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Reasons 31-40 Of Hewitt's 100 Reasons To Vote For Romney And Against Obama 2012

It is time for a 45th Presidency - To this end, Hugh Hewitt has come up with 100 reasons to vote for Mitt Romney or against Barack Obama and these series of posts will highlight ten (or so) points to consider for your vote to have a 45th President elected come November 6, 2012. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks

Reasons 31-40 Of Hewitt's 100 Reasons To Vote For Romney And Against Obama 2012

On Monday, September 24, 2012, Constitutional and environmental issues Lawyer/Professor, nationally syndicated afternoon issues talk show host, Hugh Hewitt delivered a tour de force presentation for three hours on the reasons why we need a change in executive leadership in the United States. This change can happen with our vote for president in the 2012 elections which early voting has already started in many states, but will officially take place November 6, 2012.

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This edition explores reasons 31-40 which highlight: From the muffed Russian relations "reset button" to the candid wink and nod between President Obama to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, "wait until I get elected to a second term" caution captured on an open microphone ... opens this edition of 100 reasons to vote for a 95th presidency in November. The placing in disarray the nuclear deterrent used by Poland and the Czech Republic. Obama's abandonment of the newly democratic Iraq without a status of forces agreement and his continued fumbling of Afghanistan with a "date certain" withdrawal resulting in needless insider murders of troops. MOST IMPORTANT - This 44th President's over-reaching draw down of America's military power and position in the world by first reducing our Naval power to critical levels. Under Reagan, our Navy totaled 600 ships - under common agreement with Congress, this level had been set to be no lower than 313 ships - under Obama, the Navy operates only 282 ships and if given another 4 years is expected to become 250 ships. This Commander-In-Chief' s elimination of a march toward air superiority with the killing of the F22 Raptor fighter jet - the elimination of 100,000 standing troops from the Marines and Army.

In a presentation which Hugh Hewitt titled 100 reasons why you should vote for Mitt Romney and against Barack Obama, Hugh proceeded point by point with full explanation and in no particular order 100 specific reasons Mitt Romney would make a better president to lead our country mixed in with the specific reasons why Barack Obama has not been a successful leader in the more than 1,000 days he has been president.

Since a three hour presentation of dense information may be a little hard to chew on in one session, here is one of ten postings that breaks up the 100 reasons in approximately 10 reason apiece chunks that can be savored and digested upon which one can become fully informed before making a freedom and country saving vote in this most important election.

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100 Reason To Vote For Mitt Romney Or Against Barack Obama
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 8:12 PM

After yet another dispiriting Browns' performance yesterday, I decided to redeem the day by listing 100 reasons to either vote for Mitt Romney or against Barack Obama. I turned that list into a three hour monologue on today's show -- the first such in 12 years of radio.
It wasn't hard to do. Not hard at all. Which is why I think Romney will win going away. The president is a failure, on every level and by every measurement. Americans don't endorse failure.
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As the "Chicago Way" Democrat Political Party is fond of saying ... "Vote Early, and Vote Often" ... but most importantly, vote informed and reviewing all of Hewitt's 100 reasons to vote for Romney and against Obama 2012 may at least allow one to open up a discussion with themselves, and others, as to what issues might be the most important in this upcoming 2012 election.

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