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Hillary Clinton's North Korea Foreign Policy Via "Shout-Out"

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pictured with radical socialist revolutionary Che' Guevara as a backdrop. Image credit: Fr Loren Gonzales via overheardinthesacristy

Hillary Clinton's North Korea Foreign Policy Via "Shout-Out"

Last night, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made a plea during an interview she was having with Greta Van Sustern during Greta's program on FOXNews, On The Record.

What is striking about the interview and the plea, is that part of it took the form of a broadcast "Shout-Out" to North Korea and that nation's rumored attempt to launch a test of another intercontinental missile.

What we were treated to was an example of a foreign policy carried out in the most unorganized, sophomoric, ineffective, and unprofessional level ... a "Shout-Out"

This method of communication of our foreign policy to another nation reflects the level of disarray the 44th Presidency is in, some 67 days into the four year run.

President Barack Obama, while he campaigned for the job, at least stated a desire to sit down and talk without "per-condition" ... Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently really doesn't even need, or care to have, someone in the room!

This excerpted and edited from FOXNews -

Secretary of State Clinton Confronts the Problems with Mexico and North Korea
On the Record w/ Greta - FOX News - Friday, March 27, 2009

VAN SUSTEREN: Back home, headlines now about North Korea, and so I'm going to try to pry some answers out of you on North Korea. What are we going to do about North Korea?

CLINTON: Well, you and I were just talking before the cameras started rolling because you're one of the few people I know who's actually been there and who understand that it is a -- you know, it's a different environment.

You've got to figure out how to convince them to act in what we consider to be, you know, the interests of the people of North Korea but also the interests of the rest of the world.

I have been very clear, President Obama has been very clear, we would like to get back to the kind of talks that led to the initial steps in their de-nuclearization. The six-party framework that involves all of the neighbors, each of whom have a stake in what happens in North Korea -- we have offered that. I sent word that we would like to have our special envoy for North Korean policy go to Pyongyang. They didn't want him to come.

So we're working hard. And if they're watching you, I'm sure that since you were there, you made a big impression, went to a karaoke bar in Pyongyang.


CLINTON: They probably still remember you. If they're watching -- if anybody from North Korea is watching this program with you, Greta...

VAN SUSTEREN: I do a mean Elvis karaoke.

CLINTON: I bet. You know, we'd love for them to begin to talk about what we can do together to fulfill the framework of the six-party talks.

VAN SUSTEREN: But we've drawn a line in the sand, saying, If you launch that missile, there will be consequences. But I'm not sure what consequences because they don't have anything at this point. It's not like we can cut anything off. They're already hermetically sealed from the world. I mean, what kind of consequences short of military consequences, I guess?

CLINTON: No, I don't -- I don't -- I mean, we're certainly not talking about that. What we are saying is that we believe that a launch would violate the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1718. That would, you know, in our view, trigger certain actions by the United Nations.

They have sought help for fuel and food. It would be difficult to provide those necessities. So you know, we don't want to get there. I mean, the problem with their missile launch is that these provisions of 1718 don't distinguish between a missile with a satellite and a missile with a warhead. We think it covers any kind of missile launch.

And we would hope that the North Koreans would take a deep breath here, and you know, begin to reconnect and start working with us.
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Video on North Korea "Shout-Out">>

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The Deaf Are The Most Longing To Hear

"Total Government - No Government" Political Spectrum - The political spectrum of the United Stated at the beginning of the 44th Presidency of Barack Obama. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (MAXINE) 2009

You know, it isn't Left Vs Right ... Democrat Vs Republican anymore!

The political fight in this country is really between those who are aligned with Total Government - TG (Totalitarianism, Communism, Fascism, Dictatorship) and No Government - NG (Anarchy). Sadly, both Democrats and Republicans are way to the left of what would be a center point between these two extremes.

The Constitution of the United States, for example, structures a Government that is way closer to Anarchy than the center point between Total Government and No Government.

This is simply an illustration of how far our country has drifted away from its core values found in the Constitution.

It really is about all of us treating each and every individual, as we find them, with personal freedom and respect.

If you question the logic of this proposal, then all one needs to do is ask ---

"Is this a country by the people, for the people (as it says in the constitution) when the largest spending bill in the history of the nation is put to a vote, through a forced compressed time procedure, before anyone (legislator or citizen) has enough time to actually read the legislation?"

"Is this a country by the people, for the people when the legislators are considering a law that forces the elimination of a secret vote in the work place?" - what is next, laws to abolish any secret vote anywhere there are powerful forces that want to force their will on others?

What is happening in this country is that the Constitution is under assault and people's personal freedoms are not given any value by the people who are elected to protect them ... as guaranteed by the Constitution (this nation's founding and forming document).

Welcome to the realities of Carter's Second Term ... on steroids!

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The Deaf Are The Most Longing To Hear
by Edmund Jenks

March 26, 2009, 5:52 am

A blog post spawned by a response to a previous posting about the comparison of deficiet spending between the two-party rule 43rd Presidency and the fledgling one-party rule 44th Presidency ...

Dennis Shay says:

Ed, great summary.

but you're using the wrong venue. Your dire warning is mostly falling on deaf ears, here in the Red Room.

Wed, 03/25/2009 - 8:26am

[the Red Room is a web portal for authors]

wrong venue dire warning falling deaf ears rr 03252009 826am

Thanks for your concern but if one more mind hears, then we all get a little less hurt.

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Ebony & Ivory - Obama Deficits & Bush Deficits Together

In back-to-back press conferences (held Nov. 24, 2008) by Bush (first) and Obama (second), the men either stated or implied that they were sort of working together to muscle the nation through this tough economic period. Bush said, “I talked to Obama about the decision we made. I told the American people, and I told the president-elect when I first met him, that anytime we were to make a big decision during this transition, he will be informed, as will his team.” The plans discussed are still in play to this day during the Obama Administration. Image Credit: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (2008)

Ebony & Ivory - Obama Deficits & Bush Deficits Together

These figures do not live together in perfect harmony here in Carter's Second Term.


Did you know that the Barack Obama Administration inherited deficits from the previous Bush Administration? Really?!

How can the Obama Administration continue to float the tired old saw that they just happen to inherit large deficits so it will take more just to dig ourselves out?

After sixty short days, the Congress that the Obama Administration actually DID INHERIT, and Barack Obama himself, increased the commitments to spend taxpayer money on social programs alone from the 3% of GDP to 20% of GDP ... or an increase in social spending programs of an eerie 6.66 times greater level.

It is called Deficit Spending (socialism) - and now foreign countries (China and Russia) are suggesting that the world economy adopt a new currency on which to peg/judge the value of other currencies other than the United States dollar - the formally most stable currency in the world.

Graphic showing the Bush Administration and the committed and projected Obama Administration deficits side-by-side. Graphic Credit: The Washington Post via the Heritage Foundation (2009)

This excerpted and edited from the Heritage Foundation -

Bush Deficit vs. Obama Deficit in Pictures

The Heritage Foundation - Posted March 24th, 2009 at 10.20am

President Barack Obama has repeatedly claimed that his budget would cut the deficit by half by the end of his term. But as Heritage analyst Brian Riedl has pointed out, given that Obama has already helped quadruple the deficit with his stimulus package, pledging to halve it by 2013 is hardly ambitious. The Washington Post has a great graphic which helps put President Obama’s budget deficits in context of President Bush’s.

What’s driving Obama’s unprecedented massive deficits? Spending. Riedl details:

* President Bush expanded the federal budget by a historic $700 billion through 2008. President Obama would add another $1 trillion.

* President Bush began a string of expensive financial bailouts. President Obama is accelerating that course.

* President Bush created a Medicare drug entitlement that will cost an estimated $800 billion in its first decade. President Obama has proposed a $634 billion down payment on a new government health care fund.

* President Bush increased federal education spending 58 percent faster than inflation. President Obama would double it.
* President Bush tilted the income tax burden more toward upper-income taxpayers. President Obama would continue that trend.

* President Bush presided over a $2.5 trillion increase in the public debt through 2008. Setting aside 2009 (for which Presidents Bush and Obama share responsibility for an additional $2.6 trillion in public debt), President Obama’s budget would add $4.9 trillion in public debt from the beginning of 2010 through 2016.
Reference Here>>

What the American people inherited with the Clinton and Bush Administrations (and thrust forward with the Obama Administration) were the building blocks of economic slavery and communism.

First, the Government took the position that every person that lived in America (citizen or non-citizen) deserved to be able to participate in home ownership. The Clinton Administration formed the quasi Governmental financial institutions backed by taxpayer money of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to insure low interest loans with reduced qualification requirements. Bonus programs were implemented and paid to the political (Democrat) management of these organizations.

Banks did not want to lend money with this level of low proof, so the management of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae had community development organizations (ACORN) prod them to loan money through lawsuits. In order to fuel demand for these weak mortgages (purchase commitments without the ability or intention to pay), the Government regulating agencies allowed them to be bundled and packaged as grouped financial instruments and sold to the highest bidder through insurance companies and financial institutions (AIG, WAMU, Wachovia, banks in France, Finland, Germany, and etc.).

What triggered this collapse is the increased payment demanded the mortgage companies when the initial period of artificially low inducement interest ran out and the actual value of the house became greater than the mortgage value of the home. People who originally had no real means to afford the home they committed to purchase in the first place, simply walked away with no real damage to their lives leaving all of the intuitions holding the mortgages without an income stream. The asset value of the bundled "Junk Mortgages" dropped and the economic crisis begins.

The sick logic in all of this is that the two-party Bush Government got our economy into this position and now the one-party Obama Government (of Obama/Pelosi/Reid) is smart enough to get us out … with heavier intervention and greater spending commitments - all on the American Taxpayer.

Does anyone in Government realize that this deficit spending of our collective money will all implode eventually?

This strategy will turn our currency into the value of the bundled "Junk Mortgages" that helped to put us into this place to start with - all on the back of the Government move toward social engineering!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Circular Logic Defines Obama’s Turn At President

Leaders of the White House economic team and the Senate's top Republican bellowed about bonuses at a bailed-out insurance giant and pledged to prevent such payments in the future.From one Sunday talk show to the next, they tore into the contracts that American International Group asserted had to be honored, to the tune of about $165 million and payable to executives by Sunday, even as the company has benefited from more than $170 billion in a federal rescue. Image Credit: KOMO News

Circular Logic Defines Obama’s Turn At President

Here we are only about 57 days into the 44th Presidency of the United States and what we find doesn’t match up with what was promised.

Barack Obama ran on an overriding theme of ushering a new era of responsibility, yet all this administration can do is put forward and hire people, Timothy Geithner, to oversee our economy and its pursuit of increased taxes, that cheat on their responsibility to actually pay taxes.

Case in point:

The Obama administration blames this economy and the Government solutions put in place to correct its downturn on the previous executive administration of George W. Bush, yet this administration fights to keep most of the same people, policies, and level of oversight in place from the previous administration.

This administration decided to give a third round of additional TARP fund billions of dollars to its largest troubled financial institution, AIG, without pre-condition (again) while upping the Government’s ownership (80%) in the company … then becomes outraged (only after the disclosure of the bonus plan) when the company honors its employment contracts with many of its top executives by issuing $165 million dollars in bonuses – averaging $500,000 to each.

Obama economic chief Larry Summers: AIG bonuses 'outrageous' but government can't stop them. Image Credit: Associated Press via KDRV-TV

This excerpted and edited from –

Hotline After Dark -- Resident Evil?

March 17, 2009 8:50 AM

"World News" led with AIG bonuses. "Evening News" led with AIG bonuses and featured a taped interview with special inspector gen. for Iraq Stuart Bowen Jr. "Nightly News" led with AIG bonuses.

Last night's TV coverage was dominated by Pres. Obama's announcement that he asked Treas. Sec. Tim Geithner to use all legal tools to block the AIG exec bonuses. Among the reaction:

Weekly Standard's Ham: "There's nothing that brings people in Washington together from both sides of the aisle faster than the need to get on the right side of a populist backlash" ("O'Reilly Factor," FNC, 3/16).

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ):
"None of this should have surprised any of us. ... And it was actually out there also for Secretary Geithner to understand coming into this, as well. ... So it's only now that it's making headlines that the president is coming back and basically second-guessing his own treasury secretary on this. Why Secretary Geithner didn't raise this when he first understood it is beyond me" ("NewsHour," PBS, 3/16).

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), asked if he's satisfied with the responses from the WH:
"I'm not satisfied. ... They have to renegotiate their contracts. There is no reason why when the federal government is poised to do another $30 billion that, in fact, we can't insist that those contracts get renegotiated, and renegotiated in such a way in which those bonuses simply don't take place." ("1600," MSNBC, 3/16).

FNC's Hume: "... it is a big problem for the president. He has already added substantially to the bailout money previously provided to AIG and to others and will almost certainly need to add more, much more to address the continuing credit crisis. ("Special Report," 3/16).
Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA): "The boneheads are the people in the previous administration and this administration who gave out over $170 billion of our money and did not, in fact, do what anyone else giving money does, which is ensure that the money is not a conduit for simply paying out bonuses" ("Hardball," MSNBC, 3/16).

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer:
"This is not so much an economic issue as a psychological and a political issue. Economically, if you add up all the bonuses, it's less than 1/10 of one percent of the bailout to AIG alone, so it's lunch money. Psychologically, it's important because there's outrage in the country, and ... unless there's an appeasement in the anger in the population who are going to have to support the next bailout, which is going to be a trillion dollars, the money won't be made available, Congress will deny it. So that's why you get the president heaping opprobrium on these miscreants who made the bad deals and now are getting the bonuses."

More Krauthammer:
"I'm all in favor of keeping this heaping opprobrium. I would deny them the bonuses if possible. I would be for an exemplary hanging or two. Have it in Times Square, invite Madame Defarge. You borrow a guillotine from the French and we could have a party. If that's what it takes to maintain popular support, let's do it. But it's not going to change anything economically" ("Special Report," FNC, 3/16).

CNN's Dobbs:
"I'm calling for Liddy to be fired. I'm calling for the Board of AIG to be fired here tonight, and looking forward ... we can't afford in this country any longer to tolerate corporate leaders who don't understand the basic values of this country ... ("Lou Dobbs Tonight," 3/16).

Reference Here>>

Why is anyone surprised? Barack Obama never was an executive in charge of anything throughout his entire career.

He became educated, earned a law degree, edited a law review publication, worked as a foot soldier for ACORN (an organization that is funded, in part, by the federal government to support socialism projects to people who look for handouts as opposed to a hand up on which one can become self-sustaining), became friends with a group of radical educators and priests, taught constitutional law at a college, ran for and secured a state senate office in Illinois, then waged an uncontested campaign to become a Senator from the state of Illinois to the federal government, where he served 144 days before he declared and ran for President of the country full time until he became elected.

And now, as President, with the help of a Democrat political party lead congress and three Republican political party Senators, he has been successful at committing each and every household to an additional $18,500+ in spending debt. He has defined his presidency by throwing taxpayer money at continuing, and historically, self-correcting economic problems while re-labeling our effort to stop islamofascism created violence that continues to kill thousands of innocent citizens … from an act of ongoing war to a police action.

The economy has lost over 40% of its value since he was voted into office (over 15% in these last two months), South Korea and Iran threaten to launch rockets and make nuclear bombs, Russia is moving to control the flow of oil out of their region of the world while President Barack Obama reverses the opening up of off-shore drilling activity in our own country, Riots are breaking out in Pakistan, and Barack Obama pledges $900,000,000 (nine-hundred million dollars) of United States taxpayer money to rebuild infrastructure in Hamas (a recognized islamofascism ideology based terrorist organization) controlled Gaza.

All of this chaos and we have only witnessed this President’s first two months in the office of executive leadership.

Circular logic … dizzying, isn’t it?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Executive Branch Incompetence Crisis - Obama, Delivering Obama

Barack Obama administration - This map of Barack Obama administration relationships is interactive. Ctrl-Click to activate (new window), once at the mapsite, click on names to explore and expand. (Requires Java.) - Image Credit:

Executive Branch Incompetence Crisis - Obama, Delivering Obama

In the first fifty days of this once promising run of this nation's "First Elected Black President", we are set back on our heels as to how incompetent a government administration and its parts can be.

Where is the "Card Check" process for competence in Government when we need it?

I suppose this is what we can assume to be the norm going forward when we keep voting into office ACORN promoting, Tax increase loving (now with Omnibus $18,584 per household - soon to be upped to $80,000 with the Obama budget proposal), Freedom reducing, Organized Labor supporting, Social Engineering addicted, Government enlarging, Free Enterprise punishing, Judicial Branch lawmaking, Lawyer Class zealots from primarily the Democrat Political Party, with appropriating class Republicans!

Truth is, we have only ourselves to blame ... and boy, are we stupid.

The Government is only a reflection of ourselves and what we are willing to put up with when we set in motion a steady reliance on a central power assistance in our lives without an adherence of standards.

This is what we can expect to happen when we see a mission creep of ""Corporate" (both private and public) selfishness.

An assistant shows the mock 'reset' button that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handed over to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, Friday, March 6, 2009. Clinton handed Lavrov the block with a red button marked "reset" in English and "overload" in Russian, a reference to a speech by new US Vice-President Joe Biden in January signalling that the Obama administration wanted vastly improved ties with Russia. Image Credit: Fabrice Coffrini

This excerpted and edited from Pajamas Media -

A Presidential Crisis of Competence
They (mostly) know not what they’re doing.
March 11, 2009 - by Tom Blumer - via Pajamas Media

Less than two months into this administration, three things are clear.

First, its agenda is every bit as radical as many of us expected and feared.
That some Obama supporters are surprised is a “tribute” to a media elite that treated decade-plus relationships with radicals Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and others as “distractions from the real issues,” and to a McCain campaign that refused to treat Obama’s candidacy as the threat that it was, and now is.

Second, despite strong signals that he is guiding the ship of state in the wrong direction, Obama and his administration have largely refused to bow to reality.
While the markets continue to beg to differ, Obama has been essentially indifferent.

The third clear thing is the one that has apparently blindsided Obama fans the most, but should have been the least unexpected: He and his administration seem not to know what they’re doing. Pick almost any area and you’ll find a trail of incompetence that goes well beyond benign rookie mistakes.

The administration’s nominee vetting record has become a national joke that could take up this entire column.

Then take the economy (please). We knew before the election that Obama doesn’t understand the difference between net worth and income. His statement about “profit-to-earnings ratios” comes from that same well of ignorance.
Barack Obama has surrounded himself with the likes of tax cheat Tim Geithner, who scares the markets almost every time he opens his mouth. Meanwhile, the new Treasury secretary has somehow managed not to hire 14 key people he needs. Could it be that there is a shortage of qualified people standing in line to be participants in what is shaping up to be the mother of all train wrecks?

Obama, as president-elect, cheered as General Motors and Chrysler received taxpayer bailouts. Apparently neither the incoming nor outgoing administration considered the obvious problem that fewer consumers would buy from the two bailed-out companies either for philosophical or practical reasons (or both).
Meanwhile, in a laugh-so-you-won’t-cry story, Geithner is heading an administration delegation that will “visit GM’s technical center in Warren, Michigan, to see car and truck models and learn about the technology being developed.” Uh, don’t lenders usually see what’s going on at the borrower’s place before they cut the loan check? Even staunch Democrat Jim Cramer has been forced to conclude that “it’s amateur hour at our darkest moment.”

The administration’s foreign policy crackups may not be as obvious just yet.
Start with the Russia-Iran missile defense saga. Step one was the overture: “Obama ‘ready to drop shield plans for Russian help on Iran.’” Step two, the backhanded dismissal, followed shortly: “Medvedev rejects Obama missile defense deal.” Step three was the blowback, as noted by Charles Krauthammer: “The Russians have dismissed it. We end up being humiliated. We look weak in front of the Iranians, and we have left the Poles and Czechs out to dry in return for nothing.”

While supposedly making a point that this administration will “reset” relationships throughout the world, the secretary of state’s entourage botched a Russian translation. (Those who cite the alleged decline in goodwill towards the U.S. have yet to explain why France, Canada, Germany, and other countries moved significantly to the right under Bush’s watch.)

Obama recently told the New York Times that the U.S. is not winning the war in Afghanistan and was considering (in the Times’ paraphrase) “reach[ing] out to moderate elements of the Taliban.”
Obama infuriated the UK last week in more ways than can be counted here. Now we’re supposed to believe that the UK snubs occurred because the poor guy was “too tired,” the same lame excuse that was used to explain away his 10,000-died-in-Kansas gaffe during the presidential campaign.
Obama, with no previous executive experience, appears to be falling into the same trap as Democrats Clinton and Carter before him: too obsessed with detail and failing to sufficiently delegate.

Incompetents often try to cover up their failures by attacking others and denying the obvious. This explanation would be consistent with the White House’s thin-skinned blasts at CNBC’s Cramer and Rick Santelli, and the president’s stubborn refusal to characterize his “spread the wealth” policies as what they are: socialist.
One thing we do know: Obama and his peeps [heads should roll] want to be totally in charge of health care. Feeling better now?
Reference Here>>

With the passage of the "Omnibus" spending bill yesterday and the soon to be considered and passed Obama Administration $3.6 Trillion dollar budget proposal ... we may have created a one-party Government that has become - "To Big To Succeed!"

This 44th Presidency is shaping up to become one hell of a Carter's Second Term!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First 50 Days - Report Card On Carter's Second Term

More citizens on the WEB are against the performance of the messiah, Barack Obama, then are for. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks via website (2009)

First 50 Days - Report Card On Carter's Second Term

With five opportunities at getting a grade, and three of those opportunities being a passing grade, it is amazing how many people do not believe that President Barack Obama deserves a passing grade for his performance in his first fifty (50) days.

Tale of the tape:

66% - Grade D, or lower (55% FAIL)

34% - Grade C or higher (24% "A")

The results of this grade matrix is made even more amazing, in that the place where people access the chance to assign a grade for Carter's Second Term surrogate, Barack Obama, is considered by most objective observers, the most biased and least watched cable news channel (home to Kieth Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Chuck Todd), MSNBC.

It is not known that at this moment, if MSNBC has broadcast the results of its own web poll. Heck, it may be taken down before they are even given a chance ... ala: "The Dog Ate My Homework".

This excerpted and edited from Chuck Todd, MSNBC -

Obama's growing pains

Next week can't come soon enough as administration learns early lessons
By Chuck Todd, Chief White House Correspondent and Political Director - NBC News - updated 8:05 a.m. PT, Sat., Feb. 7, 2009

By this time next week, the White House will have quite an accomplishment topping their list of early victories — passage of a massive economic stimulus package in less than a month.

And for the White House, next week can’t come soon enough.

They know they will figure out a way to pass this package. But more importantly, passing it will give them a chance at a fresh start. And it will teach them some important lessons about how to move forward when they present even tougher asks to Congress and the American people.

A couple of things have struck me while watching this White House attempt to pass this first big bill.

First, they seemed to stop using the tools that got them to the White House in the first place. President Obama gave very few direct speeches to the American people and made few attempts to go local with supporters. It’s been a top down approach to governing in these first few weeks.

Second, the Obama White House forgot a few things about what it’s like to have nothing left to lose – the exact position the Republicans found themselves in.

It not hard to find something wrong with a bill as large as this stimulus package.

But what should have the Obama administration been prepared for?

Extra Scrutiny
Obama never should have allowed his first major piece of legislation to be written largely by a man elected to Congress when the president was only 8 years old. I’m referring to House Appropriations Chair David Obey.

I’ve noted many times here and in “First Read” the stunning lack of change inside the leadership of the House Democratic caucus. The roster of current committee chairs is not exactly a profile of change Obama outlined during the campaign.

Some day the public might actually revolt against the undemocratic system of seniority that allows Congress to keep the old ways of Washington engrained into the culture of Congress.
The GOP has nothing left to lose
Obama’s efforts at bipartisanship are in many ways just what he promised throughout the campaign. If he weren’t talking bipartisanship now he’d be facing even more criticism about Republican involvement in this stimulus.

The cynical question should be what do the Republicans accomplish politically by cooperating with Obama? Will the 15 or so Republicans in the House and perhaps five in the Senate who support Obama on the stimulus get a free pass from voters? Or will the Democrats get the credit while collectively the Republicans gain nothing?

If the stimulus does not work, and the Republicans are seen as the party that offered an alternative, they stand to benefit.
Most elections are about the worst ideas losing, not the best ideas winning. Democrats have control of both houses of Congress and the White House because the country got fed up with the Republican rule, not necessarily because voters saw more merit in the Democrats.
They believed their own hype
My colleague, Andrea Mitchell, refers to this syndrome as an inauguration sugar high. Perhaps it was burnout. Perhaps they watched a little too much TV [MSNBC, CNN, and Network Nightly News programs] and forgot how they got to the White House.
The Obama team, starting with the president, certainly seemed a tad haughty, acting as if their lofty rhetoric was enough to cause Congress to bow and the stimulus bill to magically pass.
History will one day record the administration’s effort to pass the stimulus package as an amazing feat, especially given the size of the bill. In our 24/7 news cycle, everything is nit picked, something it seems the Obama White House forgot.
Obama will be best served if he embraces his own campaign rhetoric and remembers the sophisticated operation he built — the one which got him elected.
The smart White Houses put the same efforts into winning an election as they do into passing an agenda.

The Obama folks may be getting that now… now that they are off their inauguration sugar high.
Reference Here>>

Funny what can happen in only one month since Chuck Todd wrote this post. We all know that the Stimulus Bill passed with only three Republicans saddling the American taxpayer with an across the board spending increase of 70% [$787 Billion dollars] in all of the agencies of Government and now the Barack Obama Administration and the Democrat Party controlled Congress want to pass a new "Omnibus" spending bill that will increase the spending 8% MORE until the next budget is due in October (what? 70% increase in spending not enough?).

After reading this PAP mused by liberal political policy wonk, Chuck Todd, no wonder Obama and the 34% who gave the current Administration a passing grade might be surprised ... pure Democrats (those who voted and are in power) and the media are believing their own press.

Chuck Todd should change his assessment of what elections are about - the worst ideas losing, not the best ideas winning - to - the reality that the Democrats worst ideas are winning while the nation (and its economic and cultural success) is losing.

Welcome to the first 50 days of a failing grade (66%) Carter's Second Term.

Cheer up, we only have the balance of a four year term to witness the complete economic and social destruction of our country.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obama's Empty Suit Advice To Investing In Stocks

Later, while sitting alongside Mr Brown in the Oval Office, Mr Obama said Britain's friendship to the US in Iraq and Afghanistan would not be forgotten. He added: "Great Britain is one of our closest and strongest allies and there is a link and bond there that will not break." The president was speaking after around an hour of talks which were dominated by the economy, with both men agreeing that improvements were needed to the regulation of the global banking system. Image & Video Credit: The Telegraph [click photo to launch]

Obama's Empty Suit Advice To Investing In Stocks

Would you buy a used car from this man?

This was a question asked during the Richard M. Nixon Presidency after it was found out that members of his administration were involved with the break in of the Democrat Party offices at the Watergate office complex in Washington DC. The incident caused Richard M. Nixon to step down in disgrace from the highest office in the land.

Largely on the liberal policies talked about and then implemented by the Barack Obama Administration, personal wealth has shrunk by nearly $3 Trillion dollars, and the stock market has dropped 3,000 points since he was elected on November 3, 2008. The stock market has dropped by 25% alone since Barack Obama assumed power, passed $787 Billion dollar Government expansion and spending bill, and introduced his budget proposal that called for increases in government intrusion into our every day lives totaling about $3 Trillion dollars.

Simply stated, President Barack Obama has passed or proposed spending that surpasses all government spending (when one adds it all up) from the time the first president took office 233 years ago until President Obama was sworn in.

Yesterday, Barack Obama met with the executive leader of England, Gordon Brown. During this meeting, Obama and Brown were in front of reporters and President Barack Obama was asked about the sudden and deep declines in the stock market.

After talking down the economy all during the time he has been waiting to assume the power of the office, then in six short weeks while in office, helps to ramrod through a spending bill and introduce a budget that expands Federal Government spending while penalizing free enterprize and promotes unemployment, Barack Obama decided to dispense some stock investing advice as the markets continued to TANK!

Economy TANKS and Barack Obama looks forward to Wednesday night party nights at the White House. Image Credit: Rush Limbaugh (2009)

This excerpted and edited from a transcript at the Rush Limbaugh radio show -

Obama to Stock Market: Drop Dead
TRANSCRIPT, Rush Limbaugh Show - March 3, 2009

RUSH: I said yesterday there was a CNN commentator out there who said over the weekend that he knows somebody that said Obama's speeches, they're like sex. They're better than sex. I can see how that's true. When Obama speaks, the American people get screwed. This morning in the Oval Office, Obama talking with Gordon Brown. Here is a portion of the conversation.

OBAMA: What I'm looking at is not the day-to-day gyrations of the stock market but the long-term, uh, ability for the United States and the entire world economy, uh, to regain its footing. Uh, and, y-y-you know, the stock market is sort of like a tracking poll in politics. It bobs up and down day to day, uh, and if you spend all your time worrying about that, you're probably going to get long-term strategy wrong.

[NOTE: a tracking poll does not directly relate to the money in one's retirement account or house value]

RUSH: Did you hear that? He said it's a tracking poll! It's like a tracking poll in politics. It's going to bubble up and down; you can't pay attention to tracking polls.

If it's a tracking poll, if that's what it is, you're in the tank, Mr. President. He's not concerned! Three trillion dollars of wealth has vanished since he was elected. The Dow Jones Industrial Average down around 3,000 points. He doesn't care!

He just said we're not looking at it. Day-to-day gyrations? How-about-month-to-month declines. There are no day-to-day gyrations to speak of here. There is just a steady decline. Besides he's gotta worry about the long-term ability, the US and the world economy to regain its footing.

The stock market happens to be where people who have skin in the game are located, and they're getting out. Here's another exchange Obama had with Gordon Brown.

OBAMA: What you're now seeing is profit and -- and earning ratios are -- are starting to to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you've got a long-term perspective on it.

Uhhh, I think that consumer confidence, as they see the American, uh, Recovery and Reinvestment Act taking root, uh, businesses are starting to see opportunities for investment, uh, and potential hiring.

RUSH: Really?

OBAMA: It's not going to happen overnight.


OBAMA: And my main message to the American people --

RUSH: Yes?

OBAMA: -- is to just recognize that, um, we dug a very deep hole for ourselves. There were a lot of bad decisions that were made. We are cleaning up that mess. Uh, It's going to be, sort of, uh, full of fits and starts in terms of getting the mess cleaned up, but it's going to get cleaned up.

RUSH: This is Obama distancing himself from his own economy, distancing himself from the failure of his own recovery plan, and dumping it on the Bush administration. We inherited everything! He's going to get away with this for a while, with a lot of Americans.
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The truth is that many of Barack Obama's economic remedy plans (TARP) are a continuation of what President George W. Bush initiated. The people that President Barack Obama has appointed to fill his administration to carry through with his vision of how we dig ourselves out of the credit crisis are many of the same people Bush relied upon to manage what plans he put into play.

Would you buy a used car from this man?


Ahhhhh, NO!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Let’s Talk About Failure – Honestly

Rush Limbaugh speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference - Image Credit: MSNBC screen shot

Let’s Talk About Failure – Honestly

Over the weekend, there was a lot of talk about Rush Limbaugh and his stated desire for President Barack Obama to fail. Rahm Emmanual, Chuck Todd, even some recognized figures in the GOP hopped on the bandwagon, tying to make the comment out to be more than the comment really was … a defense of the constitution, free enterprise, and the personal freedom pursuit way of life that America is known for.

To be honest, the current leadership has a few wishes of failure of their own which they pursue but are not up front enough to state as clearly as Rush Limbaugh has in his proclamation.

The Democrat Political Party voted unanimously to saddle the American population to $787 Billion dollars in mostly pure government spending without reading the 1,100 page (up from 700) appropriations bill they passed (this should be unconstitutional). The final version of the bill was released at 11:00 pm ET and by 3:00 pm the very next day the Senate and House of Representatives approved the spending with only three Republican Senators joining 100% of the Congressional Democrats. The Democrats want our economy to fail. The only way to pay for this type of spending is to have the government print more money without any consideration for wealth creation. Democrats are not interested in wealth creation so as a defacto position … they want wealth creation to fail

The Democrat Political Party would want any balanced budget to fail, for with a balanced budget they would not be able to make the Government bigger and thereby, more intrusive into everyone’s life.

Last week, President Barack Obama submitted his budget plan for the next year’s budget and if all of the provisions in the budget were to pass, he would want charitable giving to fail, he would want to have the growth in the value of houses and the housing industry to fail, and he would want his plan to increase taxes on ONLY those who earn $250,000 dollars to fail because of the following:

1) Obama proposes to eliminate tax credits on money that is given by all individuals to charitable causes and churches. Effectively, this is also an increase in taxes to people who earn less than $250,000 dollars (I supposed he lied).

2) He proposes to eliminate or reduce the tax credit for interest paid on any home mortgage … in other words, one has to pay tax on interest paid on the home mortgage loan. This will have the effect of making the house worth less the moment it passes because the house costs more to own … it will basically make a four bedroom house become the value of a three bedroom house. This provision is also an increase in taxes to people who earn less than $250,000 dollars (I supposed he lied, again).

3) Lastly, Barack Obama placed a provision of raising fees and taxes on all energy producing commodities by $634 Billion dollars. So, if someone purchases gas for their car, lights their home with electricity, cooks their food with natural gas, heats their home with heating oil they will pay more for it because the Federal Government through the leadership provided by the Democrat Political Party headed by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid will increase the cost of these goods. Effectively, this is also an increase in taxes to people who earn less than $250,000 dollars. I suppose that Barack Obama just wants our way of life to fail.

Let’s be clear, Democrats that are in office and those who vote for them want to have our stock markets (the DOW is down to 6,813.63 / -249.30 / -3.53% / today at 10:00 am PT alone, and devalued over 50% since Obama was elected), Capitalism, small business, free enterprise, and personal freedom to FAIL!

Barack Obama has passed and proposed more Federal Government spending and socialism in six weeks than has ever been put in place in the 233 years that our country has been in existence. This 44th Presidency will be a Carter's Second Term the likes of which no one has ever imagined.

The Obama Salute - A Social Engineering Orgy ... And We ALL Lose Our Freedom Of Choice! The Government owns what once was a limitless future and has capped opportunity to those who would have benefited from it the most. Image Credit:

This excerpted and edited from the International Hearld Tribune -

Obama's budget plan sweeps away Reagan ideas

By David Leonhardt - Published: February 27, 2009

The budget that President Barack Obama proposed is nothing less than an attempt to end a three-decade era of economic policy dominated by the ideas of Ronald Reagan and his supporters.

The Obama budget - a bold, even radical departure from recent history, wrapped in bureaucratic formality and statistical tables - would sharply raise taxes on the rich, beyond where Bill Clinton had raised them.
After Obama spent much of his first five weeks in office responding to the financial crisis, his budget effectively tried to reclaim momentum for the priorities on which he had campaigned.

His efforts would add to a budget deficit already swollen by Bush's policies and the recession, creating the largest deficit, relative to the size of the economy, since World War II. Erasing that deficit will require some tough choices - about further spending cuts and tax increases - that Obama avoided this past week.

But he nonetheless made choices.

He sought to eliminate some corporate subsidies, for health insurers, banks and agricultural companies, that economists have long criticized. He proposed putting a price on carbon, to slow global warming, and then refunding most of the revenue from that program through broad-based tax cuts. He called for roughly $100 billion a year in tax increases on the wealthy - mostly delayed until 2011, when the recession will presumably have ended.
"The tax code will become more progressive, with relatively higher rates on the rich and relatively lower rates on the middle class and poor," said Roberton Williams, a senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center in Washington.
The details remain vague, but the budget begins paying for investments that would eventually allow Medicare officials to refuse to pay for medical treatment that does not show evidence of improving health. If successful, that change would vastly reduce the government's long-term budget deficit. It is also likely to bring down private health costs, because insurers typically follow Medicare's lead.
There are still many outstanding questions about Obama's efforts, starting with whether Congress will pass a budget that looks anything like his. His proposals on health care are likely to meet stiff opposition from some doctors and insurers. Spending more money on financial aid - absent other changes to the education system - may not lift the graduation rate very much. And if the economy remains weak into next year, as many forecasters expect, congressional Republicans will try to blame the affluent for the looming tax increases.

Whatever happens, though, it has been a long time since any president has tried to use his budget to shape the government and the economy quite as much as Obama did on Thursday. On that score, he and Reagan have something in common.
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If Barack Obama and the Democrat Political Party doesn’t want our existing economy and social structure of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to FAIL in the name of gaining even more oppressive power over our lives, they have a very funny way of showing it through their leadership.

We want these folks, and their agenda to FAIL so that the markets turnaround and grow, so that people have confidence in our economic structure again, so that small businesses can hire people because the owners who file personal income taxes of over $250,000 dollars will not be taxed into oblivion, and so that we all can make decisions about where we want to give our charitable contributions without being penalized for our giving.

This is a time in our country that is far worse than the trouble created by our 39th President, Jimmy Carter.