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Fear Factor ... Not Just Another Reality TV Show

Although the peacock logo for the NBC television network was meant to be multi-colored, for one week each year it definitely “goes green!” For the second year NBC Universal presented over 150 hours of environmentally themed content in a variety of platforms. NBC and celebrated their talent in “The More You Know” PSA campaign. Using famous NBC regulars, they produced green-themed storylines in several of their daytime and primetime shows. Image Credit:

FEAR FACTOR ... Not Just Another Reality TV Show

FUTURE EARTH: Journey To The End Of The World ... with Lester Holt, on MSNBC

The title of this posting and the title of the NBC special program has to do with multinational corporation, General Electric, and it's attempts at using their extensive media arm NBC Universal and related properties (Bravo, CNBC, 13th Street, Sci-Fi Channel, Hallmark Channel, Universal Channel, DivaTV, KidsCo, MSNBC, mun2, NBC, NBC Universal Television Distribution, Universal Television Distribution, NBCU Cable Affiliate Support, NBCU Marketplace, Oxygen Pay Per View/VOD, Sci Fi, Telemundo, Universal Pictures, Universal Production Studios, Universal Studios Home Video, Universal Studios Theme Parks: Featured Attraction, Universal Studios Theme Parks: Hollywood, Universal Studios Theme Parks: Japan, Universal Studios Theme Parks: Mediterranea, Universal Studios Theme Parks: Orlando, Universal Studios Theme Parks: Tickets, Universal Television, USA Network, The Weather Channel) to manipulate, massage, and coerce public opinion to be acceptable to Government mandated Green policies that would take Billions of taxpayer dollars through Cap and Trade carbon emissions laws and transfer them to Green projects General Electric believes their company would be the beneficiary of.

For its part, NBC News correspondent, Lester Holt, disclosed in a two minute "ad" that aired during the Sunday Today program, NBC's version of what appeared to be Al Gore's speculation filled, junk science based, Oscar Awarded movie ... "An Inconvenient Truth", which claims that our planet is headed for disaster and that our oceans will rise up 20 plus feet in the very near (tens of years) future.

The real inconvenient truth is that our population is being subjected to coercion, and corruption by a multinational corporation that wants YOUR money to prop it up!

Case In Point: Ad from NBC's Sunday Today for NBC News program (2:25 min.)

This just does not seem right. Full disclosure should be expected from a large company like General Electric. What really makes this situation worse, is that the company has not run its business responsibly, which places it into a situation of desperation. To receive large amounts of Government money in the form of Green contracts looks to be the only strategy of revival for this once proud sponsor of Ronald Reagan when he hosted television programs in the early fifties (before he became a politician).

Case In Point: O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo

This excerpted and edited from NewsBusters -

O'Reilly Claims 'Corruption': GE Using CNBC, MSNBC to Promote Cap-and-Trade for Financial Gain
By Jeff Poor - April 23, 2009 - 21:11 ET

It has been something that there have been rumblings about, but no one has really put the x's and o's together entirely - that General Electric (NYSE:GE) is using its media arm, NBC Universal to promote President Barack Obama's so-called progressive agenda for its own financial gain.
O'Reilly outlined how Obama has gotten support from the NBC networks both pre-election and post-election.

"Will General Electric get paid for supporting President Obama - that is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo," O'Reilly said. "As everybody knows, GE, which owns NBC has been very aggressive in helping Barack Obama - first supporting the president in the election and now attacking his critics."
Certain on-air CNBC personalities had been outspoken in criticizing Obama's economic policies. However, that has changed somewhat and according to O'Reilly, CNBC Chicago Mercantile Exchange reporter Rick Santelli - the inspiration for the recent Tax Day tea party protests - had said he had been sent to a "reeducation camp."

"There is also emerging evidence that GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt and NBC News chief Jeff Zucker told CNBC personnel to stop criticizing Obama's economic policies," O'Reilly said. "Now, that would be a major breach of journalistic ethics.
O'Reilly played a clip from MSNBC' "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on April 16, when Janeane Garofalo, in a hateful tirade, called Tax Day tea party protest participants "nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks."
"That's no surprise, as also this week Forbes magazine labeled Immelt one of the worst-performing CEOs in the country."

O'Reilly also played the exchange between his producer Jesse Watters and Jeffrey Immelt at the April 22 shareholders' meeting, where he questioned the ethics of MSNBC. But, according to O'Reilly there is reason to believe the slant of MSNBC is allowed because GE stands to profit if Obama is successful in instituting his priorities, specifically cap-and-trade.

"Now, most CEOs would have stopped NBC's corruption a long time ago, but Immelt may be looking for a major payoff," O'Reilly said. "According to reporting by the Washington Examiner, GE is heavily lobbying the Obama administration for bailout money. The company is also pushing for the proposed cap-and-trade program. Apparently GE has set up a joint venture it hopes would manage billions of dollars in cap-and-trade transactions should that corporate carbon tax pass Congress."

NBC has been actively promoting green issues and this revelation by O'Reilly happens to fall during the NBC Universal networks "Green is Universal" week.

"Now think about this ladies and gentlemen - a failing corporation, General Electric might reap billions of dollars if the Feds OK the carbon deal," O'Reilly said. "By the way, GE is already getting taxpayer bailout money for its financial unit. So it's not a stretch to assume Immelt would want to help President Obama as much as possible."

According to O'Reilly, the level of corruption is so big, it stands to make Watergate look small.

"This is obviously a major story - when a powerful corporation, which controls a major part of the American media, may be using its power and the airwaves to influence politics, in order to make money from government contracts," O'Reilly said. "That kind of corruption would make Watergate look small. We hope it is not true."
Reference Here>>

We think Bill O'Reilly is on to something, this Non-Reality television program is just another naked shake-down perpetrated by a major media arm of a hurting and failing consumer products company that is suffering from mismanagement.

Do not submit to the FEAR FACTOR of these tactics ... they are intended to have you agree with the transfer of Billions of your dollars to this corporation's bottom line here in Carter' Second Term.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Somali Pirate Or Enemy Combatant – What’s The Difference?

Crew members of the Maersk Alabama celebrated after hearing that their captain, who had been held hostage by Somali pirates, had been rescued. Image Credit: Roberto Schmidt/AFP — Getty Images

Somali Pirate Or Enemy Combatant – What’s The Difference?

All this last week and Easter weekend, the world media attention was affixed upon the events surrounding the assault, attempted takeover, and kidnapping of a captain of an American flagged container ship. The leadership and action shown by our military that ended the internationally illegal action and saved the container ship captain, Capt. Richard Phillips, was exemplary.

While our President ducked questions from the media (and diplomats from the State Department negotiated with Somali Klan Elders via satellite phone) about the assault and kidnapping happening in the Indian Ocean off of Somalia, the military was preparing for action, then acted under direct orders from the on-scene commander.

President-elect Barack Obama at a press conference on December 7, 2008. Image Credit: Scott Olson, Getty Images

This excerpted and edited from WXYZ-TV Detroit –

Obama declines to answer question on piracy - Last Update: 4/09 10:37 am

President Barack Obama has declined to answer a question about the hostage situation off the coast of Somalia.

The president was asked about the incident as he met with U.S. homeowners about refinancing mortgages. At the close of a Roosevelt Room event, the president was asked by a reporter if he were concerned about the piracy incident.

Obama responded: "Guys, we're talking about housing right now."

Reporters were then ushered out of the room as they usually are after such events.

Reference Here>>

This is the new leader of the Free World and he can not even address the terrorist and illegal acts of pirates on an American vessel. I would have hated to see what President Barack Obama’s reaction to the bombing of Pearl Harbor would have been if he were in place on 7 December 1941.

Last March, the Obama Administration decided to remove the term “Enemy Combatant” from the terminology used by the American Government in dealing with people who committed acts of war but were not controlled or governed by any organized country. A term was needed after 11 September 2001, to deal with people who caused acts of war, mass murder, and were not governed by an organized country after hijacked passenger jets were flown into the World Trade Center Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C..

Why don’t we just call them Pirates?

Pirates are not governed by any country, they terrorize, disrupt a culture, murder and profit from their uncivilized and illegal acts just as “Enemy Combatants” and the international laws of piracy are clear and the punishment is harsh … first offense can get one life in prison!

We suggest that we call “Enemy Combatants” (EC’s) … “Pirates” (P’s) during this Carter's Second Term. At least Obama didn't try to micro-manage this hostage situation as Carter did during his problem with enemy combatants in Iran (oops! that is an organized country).

EC’s and P’s are all working to disrupt the way life is carried out because of some perceived nonnegotiable grievance. EC’s and P’s all will use what ever means to achieve their ends that include violence, kidnapping, theft, and destruction. With EC’s and P’s, the war never ends until they choose not to act, otherwise all of these acts must be dealt with at the time they happen and harshly … these acts should never be appeased.

It is time to end ... Piracy, once and for all!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Obamaisms - All Traced To Reflections On Glass

Obamaisms - All Traced To Reflections On Glass

Set to the tune "Video Killed The Radio Star", This Youtube presentation and the links provided in an accompanying posting, illustrate a trend that shows the building frustration toward a leader ... who can read, but does not listen.

To add insult to injury, yesterday, White house Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, without a Teleprompter ... "Fibbed" when he was pressed to classify the gesture the President of the United States made when he greeted the King of Saudi Arabia.

This excerpted and edited from the Huffington Post -

Obama "Bow" To Saudis: CNN Reporter Asks White House To Clarify
Huffington Post - April 9, 2009 at 11:25 PM

The White House briefing room grew a bit chilly on Thursday after CNN reporter Dan Lothian asked press secretary Robert Gibbs to explain the current cause célèbre of the conservative movement: whether President Obama bowed down to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

LOTHIAN: When the President met with King Abdullah, there was something that took place which I believe the White House explained was just the president being taller than the king. We took a look at the video, and it does appear that the president actually bowed to King Abdullah. Did he bow or didn't he?

GIBBS: No, I think he bent over with both, to shake -- with both hands to shake his hand, so I don't--

LOTHIAN: -- one hand --

GIBBS: Well I... [laughter]

LOTHIAN: Did he bow or didn't he?


Please, get the man a Teleprompter so he doesn't have to lie to the American People, and look like a fool for doing so.

Brack Obama bows to Saudi King King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (click image to launch video). Image Credit: The Sydney Morning Hearld via AP and AFP

This excerpted and edited from California Yankee -

Obama's addiction to TOTUS - a brief history

We first noted Obama's preference for using a teleprompter when Senator McCain invited Obama to a series of weekly town hall meetings. An invitation subsequently backed away from by Obama.

That Obama's teleprompter preference was a dependency was noted when candidate Obama tried to explain his failure to vet the vetters.

The mainstream old media picked up on Obama's teleprompter dependency a few weeks later, when Jake Tapper and Diane Sawyer discussed how Obama is lost without a teleprompter on ABC's "Good Morning America." Unfortunately, the video has now been scrubbed from YouTube.

TOTUS hit the big time a month ago, when recognition was demanded.

President Obama recently took his propaganda war to NBC's "The Tonight Show," without TOTUS. Obama not only defended the A.I.G. bailout, but Obama also thoughtlessly disparaged disabled folks when he compared his recent 129 score in a game in the White House bowling alley to the "Special Olympics or something."

While out West and again without TOTUS to control what he said, Obama compared A.I.G. to suicide bombers at a Costa Mesa Town Hall meeting.

After weeks of criticism for being so dependent upon TOTUS, Obama threw TOTUS under the bus and used massive TV monitors to read his opening statement at his second presidential news conference.

Most recently, the foreign press finally picked up on Obama's addiction.

As we have said before, President Obama is not such a great orator, but he is a very good reader. Is there a program to deal with teleprompter addiction?
Reference Here>>

Why is the MSM and the public worried about "Bows" or weither Barack Obama is just a good reader as opposed to a good speaker - We should be worried about the reasons WHY is our President is giving One-Billion Dollars of taxpayer money to Hamas and the Palistinian Authority!

Is this what the American people voted for?

This action will result in more than just having a problem with "Reflections On Glass"!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama's GM & Segway To Produce The "Barack-O-Chair"

The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility, or PUMA, project also would involve a vast communications network that would allow vehicles to interact with each other, regulate the flow of traffic and prevent crashes from happening.The 300-pound prototype runs on a lithium-ion battery and uses Segway's characteristic two-wheel balancing technology, along with dual electric motors. It's designed to reach speeds of up to 35 miles-per-hour and can run 35 miles on a single charge. Image Credit: General Motors Corp. and Segway Inc. via Huffington Post

Obama's GM & Segway To Produce The "Barack-O-Chair"

General Motors (struggling, Obama Administration managed automaker) is teaming up with Segway (geek-mover sold primarily to local Governments) to produce a new two-wheeled vehicle for the urban landscape called the PUMA.

It looks like someone took a SMART car and squeezed it. It's far more car-like (and faster) than the Segway, and hopefully, for both GM and Segway, prove more mass-market-friendly: the Segway is banned on many city streets because it's too big to be considered a bike, and too slow and exposed to be considered a car. It is this reason that it has only been acceptable to local Governments for patrol and traffic control (also featured in Paul Blartt Mall Cop, Safety Never Takes A Vacation).

This excerpted and edited from The Wall Street Journal -

GM, Segway to Make Vehicle
By SHARON TERLEP, The Wall Street Journal - APRIL 7, 2009

General Motors Corp. is teaming with Segway Inc., maker of the upright, self-balancing scooters, to build a new type of two-wheeled vehicle designed to move easily through congested urban streets.

The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility - PUMA - Image Credit: General Motors Corp. and Segway Inc. via Huffington Post
GM has slashed product-development programs, advertising and spending on auto-show events. But it will take to the streets of Manhattan on Tuesday to show off a prototype of the vehicle, called PUMA, for Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility.
The machine, which GM says it aims to develop by 2012, would run on batteries and use wireless technology to avoid traffic backups and navigate cities.
GM is betting PUMA's more car-like traits -- an enclosed compartment and top speed of 35 miles per hour -- will lead to better results.

GM didn't say how much the machines would cost, but research chief Larry Burns said owners would spend one-third to one-fourth of the cost of a traditional vehicle.

Reference Here>>

The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility - PUMA - Image Credit: General Motors Corp. and Segway Inc. via Huffington Post

This is more of what we can expect from an automobile company owned and operated by the Federal Government and Unions - Clown Cars, and Scooters!

OK,OK! So they're hi-tech. Questions: How practical is this Obama Wheel-Chair (Barack-O-Chair)? Where does one place an airbag?

Where is the updated and Green refined version of the 1957 Chevy with a 0-100 in under 9 seconds acceleration that runs on Hydrogen or Electricity and costs under $20,000?!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama Uses Guilt And Poor Reading In France

When they arrived in Strasbourg, the president and first lady Michelle Obama were welcomed by Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Image Credit: Jason Reed of Reuters

Obama Uses Guilt And Poor Reading In France

Barack Obama refers to the Marshall Plan and slams the idea of the pursuit of national sovereignty through the detention of some really bad actors in Cuba in order to gain sympathy for a shared response to the al-Qaeda threat that continues to grow in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In a teleprompter speech delivered in Strasbourg, France that was followed by a “Town Hall” style question and answer period, the 44th President stated, as he did at his speech to open the G20 Conference of nations, the he was not there to lecture … but to listen. The problem with this phrase in the speech is that he went on to lecture the audience on the responsibility to participate in military actions (NATO) and the surrender of leadership of the United States in the areas of free trade. He lectured against the use of trade barriers going forward on the relationships between Europe and the United States, this at a time his Government is looking to pay for the extraordinary expansion of Government Spending and corporate takeovers in key financial and manufacturing industries.

The beauty of a teleprompter speech is that all words will be in front of the reader in the order that the that they are supposed to be delivered … the problem of a teleprompter speech is that there is ample opportunity to have the words scroll slower (or faster) than the reader can speak. In the case of the Strasbourg speech, Barack’s flubs added to the disingenuous nature of his remarks.

In a “you can’t make this up” moment, the first person to ask a question in this hall setting in Strasbourg, France was an American – that’s right, in a hall full of Europeans the first person to a microphone that was being carried by one of the hall’s AV staff was (I am going to call it as I see it) a plant! USA TODAY's Rich Wolf reports from the scene that there are some empty seats in the upper reaches of the arena. He estimates the building is about 80% full. Maybe this is the reason that the first questioner was an American.

"In America, there's a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world," Obama said, boldly taking aim at the country that just elected him last November. "There have been times where America's showed arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive." Image Credit: AP

This example of American leadership excerpted and edited from Bloomberg –

Obama Says U.S., Europe Both Must Change to Bolster Alliance
By Edwin Chen and Hans Nichols, Bloomberg

President Barack Obama said the NATO alliance has been damaged by both past U.S. arrogance and “casual but insidious” anti-Americanism in Europe.

“America is changing, but it cannot be America alone that changes,” Obama told a crowd of about 3,500 students and local residents at the Rhenus Sports Arena in Strasbourg, France, his second stop on an eight-day European trip.

“I’ve come to Europe this week to renew our partnership, one in which America listens and learns from our friends and allies, but where friends and allies bear their share of the burden,” Obama said.
“We are confronting the greatest economic crisis since World War II,” Obama said. “The only way to confront this unprecedented crisis is through unprecedented coordination.”

Obama said that in a speech he’s planning to give in Prague near the end of his trip he will outline his goal of a “world without nuclear weapons.”

The spread of nuclear weapons or the theft of such material “could lead to the extermination of any city on the planet,” he said.
Reference Here>>

"In recent years, we've allowed our alliance to drift," Obama said in a campaign-style town hall meeting on the France-Germany border city of Strasbourg, ahead of the 60th anniversary NATO summit. Image Credit: Google Maps

This example of American leadership excerpted and edited from Cover It Live, USAToday -

As it happened: Obama town hall in Strasbourg, France

USAToday - Obama town hall in Strasbourg - Cover It Live – 7:25 PM France, 4-3-2009

The president begins his remarks with comments on threats around the world.
"This weekend in Prague I will lay out an agenda that seeks a world without nuclear weapons."
"There have been times when America has shown arrogance ... and been dismissive," toward Europe, Obama says.

But in Europe, he adds, "there is an anti-Americanism that is at once casual and divisive."

"On both sides of the Atlantic these attitudes have become all too common," the president continues. "They are not wise and do not represent the truth."

"America is changing, but it cannot be America alone that changes."
"history shows us that we can do improbable, sometimes impossible things."

"Now, we must not give up on one another. We must renew this relationship for a new generation. ... Together I'm confident that we can achieve the promise of a new day."

He's now going to take questions from the audience.

"My French and German are terrible," he admits, but there are translators in the audience.

The first person Obama calls on is from the U.S.

"I did not call on the American on purpose," he jokes.

The woman asks about what he expects his legacy as president will be.

After only two months in office, Obama says, “That's a daunting question.

My first task," he says, is to get the economy moving.”
“The richest nations must have a strategy that recognizes it is not just charity to assist the developing world in feeding children and combating poverty,” Obama says.

"If young men are standing idle ... and feel completely detached and removed from the modern world, they are more likely" to resort to terrorism, he adds.
Reference Here>>

President Barack Obama's biggest applause lines came from his affirmation of closing the Guantanamo detention center in Cuba, but one wonders how many of these Europeans would applaud if these detainees moved in next door to them?!

American leadership has been replaced with American celebrity here in Carter's Second Term.