Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obamacare: Nations largest insurance operation just got a lot larger - and more intrusive

Bend over ... and kiss it (personal freedom and economy) goodbye! Image Credit: U.S. Government/Marines

Obamacare: Nations largest insurance operation just got a lot larger - and more intrusive

The nation's largest healthcare insurer - Veterans Administration, Medicare, All Military and Armed Services - just got a lot larger today in the face of overwhelming opposition and through the expenditure of the political capital of the DEMOCRAT POLITICAL PARTY. By a partisan one-party vote and a little less that two-minutes remaining of 219-YEA to 209-NAY, with 2-NV (non-votes), the Senate version of the inappropriately entitled Health Care Reform bill was passed by the House of Representatives and adopted into law.

Kiss the adult level of decision-making over the direction of one's personal health and care during their own life ... from now on.

Today, March 21, 2010 is the day that the United States of America ceased to be a nation of self-reliance and personal freedom and a beacon to the rest of the world as an example of a strong Constitution that protected citizens rights over the Government that they have elected into office. We are all wards of the STATE. If the STATE makes decisions about one's health from a central office ... one life is OWNED by that STATE

We all will be fined is we choose to NOT purchase health insurance in a situation where we never have an option to pursue our lives as we see fit - as we do with driving a car.

Thank all members of the Democrat Political Party for saddling our country with additional unfunded debt heaped upon a broken ... and broke economy.

Welcome the era of Democrat Political Party chaos (here in Carter's Second Term) to the likes of which we have never visited, in our nation's history, and all of this enacted in just thirteen months.

This one vote will never be undone without totally resetting the political path of our nation and this will only happen with electing verifiable, small, smaller, smallest Government ... Constitutionalists ... beginning in November 2010 and doing the same in November 2012.

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