Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obama and the talking points terrorism of the Democrat Party

Participants applaud in the East Room [in a scene reminiscent of the famed and bizarre "bar-room" scene in Star Wars] of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, March 23, 2010, where President Barack Obama, flanked by [kid as inappropriate prop] Macelas Owens of Seattle, left, and [this is the beginning of government control over citizens] Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., right, signs the health care bill. Behind the president, from left are, Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin of Ill., Vice President [F-Bomb] Joe Biden, Vicki Kennedy, widow of Sen. Ted Kennedy, Rep. Sander Levin, D-Mich., Ryan Smith of Turlock, Calif., Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, House Speaker [3rd in line to the Presidency] Nancy Pelosi of Calif., House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Md., Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., House Majority Whip James Clyburn of S.C., and Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif. Image Credit: McNamee

Obama and the talking points terrorism of the Democrat Party

Last Tuesday, immediately after President Barack Obama signed into law, the Senate version of Health Care Reform, members of the Democrat Party took to the microphones to tout how much the American public would like the benefits and substance of this 2,700 page bill of force and oppression written to have the federal government takeover of our i/6th of our economy and health care system.

These talking points are consistent in their structure and delivery and are designed to tamp down the extreme discontent felt by the citizens of this nation largely due to the fact that this legislation was not the direction or process by which most felt were the problems that needed to be addressed to better our healh care system. It will seem (and already has) like hundreds of Democrats and supporters of a socialist/Marxist agenda are taking to microphones and citing these talking points in a never-ending barrage in what feels like a terrorist attack - even if some of the points have proven themselves to be not true and/or factual.

This excerpted and edited from Politico -

Day after Democratic talking points
Carol Lee, Politico - March 22, 2010

Talking Points: Americans Will See Immediate Benefits As a Result of Health Reform

· The legislation passed last night is a victory for American families, for seniors, for workers and small businesses – for Americans who deserve the security of knowing that in this country, neither illness nor accident should endanger the American dream.
This bill will immediately begin to lower health care costs for American families and small businesses.

o In 2010, small businesses that choose to offer coverage will begin to receive tax credits of up to 35 percent of premiums to help make employee coverage more affordable.

o In 2010, adults who are uninsured because of pre-existing conditions will have access to affordable insurance through a temporary high-risk pool.

o This bill starts to close the Medicare Part D donut hole in 2010 by providing a $250 rebate to Medicare beneficiaries who hit the gap in prescription drug coverage. And beginning in 2011, the bill institutes a 50% discount on prescription drugs in the donut hole.

o Starting this year, new private plans will be required to provide free preventive care: no co-payments and no deductibles for preventive services. And beginning January 1, 2011, Medicare will do the same.

o In 2010, this bill will provide help for early retirees by creating a temporary re-insurance program to help offset the costs of expensive premiums for employers and retirees age 55-64.

Under health reform, Americans will see an immediate expansion of coverage.

o This year, children with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied health insurance coverage. The bill outlaws that practice for new health plans as well as grandfathered group plans. Moving forward, no insurance company can deny a child coverage based on his or her health.

o This year, new health care plans and select grandfathered plans will allow young people to remain on their parents’ insurance policy up until their 26th birthday.

o This year, insurance companies will be banned from dropping people from coverage when they get sick, and they will be banned from implementing lifetime caps on coverage. This year, restrictive annual limits on coverage will be banned for new plans and grandfathered group health plans. Under health reform, Americans will be ensured access to the care they need.

o The bill increases funding for community health centers so that nearly double the number of patients can be treated in their community health centers over the next 5 years. The funding begins in the next fiscal year.
o Beginning this year, this bill creates a new, independent appeals process that ensures consumers in new private plans have access to an effective process to appeal decisions made by their insurer.
o This year, discrimination based on salary will be outlawed. New group health plans will be prohibited from establishing any eligibility rules for health care coverage that discriminate in favor of higher-wage employees.
Reference Here>>

Some of these points are valid solutions to the problems that exist by, again, over 60% of the American public are not happy about being told what to do and how to do it as it relates to how one chooses to lead one's life. The biggest problem with some of the talking points is that some are NOT TRUE.

EXAMPLE: o This year, children with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied health insurance coverage. The bill outlaws that practice for new health plans as well as grandfathered group plans. Moving forward, no insurance company can deny a child coverage based on his or her health. THIS IS NOT IN THE BILL.

This excerpted and edited from Yahoo Finance -

Gap in health care law's protection for children

Obama administration scrambles to fix gap in health care law's protection for children
Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press Writer, On Wednesday March 24, 2010, 5:24 am EDT

Hours after President Barack Obama signed historic health care legislation, a potential problem emerged. Administration officials are now scrambling to fix a gap in highly touted benefits for children.

Obama made better coverage for children a centerpiece of his health care remake, but it turns out the letter of the law provided a less-than-complete guarantee that kids with health problems would not be shut out of coverage.

Under the new law, insurance companies still would be able to refuse new coverage to children because of a pre-existing medical problem, said Karen Lightfoot, spokeswoman for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, one of the main congressional panels that wrote the bill Obama signed into law Tuesday.
Full protection for children would not come until 2014, said Kate Cyrul, a spokeswoman for the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, another panel that authored the legislation. That's the same year when insurance companies could no longer deny coverage to any person on account of health problems.

Obama's public statements have conveyed the impression that the new protections for kids were more sweeping and straightforward.

"This is a patient's bill of rights on steroids," the president said Friday at George Mason University in Virginia. "Starting this year, thousands of uninsured Americans with pre-existing conditions will be able to purchase health insurance, some for the very first time. Starting this year, insurance companies will be banned forever from denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions."
Late Tuesday, the administration said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius would try to resolve the situation by issuing new regulations. The Obama administration interprets the law to mean that kids can't be denied coverage, as the president has said repeatedly.
Reference Here>>

This is just one example of how the Democrat Party does not understand how a business remains viable ... a business activity, as well as a Government, requires a profit in order to remain alive and viable. This bill (and those that are planned to be introduced and passed via one-party rule) will sink our economy and destroy our freedom.

Watch to see how long it will take for these talking point terrorist Democrats to stop referencing the "children with pre-existing conditions - no insurance company can deny a child coverage based on his or her health" canard in their point by point barrage - this can become the new game of the Governmentally oppressed during Carter's Second Term.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obamacare: Nations largest insurance operation just got a lot larger - and more intrusive

Bend over ... and kiss it (personal freedom and economy) goodbye! Image Credit: U.S. Government/Marines

Obamacare: Nations largest insurance operation just got a lot larger - and more intrusive

The nation's largest healthcare insurer - Veterans Administration, Medicare, All Military and Armed Services - just got a lot larger today in the face of overwhelming opposition and through the expenditure of the political capital of the DEMOCRAT POLITICAL PARTY. By a partisan one-party vote and a little less that two-minutes remaining of 219-YEA to 209-NAY, with 2-NV (non-votes), the Senate version of the inappropriately entitled Health Care Reform bill was passed by the House of Representatives and adopted into law.

Kiss the adult level of decision-making over the direction of one's personal health and care during their own life ... from now on.

Today, March 21, 2010 is the day that the United States of America ceased to be a nation of self-reliance and personal freedom and a beacon to the rest of the world as an example of a strong Constitution that protected citizens rights over the Government that they have elected into office. We are all wards of the STATE. If the STATE makes decisions about one's health from a central office ... one life is OWNED by that STATE

We all will be fined is we choose to NOT purchase health insurance in a situation where we never have an option to pursue our lives as we see fit - as we do with driving a car.

Thank all members of the Democrat Political Party for saddling our country with additional unfunded debt heaped upon a broken ... and broke economy.

Welcome the era of Democrat Political Party chaos (here in Carter's Second Term) to the likes of which we have never visited, in our nation's history, and all of this enacted in just thirteen months.

This one vote will never be undone without totally resetting the political path of our nation and this will only happen with electing verifiable, small, smaller, smallest Government ... Constitutionalists ... beginning in November 2010 and doing the same in November 2012.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

CODE RED: The final push ... and rally

Code Red Logo - CTRL-CLICK image to find latest Congressman count. Image Credit: NRCC

CODE RED: The final push ... and rally

This is it. Today is the final day before a scheduled vote on a rule that will pass the Senate version of Health Care Reform (without actually voting on the legislation itself - Deem & Pass) and send the measure that will have the Federal Government in control of one-sixth of our economy and major decisions in our lives. If the measure passes with the required 216 YES votes cast, and President Barack Obama signs the measure into law, everyone's taxes will go up immediately, benefits of this takeover will NOT BEGIN for four years, the measure is scheduled to SPEND nearly one-trillion dollars on which we can see some of our collective projected debt be reduced by about one-hundred and thirty-five billion dollars (spend $10.00 to reduce debt by $1.35, doesn't make sense), and etc., and etc., and etc. ...

As of the posting of this dispatch, the Democrats are 9 committed votes SHORT out of an available uncommitted pool of 15 Congressmen. CTRL-CLICK image ABOVE to find latest Congressman count.

Also planned at the last minute, a public rally of people against the Senate legislation on Health Care Reform in Washington DC to have those Congressmen that are left see that most citizens in these United States would like to retain the right to make adult, not bureaucratic, decisions for the health of their own lives. The rally is set to start at 12:00pm EST and the gathering point is set for the West Lawn of the US Capitol.

Code Red Rally - West Lawn of the US Capitol - 3-20-2010 - 12:00pm. Image Credit: Washington DC Tea Party

This excerpted and edited from Virginia Right -

Code Red Rally Part Two – Saturday March 20, 2010
By Tom White, on March 19th, 2010, at 4:59 am

With the critical nature of a looming Congressional decision, a broad coalition of Tea Party organizations and leadership is launching the final push before a possible vote by the House. These events are being coordinated across the US and are aimed at communicating the frustration of the people while demanding the termination of this health bill legislation. While the DNC and the administration continue to obfuscate and confuse, this coalition is focused on getting activists involved prior to Pelosi’s maneuvering.

The following actions are planned:
·Code Red rally in Washington, DC at 12 noon on Saturday at Upper Senate Park

Nationwide “Virtual Vigil” on BlogTalk radio sponsored by

·Candlelight vigil around the Capitol on Saturday night

Featured speakers at the Washington, D.C. Rally on Saturday will include:

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (MN)
Congressman Tom Price (GA)
Congressman Joe Wilson (SC)
Congressman Phil Gingrey (GA)
Actor & Conservative Jon Voight
Dr. Milton Wolf, Barack Obama’s second cousin who opposes Obamacare
·Colin Hanna, Let Freedom Ring
Jim Martin, 60 Plus
Phil Kerpen, Americans for Prosperity
Tim Phillips, Americans for Prosperity
Andrew Langer, Institute for Liberty
Kathryn Serkes, Doctor Patient Medical Association
Mark Skoda, Memphis Tea Party
Amy Kremer, Tea Party Express
Jennifer Hulsey, American Grassroots Coalition
FreedomWorks Representative
Ben Cunningham, Founder of the Tennessee Tax Revolt
Darla Dawald, Grassfire / Resistnet
The coalition of Tea Party organizations and leadership is committed to changing the dynamics of this legislative process. The Democratic led Congress is using procedural and legislative rules to ignore the overwhelming opposition to this bill. The will of the American people is being subverted by these actions and the grass roots activists who make up this coalition are focusing their energy to kill the bill.

The coalition includes:
60 Plus
Americans for Prosperity
Americans for Tax Reform
Concerned Women for America
Constitutional Sovereignty Alliance
Constitutional Tea Party
Doctor Patient Medical Association
Family Research Council
Heartland Institute
Institute for Liberty
Let Freedom Ring
Memphis Tea Party
Mom for America
National Center for Public Policy Research
National Taxpayer’s Union
Nationwide Tea Party Coalition
New Jersey Tea Party Coalition
Northern Virginia 912
Richmond Patriots
Take the Town Halls to Washington
Tea Party Express
Tea Party Patriots Live Radio Show
Washington DC Tea Party
We the People of Pennsylvania

For further information or to register and participate or assist others to come to Washington, DC, please check the above websites where details will be posted and updated regularly throughout the next 48 hours and

Reference Here>>

Friday, March 19, 2010

Deem & Pass: The Coburn matrix of special deal rebuff

Deem & Pass: The Coburn matrix of special deal rebuff

In the run-up to this weekend's House of Representatives smackdown vote on Obamacare, special deals and political horsetrading is in full bloom to secure every Democrat representative vote they need to reach the minimum threshold of 216 votes (217 needed to pass with the final vote to be added by the Democrat Vice-President, Joe Biden).

The President of the United States was able to spend taxpayer money and press into service the support team that operates the jet known as Air Force One in order to give the Democrat Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, a ride and rally ... to and in his district in order to secure his YES vote on the Senate bill.

Other Congressmen, however are holding out for more ... much more than just a plane ride to their home district. With the President pleading for members of his party to save his presidency - first ... by voting to pass the Senate bill - second, special deals for district projects, government job and positions are being offered up to secure a YES vote support.

As a defense against this tactic, the Republican leadership in the Senate, which will have to approve all government positions and embassidorships had Senator (and Doctor) Tom Coburn Thursday put his colleagues in the lower chamber on advance notice that the Republicans will place special attention to torpedo any promises of patronage made by President Barack Obama to all wavering House Democrats.

This excerpted and edited from Red State -

Coburn Promises to Hold Future Nominations of Ex-House Democrats

Posted by James Richardson - Thursday, March 18th at 3:15PM EDT

[Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma] promised at a health care presser on Capitol Hill today that he would exercise his senatorial prerogative to hold all nominations of vote-switching House Democrats who lose their reelection bids this Fall. The new maneuver aimed at scuttling Democratic vote whipping efforts sent an unmistakeable message to the White House: Senate Republicans will do everything in their power to prevent the bill’s passage, even if that means preemptively expending political capital.

“I want to send a couple messages to my colleagues in the House. If you voted no and you vote yes and you lose your election, and you think any nomination to a federal position isn’t going to held in the Senate, I’ve got news for you,” Coburn, a physician whose been among the Senate’s most vocal opponents of the bill, said. “It’s going to be held.”
39 Democrats voted against the bill last year. Representative Dennis Kucinich became the first Democrat to change course, as he surrendered yesterday to intense White House lobbying to support the bill.

“If you think you can cut a deal now and it not come out until after the election, I want to tell you that isn’t going to happen and be prepared to defend selling your vote in the House,” warned Coburn.

Reference Here>>

The matrix Senator Tom Coburn plans to apply will come through the effort of his staff and the staffs of other Republican Senators to comb through spending bills looking for special projects in the districts of Democrats who wind up voting for the bill. Further, House members who vote for the bill shouldn't expect to be confirmed to any federal position if they leave Congress ... Republican leadership will be united to block any such nominations.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Obama twist in his renewed push to pass Obamacare

Fable - Scorpion, River and Frog - Parody here shown with the USA as a frog, the Scorpion as Iran and the issue needing assistance as Iraq. Image Credit:

The Obama twist in his renewed push to pass Obamacare

You know the fable of the scorpion or snake wanting to cross to the other side of a river ... and after convincing a good-hearted yet suspicious frog to give it a ride on his back, the scorpion/snake gets half-way across the river, stings or bites the frog (as the case may be) ending its life and putting itself in peril as well.

Before succumbing to the sting or bite, the frog asks the scorpion/snake, "You have killed me and p0ssibly yourself as well. Why have you done this?

Response - "Because ... this is my nature."

President Barack Obama is a scorpion or snake asking the froggish House of Representatives (who represent the American people) to pass the Senate version of its 60 vote passed healthcare bill without modification.

The way this President and the Democrat political party plans on getting this final and verifying vote is to convince the members of the House of Representatives that if they pass this unchanged and unmodified bill, it will go back to the Senate for a "Reconciliation" vote that will fix the bill so that most damaging parts of this legislation will be amended ... then voted on and passed by the Senate with a simple majority vote.

The problem with this strategy is that if the current Senate version of this legislation gets passed on promises that it will get fixed in the Senate ... instead can go directly to the office of the President and be signed into law by Barack Obama.

The only way a true "Reconciliation" process can happen is if the Senate sends a BI-PARTISAN group of Senators (Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell needs to approve and appoint Republican political party Senate members to participate) to meet with members of the House of Representatives in order to fashion an agreeable, modified version of their bill for the House to vote on so this bill can be passed through the House, sent to the Senate, who then can pass this version with a simple majority ... then signed into law by the President.

What needs to be fixed before members of the House of Representatives would be able to come to an agreement on the Senate version of its healthcare bill follows here:

This excerpted and edited from the Daily Caller -

Obama doubling down on health care reform; time to call his bluff

By Rep. Joe Barton 03/08/10 at 12:01 AM

Democrats are currently cutting deals behind closed doors in the Capitol. Their plan is to abuse the legislative process by skipping regular order to pass this monstrosity by turning to a parliamentary trick called reconciliation. It has been used by both parties in the past, but never on anything as important or far reaching as health care.

To justify the move, the president and his Democratic cronies have flooded the media with half-truths and exaggerations, each designed at convincing people this isn’t a government take over of the health care system. But let’s look at the facts:

It will mandate private citizens purchase health care, whether they need it or want it.

It will cause millions of employers to cancel the health insurance they currently offer employees and force tens of millions of Americans into a government-run exchange.

It will create a health care czar to impose price controls on private health insurance that will lead to shortages and force even more people into government-run care.

I don’t doubt the president’s sincerity about the need to change health care in America, but despite his claims of compromise he has just paid lip service to Republican ideas.

There is a more effective and more affordable way to reform health care.

Instead of government intervention, we need to look to the marketplace—free choice, not mandates.
Reference Here>>

Watch for the sting or bite from this Carter's Second Term President aided by the Democrat political party leadership by having the House of Representatives pass the 60 vote Senate version of Obamacare INTACT ... on the promise of having it fixed in the Senate ... but it will go directly to the President's desk for Barack Obama to sign.

Write, call and fax your Congressman and have him or her to refuse to take a vote on any heathcare legislation and Kill The Bill!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

President Barack Obama is a drunk

Barack Obama should not only try harder to kick his smoking habit, his team of doctors warned, but they also recommended 'moderation of alcohol intake'. Image Credit: Beer Conspiracy

President Barack Obama is a drunk

That's right - President Barack Obama is drunk on power, the power of the office has intoxicated this political chief executive to the point that he refuses to listen to the voice of the American people.

Take healthcare reform, for example. The President keeps pushing for a 1 to 2 Trillion dollar federal government takeover of our healthcare insurance industry and our country has no money to pay for it.

The American people know that we do not have any more money for Government spending and the proof of this was just discovered yesterday in a political poll by a liberal polling outfit that lists as informative blogs on its blogroll - * Daily Kos * Facing South * Free Republic * Hotline On Call * MyDD * Political Forecast * Political Wire * Race 4 2008 * Senate Guru * Swing State Project * The Fix * Wizbang! - released data showing that Barack Obama's approval rating is now underwater (less than 50%) in the nine swing states he won handily in November 2008 to become president of the United States.

Public Policy Polling stated, "Barack Obama now has a negative approval rating in every state he flipped from the Bush column to his in 2008. In each of those places his level of support is now in the 44-46% range."

On another note ... White House physician, Navy Capt Jeffrey Kuhlman, said Obama should stick with 'moderation in alcohol intake'. The doctor made this statement after releasing the results of Barack Obama's first health check-up since taking office a little over one year ago. The doctor thinks that the President drinks too much.

The 48-year-old, 180-pound Obama was declared "fit for duty" and in excellent health by White House physician Jeffrey Kuhlman this weekend, after his first physical exam as president. But the doctor expressed concern about problems that millions of Americans share, cigarette addiction and high cholesterol. Image Credit: Daily Mail

We were aware that of all the promises Barack Obama made during his campaign to become our 44th President ... you know - transparency in the processes of legislation (C-SPAN coverage of debates), posting of legislation on the internet for five days before a vote is taken, no lobbyists in Government, elimination of earmarks (stimulus legislation contained thousands of earmarks), bi-partisanship (the Republicans were locked out of any discussion on the development of healthcare legislation until Scott Brown was elected as Senator of Massachusetts), and etc. ... but the one he still breaks is the one he made to his wife and family was to quit smoking tobacco.

Barack Obama was always keenly aware that elections have big consequences, he likes to remind the American people of this everyday, but he never thought these consequences applied to him - we now all know that President Barack Obama is a promise breaking drunk who is rapidly wearing out his welcome here during Carter's Second Term!