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The Obama twist in his renewed push to pass Obamacare

Fable - Scorpion, River and Frog - Parody here shown with the USA as a frog, the Scorpion as Iran and the issue needing assistance as Iraq. Image Credit: photobucket.com

The Obama twist in his renewed push to pass Obamacare

You know the fable of the scorpion or snake wanting to cross to the other side of a river ... and after convincing a good-hearted yet suspicious frog to give it a ride on his back, the scorpion/snake gets half-way across the river, stings or bites the frog (as the case may be) ending its life and putting itself in peril as well.

Before succumbing to the sting or bite, the frog asks the scorpion/snake, "You have killed me and p0ssibly yourself as well. Why have you done this?

Response - "Because ... this is my nature."

President Barack Obama is a scorpion or snake asking the froggish House of Representatives (who represent the American people) to pass the Senate version of its 60 vote passed healthcare bill without modification.

The way this President and the Democrat political party plans on getting this final and verifying vote is to convince the members of the House of Representatives that if they pass this unchanged and unmodified bill, it will go back to the Senate for a "Reconciliation" vote that will fix the bill so that most damaging parts of this legislation will be amended ... then voted on and passed by the Senate with a simple majority vote.

The problem with this strategy is that if the current Senate version of this legislation gets passed on promises that it will get fixed in the Senate ... instead can go directly to the office of the President and be signed into law by Barack Obama.

The only way a true "Reconciliation" process can happen is if the Senate sends a BI-PARTISAN group of Senators (Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell needs to approve and appoint Republican political party Senate members to participate) to meet with members of the House of Representatives in order to fashion an agreeable, modified version of their bill for the House to vote on so this bill can be passed through the House, sent to the Senate, who then can pass this version with a simple majority ... then signed into law by the President.

What needs to be fixed before members of the House of Representatives would be able to come to an agreement on the Senate version of its healthcare bill follows here:

This excerpted and edited from the Daily Caller -

Obama doubling down on health care reform; time to call his bluff

By Rep. Joe Barton 03/08/10 at 12:01 AM

Democrats are currently cutting deals behind closed doors in the Capitol. Their plan is to abuse the legislative process by skipping regular order to pass this monstrosity by turning to a parliamentary trick called reconciliation. It has been used by both parties in the past, but never on anything as important or far reaching as health care.

To justify the move, the president and his Democratic cronies have flooded the media with half-truths and exaggerations, each designed at convincing people this isn’t a government take over of the health care system. But let’s look at the facts:

It will mandate private citizens purchase health care, whether they need it or want it.

It will cause millions of employers to cancel the health insurance they currently offer employees and force tens of millions of Americans into a government-run exchange.

It will create a health care czar to impose price controls on private health insurance that will lead to shortages and force even more people into government-run care.

I don’t doubt the president’s sincerity about the need to change health care in America, but despite his claims of compromise he has just paid lip service to Republican ideas.

There is a more effective and more affordable way to reform health care.

Instead of government intervention, we need to look to the marketplace—free choice, not mandates.
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Watch for the sting or bite from this Carter's Second Term President aided by the Democrat political party leadership by having the House of Representatives pass the 60 vote Senate version of Obamacare INTACT ... on the promise of having it fixed in the Senate ... but it will go directly to the President's desk for Barack Obama to sign.

Write, call and fax your Congressman and have him or her to refuse to take a vote on any heathcare legislation and Kill The Bill!

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