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The Fast & Furious Presidency Here During Carter's Second Term

Banner graphics of the Fast & Furious display as they appear at Universal Studios, Hollywood. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2011)

The Fast & Furious Presidency Here During Carter's Second Term

Fast & Furious is kind of a "Branding" of the Barack Obama regime.

Fast & Furious doesn't exclusively relate to a crazy, progressive-political scheme carried out by a misguided but, ideologically pure 44th Presidency to erode the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The idea, by the Obama Administration to use with Congress and the American people, was to prove that easy access to weapons by Mexican citizens across the Northern border in the United States was the reason for so many deaths of Mexican citizens by Mexican drug cartels. Problem was that Eric Holder's Department of Justice (DOJ) was having trouble finding easy statistics to buttress their contention, so the DOJ (through its enforcement arm - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives - ATF) decided to supply/feed about 2,000 plus assault rifles and high-powered weapons directly to known contacts associated with the Mexican drug cartels so they had serial numbers by which they could trace weapons that "walked" across the border and prove their assertion.

The operation code named Fast & Furious was to develop information on loose weapons sales so that the Obama Administration could make the case to restrict the sale of weapons and reduce the strength of the guarantees put forth by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution ... the Right for citizens to bear (own) arms. Sadly, a Federal agent was gunned down and killed with a known Fast & Furious assault weapon. Ten Arizona Sheriffs (elected as Democrats and Republicans) held a news conference this week stating that they feel Attorney General Eric Holder should step down or be fired because they, the Sheriffs, no longer have confidence in the DOJ with Holder as its leader.

Given the recent release of White House communication email memos out of Washington DC, combine with the history of the way this Executive Branch likes to operate ... Fast & Furious could actually be a name given to the way a failed Presidency operates.

Take the recent disclosures about the way Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturing plant and a visible cog in the Obama Administration's "Green Economy" agenda, received over a half a billion dollars of Federal Government venture capital style taxpayer money in the face of many red flags that would point against such a large, irresponsible, and risky move - Fast & Furious!

Fast & Furious banner graphics as they appear at Universal Studios, Hollywood. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2011)

This excerpted and edited from Politico -

2010 email on Solyndra: 'Bad days are coming'

Top White House advisers and OMB career staffers worried about the political risks from President Barack Obama's Solyndra 2010 visit and also discussed deeper management programs inside the Energy Department's loan guarantee program, according to more than a dozen internal email threads released Tuesday by House Democrats.

"There is an inherent risk in highlighting a single company before they have a track record," Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Obama, wrote to Ronald Klain, Vice President Joe Biden's chief of staff, on May 24, 2010.

"Or even after they have one :-)" Klain replied in a colorful exchange that came just two days before the president's oft-quoted speech at the solar company's Bay Area headquarters.

In another newly released email, an unnamed Office of Management and Budget official responds to a colleague's concern that Obama's visit to Solyndra "could prove embarrassing to the administration in the not too distant future" because of the California company’s problematic finances.

"A cautionary note," the OMB staffer replied on May 25, 2010. "This is a classic problem with startups, but we have to be careful what POTUS says."

The Klain-Jarrett email exchange and the comments from the OMB official underscore how top Obama aides were well aware of the risks they were taking in sending the president to California to speak at Solyndra.

Obama's remarks have been haunting the White House for months, growing only larger after the company went bankrupt last month and FBI agents opened an investigation into Solyndra alongside the Energy Department's inspector general.
The emails released Tuesday also include a series of exchanges among career OMB officials raising red flags over how DOE was handling Solyndra’s application, as well as the overall loan guarantee program.

"What's terrifying is that after looking at some of the ones that came next, this one started to look better," an unnamed OMB staffer wrote to a colleague on April 2, 2010. "Bad days are coming."

"That's one heckuva day," the OMB colleague replies.

The OMB officials also homed in on PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s independent audit of Solyndra, which contradicted assurances they’d been hearing about the company from DOE officials.

"DOE ... has one loan to monitor and they seem completely oblivious to this issue — and to make it worse it was the key thing I said they needed to watch," one OMB staffer wrote.

"Possible to close and default on one before closing on a second??? Could be a new record," added another OMB staffer.

Heeding calls from Congress, Energy Secretary Steven Chu took aim at government red tape on loan guarantees when he arrived in early 2009, clashing often with DOE’s general counsel, OMB Linkand the Treasury Department.
"They got them before we did," Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) told POLITICO on Tuesday. "Obviously I think the administration wanted to spin what they felt was an embarrassing situation. Unfortunately for them, it highlighted the problem more than they thought they could spin it."
[Reference Here].

Fast & Furious!

One only has to look at the way this 44th Presidency has chosen to make executive decisions and spread the executive power around, not only to the official group of traditional advisers, the Presidents Cabinet, but throughout its bureaucracy of about 33 Czar appointments and bureaucratic figureheads.
The legislative agenda over these last two years and eight months have given the U.S. citizens a bunch of new debt and regulations that would make even the most detailed policy wonk's head spin.

In the first couple of months alone the Obama Administration was able to pass the 865 billion dollar Stimulus spending bill and quickly thereafter the 410 billion dollar Omnibus Federal Government 2009 funding bill without floor debate or much committee oversight - Fast & Furious!

A year later, President Barack Obama signed into law the CBO rated 1.2 trillion dollar ObamaCare bill, again, without floor debate or much committee oversight. Nancy Pelosi stated that Congress would have to pass the bill and have it signed into law so that everyone could find out what is in it. In May 2010, soon after the bill was signed into law had the CBO revise its projection - The Congressional Budget Office released an analysis of discretionary spending in the law, and found that those costs will “probably exceed” $115 billion over 10 years. At a stroke, this finding erased almost all of ObamaCare’s $143 billion in budget savings based off rushed, incomplete CBO projections given just before the decisive House vote in March 2010 (additional problems with ObamaCare). - Fast & Furious!

Just this past month, the CATO Institute discovered another unaccounted for cost of ObamaCare that could account for another 500 billion dollars of cost over the next ten years. The official budget forecasts ignored the cost of insuring many employees’ spouses and children, according to a new analysis. The result could cost the U.S. Treasury 50 billion dollars a year during the first ten years of the new health care law’s implementation - Fast & Furious!

Obama's rash of new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations could knock down the energy supply by 10%. Currently, the EPA is leading the Obama administration’s Cap and Trade assault on coal with a number of new regulations. Two of the most important are the “transport rule” and the “toxics rule” (Utility MACT). Combined, these regulations will systematically reduce access to affordable and reliable energy - Fast & Furious!

General Motors drives to meet the Federal Government's 2016 35.5 mpg average CAFE standards with the new Chevy Sonic. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2011)

The Obama Administration takes over two of three major automobile manufacturing operations based in the United States. General Motors and Chrysler are taken over by the Federal Government and pushes share holders aside (and devalues their investment) to assign a part of the ownership of these corporations to Labor Unions. Further, the Obama Administration issues new, aggressive CAFE standards (the largest mandatory fuel economy increase in history) and has GM push up the VOLT electric-powered car release date with a sales projection of 10,000 units in the first year (2011) ... actual sales (with a $3,700 discount and no corporate federal taxes because they are still owned by the U.S. Govt.) for the transpired 9 months of 12? ... only 3,895 units as of the end of September 2011. In the month of September alone, the company sold just 723 Volts and a major percentage of the 2011 total sales are being used by dealerships to market the lower cost, 42 mpg Chevy Cruze as per Mark Reuss, GM President North America - Fast & Furious!

We could go on and on with the many failures in Obamanomics, employment, and the values wrapped up in receiving the Nobel Peace Prize early in his Presidency and never end the examples upon which Fast & Furious becomes the best branding of the operating style and effectiveness of this 44th Presidency of the United States.

We are not experiencing Carter's Second Term as many dubbed the Obama Presidency going into the first year back in 2009, we are experiencing the "Fast & Furious Presidency" ... the one-term Executive Branch of Barack Hussein Obama!

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99% Is About The Democrat Party's Attempt To Create A 3rd Party For Chaos

A computer program hacker organization, Anonymous 99, introduces their plan to ‘engage in a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience’ to fight back against crime by banks and government agencies when they announced an upcoming ‘Operation Empire State Rebellion’. A99 [ctrl-click image for intro video] also voiced support of the Day Of Rage/Occupy Wall Street protests along with Wall Street Billionaire George Soros, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaregosa, and the 44th President of the United States - Barack Obama. Image Credit:

99% Is About The Democrat Party's Attempt To Create A 3rd Party For Chaos

The Occupy Movement is a put-up job of the Democrat Political Party and their supporters in the Labor Union and government employee's empire used by the "ruling class". Do not be fooled by this video, recently released by the group known originally to be computer hackers that have organized under the name, or banner, Anonymous 99. They describe that this name evolves from their statistic that 1% of the people on Earth control all of the wealth - this leaves 99% of the people on Earth under the control of this 1% and this needs to change. Their message is basically appealing until one strips away the onion that is the true agenda of Anonymous 99.

The word came out yesterday that George Soros, the man who just broke into the Forbes Top 10 richest people list by making only 7.8 Billion dollars this last year, is funding the Occupy Movement which is also promoted by Anonymous 99. He, Soros ... a capitalist, really doesn't want these people to be able to collapse the system as Anonymous 99 proclaims in this video, but ... he wants the power to be able to control more people and their actions (just as in the 2008 presidential elections). The one who pays - plays!

The whole of the "Occupy Movement/Occupy Wall Street/Occupy LA Protest" is nothing more than an attempt by union organizations (SEIU and Stephen Lerner | WGA | AFL-CIO | & etc.) to have people (useful idiots/students who owe money) turn against having our system of personal freedom, rule-of-law, and Bill-Of- Rights backed by the Constitution of the United States actually work. Our current leadership of the 44th Presidency, Leaders in Congress, and Union Leadership in our country are the people who currently do not enforce having our system of personal freedom, rule-of-law, and Bill-Of- Rights backed by the Constitution of the United States actually work and, in many cases, are operating in a lawless and irresponsible manner (re. Fast & Furious | Solyndra | General Electric | >>). If one were to Google Stephen Lerner, one might be surprised that this activity was originally scheduled for May but the protests in Wisconsin got in the way of the larger objective.

The Tea Party Movement is the best vehicle upon which Americans who wish to ensure that personal freedom, the rule-of-law, the Bill-Of-Rights, and the Constitution of the United States are put back in place as the governing priciples to maintain our society.

Americans, Do not be duped into joining a 3rd Political Party. The Democrats are going to lose and would love nothing more than to have a third party dilute the progress made by the citizens of this country working, within the order that exists, to bring about the gains realized in the 2010 elections. The elections in the last election cycle helped to curb the power of even the leadership in the Republican Political Party who identify themselves with the "ruling class".

The next election cycle, if pursued correctly by citizens of all stripes, can have the effect of the people gaining back the reins of power from "ruling class" Republicans, Democrats, and the structure that had been grown to perpetuate their re-election through taxpayer money used in financial industry bailouts, green energy venture capital operations of the Executive Branch, Government takeovers of companies in major manufacturing sectors and assigning a percentage of ownership to private sector labor unions, all public sector union contracts (and the dues money to fuel campaigns), and community organizing operations subsidized, again, with taxpayer money.

Get involved in activities that allow for a studied vetting of candidates that have them working to stand for the American system of personal freedom, rule-of-law, and Bill-Of- Rights backed by the Constitution of the United States.

About the only thing we know for sure, through observation about a connection between the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and Anonymous 99, is that 99% of the people protesting with shouts of "We Are The 99%" are non-anonymous white people (because we can see them) who seem to support progressive/socialist/anarchist/Obamaist policies and owe a ton of money in student loans to the banks and financial institutions they are protesting.

All the while the MSM tries to sell Americans (the readers) that this is going "mainstream" and accepted by the average citizen here during Carter's Second Term.

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