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Carter = A Steward Vs Obama = A Scold

Rush Limbaugh said “An American president has never had facial expressions like this. At least we’ve never seen photos of an American president with facial expressions like this.” Image Credit: Drudge Report/Wire Service

Carter = A Steward Vs Obama = A Scold

An opinion article written by senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, Shelby Steele, helps to explain how confounding this 44th presidency is to live through.

Forget about the facts that Senator Obama promised unity, transparency, reduced deficits, responsible and accountable governance when he was campaigning to become president in 2008. All of this, and more, are sooooo 2008 here in Carter's Second Term.

Forget about the very astute understanding that we find ourselves in a political "Class Warfare" - and it is not the kind one immediately comes to. It isn't rich versus poor, or Democrat versus Republican, or liberial versus conservative but a Ruling Class (career political operatives and those purchased by their actions - ie: Unions, government workers, community organizations, and etc.) versus Country Class - defined as those who believe in this country and the Constitution that formed it!

What Shelby Steele articulates well is the opinion that what we are suffering from isn't a leader that is choosing to lead a country of greatness but to scold a country that operates from a position of bad faith.

This excerpted and edited from the Wall Street Journal -

A Referendum on the Redeemer

By Shelby Steele, Wall Street Journal - October 28, 2010

Whether or not the Republicans win big next week, it is already clear that the "transformative" aspirations of the Obama presidency—the special promise of this first black president to "change" us into a better society—are much less likely to materialize. There will be enough Republican gains to make the "no" in the "party of no" even more formidable, if not definitive.

His embarrassed supporters console themselves that their intentions were good; their vote helped make history. But for Mr. Obama himself there is no road back to the charisma and political capital he enjoyed on his inauguration day. How is it that Barack Obama could step into the presidency with an air of inevitability and then, in less than two years, find himself unwelcome at the campaign rallies of many of his fellow Democrats?

The first answer is well-known: His policymaking has been grandiose, thoughtless and bullying. His health-care bill was ambitious to the point of destructiveness and, finally, so chaotic that today no citizen knows where they stand in relation to it.
His coming of age paralleled exactly the unfolding of a new "counterculture" American identity. And this new American identity—and the post-1960s liberalism it spawned—is grounded in a remarkable irony: bad faith in America as virtue itself, bad faith in the classic American identity of constitutional freedom and capitalism as the way to a better America.
He is simply the first president we have seen grounded in this counterculture American identity. When he bows to foreign leaders, he is displaying the counterculture Americanism of honorable self-effacement in which America acknowledges its own capacity for evil as prelude to engagement.

Bad faith in America became virtuous in the '60s when America finally acknowledged so many of its flagrant hypocrisies: the segregation of blacks, the suppression of women, the exploitation of other minorities, the "imperialism" of the Vietnam War, the indifference to the environment, the hypocrisy of puritanical sexual mores and so on. The compounding of all these hypocrisies added up to the crowning idea of the '60s: that America was characterologically evil.


Among today's liberal elite, bad faith in America is a sophistication, a kind of hipness.

There was no vision of the future in "Hope and Change." It is an expression of bad faith in America, but its great ingenuity was to turn that bad faith into political motivation, into votes. But there is a limit to bad faith as power, and Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party may have now reached that limit.

The great weakness of bad faith is that it disallows American exceptionalism as a rationale for power.
It puts Mr. Obama and the Democrats in the position of forever redeeming a fallen nation, rather than leading a great nation. They bet on America's characterological evil and not on her sense of fairness, generosity or ingenuity.

When bad faith is your framework (Michelle Obama never being proud of her country until it supported her husband), then you become more a national scold than a real leader. You lead out of a feeling that your opposition is really only the latest incarnation of that old characterological evil that you always knew was there. Thus the tea party—despite all the evidence to the contrary—is seen as racist and bigoted.

Our great presidents have been stewards, men who broadly identified with the whole of America. Stewardship meant responsibility even for those segments of America where one might be reviled.
But he [Obama] has functioned more as a redeemer than a steward, a leader who sees a badness in us from which we must be redeemed. Many Americans are afraid of this because a mandate as grandiose as redemption justifies a vast expansion of government. A redeemer can't just tweak and guide a faltering economy; he will need a trillion- dollar stimulus package. He can't take on health care a step at a time; he must do it all at once, finally mandating that every citizen buy in.

Next week's election is, among other things, a referendum on the idea of president-as- redeemer. We have a president so determined to transform and redeem us from what we are that, by his own words, he is willing to risk being a one-term president.

People now wonder if Barack Obama can pivot back to the center like Bill Clinton did after his set-back in '94. But Mr. Clinton was already a steward, a policy wonk, a man of the center. Mr. Obama has to change archetypes.

Reference Here>>

One has to believe that a human Bill-Of-Rights, a Constitution that intentionally limits the size, power, and scope of Government, and the nature of our American Rule-Of-Law that starts from the position that everyone who is suspected of a crime is presumed innocent in the eyes of the court, are inherently evil in order to believe that "Bad Faith" is America!

It is time to vote on November 2nd, 2010 for anything but DEMOCRAT ... for the Democrat Political Party IS the politics of BAD FAITH ... not the politics of greatness here in Carter's Second Term.

When the nation goes to the polls on November 2nd, the citizens will not be going to the polls to VOTE ... but they will be going to the polls to issue a Restraining Order on the Obama Administration and the rest of the Democrat Party!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama Hate Speech In Obama's Own Words

'I am not king': Obama tells Latino voters he can't conjure immigration reform alone. Image Credit: Luis Sinco

Obama Hate Speech In Obama's Own Words

Barack Obama views America through very critical and radical eyes. In a recent interview given to the NBC Spanish language broadcast arm, Univision, on the mid-term campaign trail, Barack Obama speaks about the view of illegal immigrants who (from his point-of-view) are potentially sitting on the sidelines, sheathing for a way for America to act on their behalf.

What is interesting about this interview is the way Barack Obama uses the voice of the Latin American illegal immigrant to pull forward his divisive point of view of what American Values ought to be.

This Excerpted and edited from LA Time Blog reprint of the Univision interview transcript -

Transcript of President Barack Obama with Univision
October 25, 2010 | 1:14 pm

President Barack Obama was interviewed by Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo last week in Los Angeles for a Univision radio program that aired Monday.

Sotelo asked the president to focus on immigration. When the Spanish-language radio giant suggested that the Obama administration was more dedicated to fixing issues like healthcare than immigration, the president disagreed.

“My cabinet has been working very hard on trying to get it done, but ultimately, I think somebody said the other day, I am president, I am not king. I can't do these things just by myself. We have a system of government that requires the Congress to work with the executive branch to make it happen. I'm committed to making it happen, but I've gotta have some partners to do it,” Obama said.
POTUS: Well, here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna see how well we do in this election and I think a lot of it is gonna depend on whether we still have some support not only from Democrats, but also Republicans, but they're gonna be paying attention to this election.

And if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, we're gonna punish our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us, if they don't see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it's gonna be harder and that's why I think it's so important that people focus on voting on November 2.

Reference Here>>

So, the President of the United States engages in a divide and conqurer - American against American - by speaking a voice that suggests a war within ... he further stated that "And that's why this election coming up is so important because we essentially have to say that those who are politicizing the issue, who are supportive of the Arizona law, who talk only about border security but aren't willing to talk about the other aspects of this, who don't support the Dream Act, who are out there engaging in rhetoric that is divisive and damaging that -- those aren't the kinds of folks who represent our core American values."

So basically, Americans who believe in sovereignty are to be viewed as enemies and do not represent core American values. Thanks!

These are the thoughts of a man who ran for the office of President of the United States on the premise that there are no Red States, or Blue States but there is only the United States of America.

Talk about whipping up the "BASE" ... I do not know about you, but the hateful thoughts and attitudes expressed above are nothing more than the real thoughts and attitudes of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soros Money Gets Juan Williams Fired From NPR

So, with the news that George Soros is buying one hundred political “reporters” for National Public Radio (NPR), one waits with bated breath for the left to decry the fact that a famous anti-American leftist is buying and influencing the “news.” Image Credit: Big Journalism

Soros Money Gets Juan Williams Fired From NPR

Yesterday, Glenn Beck opened his show stating that he had something else planned to present for the hour but something came up in the form of an email that he had to address.

The email concerned itself with the new round of donations being issued by Billionaire progressive, George Soros and his campaign to get Glenn Beck fired from Fox News through boycotts by advertisers to his program. The memo confirmed that Soros had just given the left-wing hell-raising blog, Media Matters, a million dollars and asked them to broaden their boycott efforts to all of Fox News ... the declarations are on the MM website.

It turns out that recently, George Soros has also given a very large donation (1.8 million dollars for 100 reporters) to National Public Radio (NPR) as well.

This morning, NPR has just announced that it was firing longtime author and Democrat politics commentator, Juan Williams. NPR used as its reasoning that Jaun Williams' appearance on the Fox News top rated politics, culture information, and commentary show, The O'Reilly Factor, resulted in Juan expressing feelings that were inconsistent with its world view ... or something to that effect.

This excerpted and edited from The Atlantic -

Juan Williams Fired by NPR For No Particular Reason (UPDATED)
By Jeffery Goldberg - Oct 21 2010, 12:23 AM ET

National Public Radio has fired the political analyst Juan Williams for comments he made about Muslims on Bill O'Reilly's Fox show. These are two of the controversial comments in question, according to The New York Times:

'I mean, look, Bill, I'm not a bigot. You know the kind of books I've written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous."

And this, in reference to Faisal Shahzad, the Pakistani immigrant who attempted to blow up Times Square with a car bomb:

"He said the war with Muslims, America's war is just beginning, first drop of blood. I don't think there's any way to get away from these facts."

The first quotation reflects the views, I'm guessing, of the vast majority of people who fly in this country (and in Europe and Asia and other parts of the world, as well). With some regularity, Muslim men associated with radical Islamist organizations have been trying to kill American civilians, here and abroad. A group of 19 Muslim men succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in their mission nine years ago. The majority of Muslims abhor terrorism, and Muslims are the disproportionate victims of Muslim terror, but the essential truth remains that most of the world's spectacular terrorism today -- thwarted and achieved -- is committed by Muslims.

Juan Williams misunderstands one crucial fact: Muslim terrorists who are attempting to commit acts of terror seldom if ever dress in "Muslim garb"; they dress, for obvious tactical reasons, in a manner meant to help them blend in with surroundings. So Williams is wrong, I think, to be particularly suspicious of traditionally-dressed Muslims. But is he wrong to worry about Islamist terrorism? Of course not.
Reference Here>>

So, the real reason for the firing seems confused, at best.

What is consistent here is that both Juan Williams and Mara Liasson are (or were) longtime contributors to NPR and are contributors to Fox News and therein lays the rub. Soros money is now beginning to turn the screws and place pressure from where the money is placed and directed. Mira Liasson has said previously, that her participation on discussion panels at Fox News (primarily with Brit Hume and Bret Baier) has been questioned by the staff at NPR.

One wonders here during Carter's Second Term ... just when will all of the Soros money will catch up with her (Mara Liasson) and gets her removed from either NPR or have her resign from Fox News due to "pressures"?

This act by George Soros and his media minions is an attempt to end free speech through fear!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Boxer VFW Endorsement In Dispute By VFW Leadership

Photo of letter issued by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States calling the actions of the VFW-PAC into question as it relates to political endorsements. This photo was taken at a protest rally outside of the VFW-PAC news conference to endorse Barbara Boxer for her fifth term as United States Senator. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010)

Boxer VFW Endorsement In Dispute By VFW Leadership

In what may be a case of identity theft through going rogue, the separate political action committee organization using the "VFW" in its name is endorsing candidates without the blessing of the real VFW organization out of Kansas City, MO.

In a letter issued October 8, 2010, titled "VFW Leadership at Odds with VFW-PAC" and signed by Richard L. Eubank - National Commander, Richard L. DeNoyer - Sr. Vice Commander, and John E. Hamilton - Jr. Vice Commander, the VFW leadership called the methodology process used by the PAC "seriously flawed at best this year and in immediate need of extensive review," in the wake of the recent congressional endorsements made by the committee.

This separate organization, formed by 12 VFW members, is acting rogue in their endorsements of Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. The voting record and personal statements from all of these endorsed candidates should have had them removed from consideration.

This photo was taken at a protest rally outside of the VFW-PAC news conference to endorse Barbara Boxer for her fifth term as United States Senator. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010)

This excerpted and edited from the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States website -

VFW Leadership at Odds with VFW-PAC

By Richard L. Eubank - National Commander, Richard L. DeNoyer - Sr. Vice Commander, and John E. Hamilton - Jr. Vice Commander - October 8, 2010 - VFW, Kansas City, MO.

“Even though the law requires that VFW-PAC be a separate organization, the acronym ‘VFW’ is attached to the committee and the natural assumption is that the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is somehow making the endorsement decisions. Nothing could be further from the truth, but perception is reality,” said National Commander Richard Eubank.

“Obviously, an organization's political positions have to reflect the opinions of its members. But those opinions can't be perceived as ‘off the wall,’ and the methodology used this year to grade candidates obviously is skewed in favor of the incumbent. That isn’t fair, and it actually subverts the democratic process.”
Reference Here>>

Paul Chabot - Statewide Chairman, Veterans for Carly Coalition, Iraq War Vet, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (Kansas City) Lifemember) as he presents the letter from the VFW leadership out of Kansas City, MO, and reviews Barbara Boxer's voting record on Veteran's Affairs. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010)

Barbara Boxers record is as follows (re-published from LA Conservative Examiner):

To be clear, this endorsement should be protested on these facts on the actions and voting record of this current Senator from California (information provided by the Pasadena Patriots - TeaPac - Paul Chabot - Statewide Chairman, Veterans for Carly Coalition, Iraq War Vet, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (Kansas City) Lifemember):

Boxer Military Fact Check

1) Barbara Boxer continues to campaign with Jane Fonda. I do not have to remind Veterans the harm that Jane Fonda caused to our Nation - they know all too well.

2) In California, we have 1.9 million Veterans, 30,000 returning from war each year. While the California unemployment rate is 12.4%, Veterans in California have over a 30% unemployment rate. Of the total number of unemployed persons in California, 25% are Veterans. The problem has gotten much worse under Boxer, not better.

3) Our VA Hospitals are overloaded, bulging at the seams; the quality of care is decreasing while wait lines are increasing beyond any reasonable expectation. As a Vet who receives care at California VA's, I can firmly
attest to this fact and the outrage felt by my fellow Veterans.

4) Barbara Boxer has consistently voted against funding for our troops in times of war. In 2007, she was one of only 14 senators to vote against supplemental funding for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. That bill included billions of dollars in funding for body armor, for mine-resistant vehicles, for defense health programs - including funding for the treatment of soldiers suffering from PTSD and brain trauma - and to help combat IEDs.

5) In 2003, Boxer was one of just 12 senators to oppose the $87 billion supplemental appropriation for the reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, which provided funding for body armor, communications equipment, equipment maintenance and operation, defense health programs, increased imminent danger pay. The reconstruction package also included funds to help military families by increasing the Family Separation Allowance, by allowing family members to visit soldiers who are ill or injured as a result of their active-duty service and by providing access to the benefits of the Family Medical Leave Act.

6) Boxer has repeatedly disrespected prominent members of our military. Who can forget the time she upbraided Brigadier General Michael Walsh during a committee hearing for calling her "ma'am" instead of "senator."

7) Boxer has also refused to condemn the offensive, defamatory advertisement ran against General David Petraeus, who is now commanding our forces in Afghanistan.

It is for these reasons, that we must ask the VFW-PAC to rescind its endorsement of Barbara Boxer.

Reference Here>>

This photo was taken at a protest rally outside of the VFW-PAC news conference to endorse Barbara Boxer for her fifth term as United States Senator. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010)

This excerpted and edited from the LA Times -

Boxer highlights endorsement by VFW-PAC

By: Cathleen Decker - October 10, 2010 | 5:13 pm

Fiorina has been critical of Boxer’s record on military issues, including Boxer's vote against a military spending bill that Boxer opposed because she said it did not outline a clear exit strategy from Iraq. On Sunday after speaking at a civic affairs conference hosted by the Iranian American Jewish community in Century City, Fiorina said the VFW PAC had “lost a great deal of credibility because they’ve demonstrated once again that all they ever do is endorse incumbent politicians.”

“There are a great number of veterans who are offended by Boxer’s refusal to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan," Fiorina told reporters Sunday. "There are veterans who are offended by the way she dressed down a general, and there are, unfortunately for the VFW PAC, now a whole lot of veterans who are offended by the decision the VFW PAC has taken.”

Fiorina’s campaign also released a statement by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and other military veterans, objecting to the VFW's endorsement of her. (McCain is campaigning for Fiorina).

Asked after her speech about McCain's objection, Boxer merely smiled and replied: "I'm so excited to have the VFW endorsement. I couldn't be more thrilled."
Reference Here>>

This photo was taken at a protest rally outside of the VFW-PAC news conference to endorse Barbara Boxer for her fifth term as United States Senator. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010)

Well, no matter how tainted or in dispute, or bogus an endorsement may be (especially given one's own voting record and personal statements) ... the accepting of this VFW-PAC endorsement passes for something to be excited about by Barbara Boxer, here during Carter's Second Term (the 44th Presidency of the United States).

Boxer Endorsement UPDATE - VFW Leaders Tell PAC to Rescind Boxer, Klein Endorsements - Published October 13, 2010 | FOX News/Associated Press

VFW UPDATE - VFW Commander-in-Chief disolvess its Political Action Committee (VFW-PAC) after disputed endorsements - October 15, 2010

It is now evident to most of the VFW leadership, both National and especially the departments, that the VFW has been subjected to extreme negative publicity throughout the nation, and the recent endorsement decisions have, in fact, harmed the VFW’s reputation and future ability to fulfill our mission.

I cannot let this erosion of public support for our great organization continue. The apparent lack of the committee to address these concerns will lead to a proposal by me, as Commander-in-Chief, to amend the by-laws at the 112th National Convention for the purpose of dissolving the PAC. Meanwhile, under the authority granted to me as Commander-in-Chief in section 619 of the VFW National By-Laws and under section 620 of the Manual of Procedure, I am withdrawing all PAC appointments effective October 15, 2010.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Nation Rally - The Hodge-Podge Of Disgruntled Socialist Rant

Demand the changes we voted for - One Nation Working Together is a social movement of individuals and organizations committed to putting America back to work and pulling America back together. Coming from a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and orientations, we are determined to build a more united country with good jobs, equal justice, and quality public education for all [how come they did not use a photo from the actual rally?]. Image Credit: via the infamous Martin Luther King speech held on the mall 47 years ago

One Nation Rally - The Hodge-Podge Of Disgruntled Socialist Rant

This rally, billed as being planned before the Restoring Honor Rally was planned and held, was a disorienting and divisive collection of speeches and music without a clear direction to it except an "I Want More From You" chant of bigger Government socialist utopia.

One by one, Communists the likes of Van Jones, Union Leadership operatives from SEIU, AFL-CIO, and etc., and single Race representatives from American Indian tribal associations political landscape operatives (Al Sharpton), La Raza (which translates to "The Race") hispanic rights over all others ... especially legal citizens, came to the microphone to exclaim their injustice and ax to grind in the name of unity ... with all of this being moderated by MSNBC's Ed Shultz. Can you feel the love?

More than 400 organizations, including liberal faith, environmental, union, and gay rights groups, sponsored the "One Nation Working Together" demonstration on the same end of the National Mall where a month ago tea party activists and sympathizers met to hear conservative TV and Radio commentator Glenn Beck, Former Governor Sarah Palin, and a host of other speakers talk to the issue of "Restoring Honor" to our broken nation.

Organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck's rally. But Saturday's crowds were less dense and didn't reach as far to the edges as they did during Beck's rally (see photo below). The National Park Service stopped providing official crowd estimates in the 1990s.

Side-By-Side - Restoring America Rally on left (packed with concerned American citizens) / One Socialist Nation Rally on right (packed with all of the Messiah's socialist citizens) - ironic and telling, isn't it? Image Credit: The Blaze (2010)

This excerpted and edited from Gateway Pundit -

Figures. CSPAN Uses Tea Party Rally Crowd Shot for Leftist “One Nation” Rally Article
Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, October 2, 2010, 10:56 AM

CSPAN is airing the leftist “One Socialist Nation” rally today in Washington DC.
Unfortunately, they didn’t have a good crowd shot of the turnout… So they used a photo from a Glenn Beck tea party rally.

Notice the Gadsden flags in the background.
(Hat Tip Editor)

This is despite the fact that thousands of supporters were given free rides by unions and the NAACP to the rally.

The actual crowd is a little sparse at the One Nation rally today.

Despite the free rides and T-shirts the leftists just couldn’t match this crowd.

This photo is from the Glenn Beck rally last month.

Reference Here>>

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka urged participants, including his union's members, to band together. "There is nothing, and I mean nothing, we can't do when we stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder," Trumka said. "We will stand together. And we will win together. And we won't let anyone — and I mean anyone — stand in our way."

"Coming out of here, we've got to go home and ask our friends to vote, ask our neighbors to vote," NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous said.

Socialist protesters and paraphernalia dominated today's left-wing protest rally in Washington, DC. The so-called "One Nation" rally was led primarily by labor unions as an attempt to counter Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, which took place in DC on 8-28-2010.

Rose Dixon, a health care worker from Pawleys Island, S.C., said she hopes the rally sends a message to lawmakers on Capitol Hill. "Stop the obstructionism. Work together," Dixon said. "Stop playing politics as usual and to put the American people first. We're tired of the politics and the posturing and the games."

This quote sticks out because of its absurdity ... we have been governed since January 20, 2009 by an Executive Branch and Legislative Branch that has a single political party with a voting super majority - and they have passed legislation that has expanded Federal Government by nearly 25% and added more taxpayer debt in 19 months that it took forty previous Executive and Legislative Branches to amass in over 200 years (over 3 Trillion Dollars).

The "obstructionism" Rose Dixon is referring to, of course, is having the Federal Government release money directly to her and people like her. These people believe all power and income comes from Government as opposed to the fruits of one's own labor or intellectual property.

Not once during the rally did we, at Carter's Second Term, see or hear anyone stand up for the Constitution of the United States or the Bill of Rights.

Organizers insisted the rally was not partisan. They said the message of the rally is about job creation, quality education and economic justice. However, the 400 organizations, such as the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union, Code Pink, the ACLU, and etc. always back Democrat Party candidates. We have to ask ... what are they rallying for? Their political party currently controls all of the power of this current Federal Government and unfortunately it is "One Nation"!

NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous was right as it relates what is needed to change things as they are in Washington today ... "we've got to go home and ask our friends to vote, ask our neighbors to vote" ... that is, we have to go into our neighborhoods and ask each of our neighbors to vote for a person that will go to Washington and vote to uphold working to have a smaller government, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights here during Carter's Second Term.