Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The 44th President's Penultimate State Of The Union Speech

President Barack Obama delivering his State of the Union address in Washington, D.C. Tuesday's speech was his second State of the Union address. Image Credit: Getty Images via Clarity Media

The 44th President's Penultimate State Of The Union Speech

Barack Obama gave his second speech to the Congress reviewing his view on where our country is today and updating his call to spend more money during the next year. If we are lucky, this will be the next to the last "State Of The Union" speech he will be required to deliver.

Barack Obama became our nation's 44th President just two years ago and decided to outspend any other of the previous 43 presidents through increasing the budgets of the operation of all government agencies by over 25% in an economy that was only growing an anemic 2.1% over this same period. He also passed a one-time emergency stimulus spending bill that boosted the spending of all of the agencies by about an additional 25% making the increase during these two years of around 50%.

In his speech, he said he recognizes that the American people sent a message to have government spending become under control so he proposed that the Congress freeze spending at current levels for the next five years. Sadly, this would suggest not to cut the 25% of continued increased spending he has placed on all of us while our economy may only grow at between 2-3% during the same time period.

He claimed that our nation is facing a "Sputnik" moment (where the country recognizes it is behind the successes of other nations)and called for increased government investments/spending in education, innovation, and infrastructure (like high-speed trains - all the while AMTRAK looses over 1 Billion dollars as it grows to new ridership rates). Do not forget to raise the debt ceiling to 14 Billion while your at it!

Last November, the President's party saw congressional election losses that have not been seen in over 70 years and State government losses that could be claimed as the most sweeping ... ever. The President at the time of the election last November 2010 mentioned that he and his Democrat political party suffered a shellacking but in this latest speech, while speaking words that, for the first time, did not mention George Bush and the previous administration, put forth more of the same expansion of government spending and control through regulation and additional paperwork. He still wants to keep the expansion of government ownership of the nation's healthcare system.

Our country can not afford the agenda of President Barack Obama and the country knows it. If we wish to be able to experience the blessings of self-government, we will need to change the leadership in the executive branch and stop the progressive movement. Last night, we all may have just witnessed the penultimate State Of The Union speech of this 44th presidency ... Carter's Second Term.

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