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U.S. Government Closes Inquiry Into Altering Of Climate-Change Data

Cass Sunstein - In case you’re not familiar with Mr. Sunstein, he is a former Harvard law professor who is married to White House foreign policy adviser, Samantha Power. For his part, Cass prefers to pontificate on abstract legal issues such as whether poor people should have to pay for safe food and water. It would seem he operates in a world far removed from grain augurs and de-tasseling corn. Caption and Image Credit: Project On Government Oversight (POGO)

U.S. Government Closes Inquiry Into Altering Of Climate-Change Data

One of the main governmental powers that grant monies to scientific organizations so that they can study the effects of humans on the forces of the Earth and its processes, the United States, has decided to close its investigation of Michael Mann. Michael Mann, a Pennsylvania researcher who’s been a target of climate-change skeptics, was cleared of wrongdoing by U.S. investigators in the flap surrounding e-mails hacked from a U.K. university.

This excerpted and edited from Bloomberg -

Climate-Change Scientist Cleared in Closing of U.S. Data-Altering Inquiry

By Jim Efstathiou Jr. - Aug 22, 2011 4:44 PM PT

Finding no “evidence of research misconduct,” the Arlington, Virginia-based National Science Foundation closed its inquiry into Mann, according to an Aug. 15 report from the inspector general for the U.S. agency. Pennsylvania State University, where Mann is a professor of meteorology, exonerated him in February of suppressing or falsifying data, deleting e- mails and misusing privileged information.
The report confirms findings from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s inspector general and a separate panel of seven scientists based at universities in the U.K., U.S. and Switzerland. The University of East Anglia announced the committee. Ron Oxburgh, the former head of Shell Transport & Trading Plc and a member of the U.K. House of Lords, was chairman.
“It was a pretty definitive finding” that the charges “swirling around for over a year” were baseless, Mann said in an interview. “I was very pleased.”
The inquiries focused on the University of East Anglia’s climate-research unit, which stored the poached e-mails on its computer server. The university’s work contributed to some of the key findings of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has issued reports that blame rising temperatures on human activity.

E-mails to and from Mann were in the pilfered cache. One message by another scientist discussing Mann’s work spoke of a “trick” used in presenting data to smooth out year-to-year anomalies in climate-change information.

NOAA’s report, released in February, was requested by U.S. Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican who called the theory of man-made climate change a hoax. The report found no evidence of “manipulation of data.”
“To say that the scientists have been vindicated is oversimplifying the situation,” Matt Dempsey, a spokesman for Inhofe, said in an interview yesterday. “What was revealed as part of the Climategate scandal was deeply troubling and certainly a setback for climate science.”
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What appears to be even more troubling is that the control freaks on the progressive-left embedded in our bureaucracy, headed by Cass Sunstein in the Obama Administration, who want to regulate human behavior by regulating the gas we breath out (CO2) and ... DUST (yes, dust, seriously, which will have ramifications on your yard, the activity of farmers, National Parks, and The Burning Man) through the EPA, are a part of the same U.S.Government doing the investigation.

Call, we who do not trust an omni-powerful and progressive government, skeptical ... fine, but who is the U.S. Government anyway? We have a system that has devolved from serving the citizens to a ruling class enterprise that has a vested interest in creating winners and losers based upon the political control of its citizens.

This is the same U.S. Government that gave us our current economy through the creation of junk mortgages by setting up the Government backed mortgage banks of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Free mortgages to anyone with very little qualification or intention to pay, then turn a blind eye to opportunists who packaged groups of mortgages and sold them to foreign governments as land backed securities.

This is the same U.S. Government that has decided to add an additional 40+% to our overall national debt through spending agendas in only two and a half years in the name of keeping our employment rate below 8% and has NO ANSWER for the fact that it remains well over 9% for over a year.

This is the same U.S. Government that has seen fit to not operate with a published budget for well over 820 days and wonders why, that even though we had a congressional vote to increase the debt ceiling, it had a downgrade of its Triple A bond rating to Double A Plus.

Human based climate change is a mechanism by which those who pay for the evidence of it ... can control everyone on the planet. This is a case of the drug supplier investigating itself for a corruption in the activity and process, and finding nothing to get hung-up about.

Case Closed ... here in this totalitarian issue of a Carter's Second Term government!

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