician, Navy Capt Jeffrey Kuhlman, said Obama should stick with 'moderation in alcohol intake'. The doctor made this statement after releasing the results of Barack Obama's first health check-up since taking office a little over one year ago. The doctor thinks that the President drinks too much.

The 48-year-old, 180-pound Obama was declared "fit for duty" and in excellent health by White House physician Jeffrey Kuhlman this weekend, after his first physical exam as president. But the doctor expressed concern about problems that millions of Americans share, cigarette addiction and high cholesterol. Image Credit: Daily Mail

We were aware that of all the promises Barack Obama made during his campaign to become our 44th President ... you know - transparency in the processes of legislation (C-SPAN coverage of debates), posting of legislation on the internet for five days before a vote is taken, no lobbyists in Government, elimination of earmarks (stimulus legislation contained thousands of earmarks), bi-partisanship (the Republicans were locked out of any discussion on the development of healthcare legislation until Scott Brown was elected as Senator of Massachusetts), and etc. ... but the one he still breaks is the one he made to his wife and family was to quit smoking tobacco.

Barack Obama was always keenly aware that elections have big consequences, he likes to remind the American people of this everyday, but he never thought these consequences applied to him - we now all know that President Barack Obama is a promise breaking drunk who is rapidly wearing out his welcome here during Carter's Second Term!

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