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Barack Obama's 2012 New Year's Resolution(s) GOP Fundraiser

Image Credit: Edmund Jenks via (2011)

Barack Obama's 2012 New Year's Resolution(s) GOP Fundraiser

This morning, the Republican Party announced a fundraiser that had it's tongue planted in it's political cheek!

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus appeared on Fox News Channel soon after live video of the New Year's fireworks display from the bridge that spans across Sydney Harbor in Australia that signaled in 2012. Reince directed everyone to go to their computers and send a New Year's Resolution card from a GOP website ... but there was a catch, the resolution that one would be sending would be a proposed resolution that Barack Obama made with himself.

Image Credit: Edmund Jenks via (2011)

This excerpted and edited from -

RNC Releases New Year’s Resolution Cards

27 December 2011 - Posted by: Johanna Persing

The Republican National Committee (RNC) launched with New Year’s Resolution cards featuring President Obama and his liberal buddies:

“As Americans celebrate the holidays with their friends and families, they will have a chance to reflect on 2011 — most notably the failed leadership and reckless economic policies under President Obama and his Democrat friends,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

“So, we’ve launched with New Year’s Resolution cards that you can send to your friends and family reminding them of ways that Democrats could improve in 2012.

Image Credit: Edmund Jenks via (2011)

“We thought the president could work on a few things like his campaign slogan(s), the infamous ‘shovel ready projects’ and fulfilling the promises he made to the American people. For Senate Majority Leader Reid, we were hoping he could lead the Democrat Senate to pass a budget for the first time in nearly 1000 days. And, we hope President Obama’s own ‘Wall Street guy’ Jon Corzine can find the $1.2 billion dollars of clients’ money he gambled away.

“As we enter 2012, Republicans stand ready to tackle the enormous challenges this country faces. Americans can only hope President Obama and the Democrats will be ready to do the same.”
[Reference Here]

The Priebus premise, Barack sitting there pondering on what he could do better as President, is pretty good ... but the way the folks at the RNC put this together, frankly, could have been a little stronger and possibly a bit more humorous.


"I resolve to play only twenty-four rounds of Golf (2 per month) in 2012 as opposed to my 30 rounds per year average (90 rounds to date ... last one, yesterday in Hawaii) since taking office."

Surfing the website, one comes up with great fodder for proposed resolutions that not only have the sting of truth, but can play to the humor of ineptness this 44th Presidency has reined down on the American people.

For another example, a posting titled "The Big Fail - Obama By The Numbers" contained information that if developed in this way would make a great resolution for a Barack Obama card:

"I resolve to only ask that the debt ceiling be raised another 1.2 Trillion dollars for fiscal year 2012"

Image Credit: Edmund Jenks via (2011)

After reading most of what is contained in the "By The Numbers" posting (example excerpted below) ... THAT would be a laugh.

$15.1 Trillion:Current National Debt ($15,073,380,701,589.57). (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 12/6/11)

$9.1 Trillion:Amount Obama’s FY2012 Budget Would Add To The Debt Through FY2021. (OMB, 9/1/11)

$5.2 Trillion:Total Interest Payments On The National Debt Due To Obama’s Proposed Budget, FY2012-2021. (OMB, 9/1/11)

$4.4 Trillion:Added To The National Debt Since Obama Took Office. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 12/6/11)

$2.6 Trillion:True Cost Of ObamaCare Once Fully Implemented. (Office Of The Speaker Of The U.S. House Of Representatives, Report, 1/6/11)

$1.75 Trillion:Annual Cost Of Federal Regulations. (Small Business Administration, September 2010)

Sadly, John Boehner, the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, would give in to this 2012 New Year's Resolution for an increased debt ceiling from the President and Barack Obama would be the only one laughing here in the last year (hopefully) of Carter's Second Term.

Image Credit: Edmund Jenks via (2011)

Happy New Year!

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An American President's Christmas Message From America To All

An American President's Christmas Message From America To All

It may amaze one to ponder that only 30 years ago (December 23, 1981), a President of the United States felt it was his leadership duty to speak directly about the reason for the season and assure all, whether they believed in Christianity or not, that our country and its citizens were protected here as one, under "Faith and Freedom" ... regardless of belief or circumstance.

May God bless the memory of Ronald Reagan. A message as poignant and timeless in 1981 as it is here in 2011.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Official: Obama Abandons Caucasian Working-Class Voters For 2012

LinkPresident Barack Obama reaches to greet members of the audience after delivering remarks on the American Jobs Act at Manchester Central High School, Manchester, N.H., Nov. 22, 2011. Image Credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

It's Official: Obama Abandons Caucasian Working-Class Voters For 2012

In an article published in the UK Daily Mail, Democrat Political Party strategists reveal to the New York Times just why this coming election of 2012 will be the most divisive in modern American history. The Obama Administration will not seek to gain votes from all Americans as was the tradition of elections past.

The majority of working-class voters, by population demographics, are Caucasian, and polling shows that they have very little hope in their future prospects with a second term of a Barack Obama presidency (unless they belong to a labor Union, where folks do not have any control over dues funded political donations).

This election will become the most divisive because it will be the liberal (MSM) media's charter to publish articles that are designed to dishearten (demonize) the white working-class voters so they will feel they are in the minority and become less inclined to show up and vote in November 2012. With a $Billion dollar campaign war chest and control of of our tax base through Federal Government bureaucracies, Barack Obama will have plenty to shower upon those groups he feels that will get him re-elected to a second term.

Abandoned: President Barack Obama has been focusing on Hispanic voters and educated whites instead of working-class white Americans. Image Credit: UK Daily Mail

This excerpted and edited from the UK Daily Mail -

Obama campaign abandons white working-class voters in favor of minorities and the educated

By Daily Mail Reporter - Last updated at 5:04 PM on 28th November 2011

President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign will be the first in modern political history to abandon white working-class voters, strategists claim.

For decades, Democrats have been losing more and more blue collar whites. Their alienation helped lead to the massive Republican wave in 2010, when the GOP wooed 30 percent more of them than the Democrats could.

Democratic strategists say President Obama is focusing his attention, instead, on poor black and Hispanic voters and educated white professionals.

All pretense of trying to win a majority of the white working class has been effectively jettisoned in favor of cementing a center-left coalition made up, on the one hand, of voters who have gotten ahead on the basis of educational attainment... and a second, substantial constituency of lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic,' longtime political reporter Thomas B. Edsall wrote in an opinion piece in the New York Times.

'The 2012 approach treats white voters without college degrees as an unattainable cohort,' he writes later.
Ruy Teixeira, a strategist at the liberal Center for American Progress, wrote in 1995 that if President Clinton couldn't win white blue collar workers, his re-election bid would be doomed.

Fast forward 15 years and Tiexeria has made an about-face: 'The Republican Party has become the party of the white working class,' he told the New York Times recently.

However, he warns that losing whites without college degrees altogether would be disastrous. There simply are not enough college-educated whites, Hispanics and blacks who will make a Democratic majority.
Instead, as two Democratic strategists lay out, the president's 2012 re-election campaign will likely rely on winning over new 'young people, Hispanics, unmarried women and affluent suburbanites.'

This means President Obama is leaving aside industrial states like Ohio and Indiana, both of which he won in 2008. Instead, he is courting states like North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire and Colorado. All of those states have large populations of well-educated, white collar white professionals.

States like Ohio and Indiana, which President Obama claimed in 2008, are likely out of the question in 2012, strategists say, because they have fewer minorities and more blue collar white workers.

[Reference Here]

So basically, the re-elect Barack Obama 2012 campaign will repaint the political electoral map of the United States not as Red States (GOP) and Blue States (DNC) but as Black States and White States here during Carter's Second Term!

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The Fast & Furious Presidency Here During Carter's Second Term

Banner graphics of the Fast & Furious display as they appear at Universal Studios, Hollywood. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2011)

The Fast & Furious Presidency Here During Carter's Second Term

Fast & Furious is kind of a "Branding" of the Barack Obama regime.

Fast & Furious doesn't exclusively relate to a crazy, progressive-political scheme carried out by a misguided but, ideologically pure 44th Presidency to erode the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The idea, by the Obama Administration to use with Congress and the American people, was to prove that easy access to weapons by Mexican citizens across the Northern border in the United States was the reason for so many deaths of Mexican citizens by Mexican drug cartels. Problem was that Eric Holder's Department of Justice (DOJ) was having trouble finding easy statistics to buttress their contention, so the DOJ (through its enforcement arm - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives - ATF) decided to supply/feed about 2,000 plus assault rifles and high-powered weapons directly to known contacts associated with the Mexican drug cartels so they had serial numbers by which they could trace weapons that "walked" across the border and prove their assertion.

The operation code named Fast & Furious was to develop information on loose weapons sales so that the Obama Administration could make the case to restrict the sale of weapons and reduce the strength of the guarantees put forth by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution ... the Right for citizens to bear (own) arms. Sadly, a Federal agent was gunned down and killed with a known Fast & Furious assault weapon. Ten Arizona Sheriffs (elected as Democrats and Republicans) held a news conference this week stating that they feel Attorney General Eric Holder should step down or be fired because they, the Sheriffs, no longer have confidence in the DOJ with Holder as its leader.

Given the recent release of White House communication email memos out of Washington DC, combine with the history of the way this Executive Branch likes to operate ... Fast & Furious could actually be a name given to the way a failed Presidency operates.

Take the recent disclosures about the way Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturing plant and a visible cog in the Obama Administration's "Green Economy" agenda, received over a half a billion dollars of Federal Government venture capital style taxpayer money in the face of many red flags that would point against such a large, irresponsible, and risky move - Fast & Furious!

Fast & Furious banner graphics as they appear at Universal Studios, Hollywood. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2011)

This excerpted and edited from Politico -

2010 email on Solyndra: 'Bad days are coming'

Top White House advisers and OMB career staffers worried about the political risks from President Barack Obama's Solyndra 2010 visit and also discussed deeper management programs inside the Energy Department's loan guarantee program, according to more than a dozen internal email threads released Tuesday by House Democrats.

"There is an inherent risk in highlighting a single company before they have a track record," Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Obama, wrote to Ronald Klain, Vice President Joe Biden's chief of staff, on May 24, 2010.

"Or even after they have one :-)" Klain replied in a colorful exchange that came just two days before the president's oft-quoted speech at the solar company's Bay Area headquarters.

In another newly released email, an unnamed Office of Management and Budget official responds to a colleague's concern that Obama's visit to Solyndra "could prove embarrassing to the administration in the not too distant future" because of the California company’s problematic finances.

"A cautionary note," the OMB staffer replied on May 25, 2010. "This is a classic problem with startups, but we have to be careful what POTUS says."

The Klain-Jarrett email exchange and the comments from the OMB official underscore how top Obama aides were well aware of the risks they were taking in sending the president to California to speak at Solyndra.

Obama's remarks have been haunting the White House for months, growing only larger after the company went bankrupt last month and FBI agents opened an investigation into Solyndra alongside the Energy Department's inspector general.
The emails released Tuesday also include a series of exchanges among career OMB officials raising red flags over how DOE was handling Solyndra’s application, as well as the overall loan guarantee program.

"What's terrifying is that after looking at some of the ones that came next, this one started to look better," an unnamed OMB staffer wrote to a colleague on April 2, 2010. "Bad days are coming."

"That's one heckuva day," the OMB colleague replies.

The OMB officials also homed in on PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s independent audit of Solyndra, which contradicted assurances they’d been hearing about the company from DOE officials.

"DOE ... has one loan to monitor and they seem completely oblivious to this issue — and to make it worse it was the key thing I said they needed to watch," one OMB staffer wrote.

"Possible to close and default on one before closing on a second??? Could be a new record," added another OMB staffer.

Heeding calls from Congress, Energy Secretary Steven Chu took aim at government red tape on loan guarantees when he arrived in early 2009, clashing often with DOE’s general counsel, OMB Linkand the Treasury Department.
"They got them before we did," Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) told POLITICO on Tuesday. "Obviously I think the administration wanted to spin what they felt was an embarrassing situation. Unfortunately for them, it highlighted the problem more than they thought they could spin it."
[Reference Here].

Fast & Furious!

One only has to look at the way this 44th Presidency has chosen to make executive decisions and spread the executive power around, not only to the official group of traditional advisers, the Presidents Cabinet, but throughout its bureaucracy of about 33 Czar appointments and bureaucratic figureheads.
The legislative agenda over these last two years and eight months have given the U.S. citizens a bunch of new debt and regulations that would make even the most detailed policy wonk's head spin.

In the first couple of months alone the Obama Administration was able to pass the 865 billion dollar Stimulus spending bill and quickly thereafter the 410 billion dollar Omnibus Federal Government 2009 funding bill without floor debate or much committee oversight - Fast & Furious!

A year later, President Barack Obama signed into law the CBO rated 1.2 trillion dollar ObamaCare bill, again, without floor debate or much committee oversight. Nancy Pelosi stated that Congress would have to pass the bill and have it signed into law so that everyone could find out what is in it. In May 2010, soon after the bill was signed into law had the CBO revise its projection - The Congressional Budget Office released an analysis of discretionary spending in the law, and found that those costs will “probably exceed” $115 billion over 10 years. At a stroke, this finding erased almost all of ObamaCare’s $143 billion in budget savings based off rushed, incomplete CBO projections given just before the decisive House vote in March 2010 (additional problems with ObamaCare). - Fast & Furious!

Just this past month, the CATO Institute discovered another unaccounted for cost of ObamaCare that could account for another 500 billion dollars of cost over the next ten years. The official budget forecasts ignored the cost of insuring many employees’ spouses and children, according to a new analysis. The result could cost the U.S. Treasury 50 billion dollars a year during the first ten years of the new health care law’s implementation - Fast & Furious!

Obama's rash of new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations could knock down the energy supply by 10%. Currently, the EPA is leading the Obama administration’s Cap and Trade assault on coal with a number of new regulations. Two of the most important are the “transport rule” and the “toxics rule” (Utility MACT). Combined, these regulations will systematically reduce access to affordable and reliable energy - Fast & Furious!

General Motors drives to meet the Federal Government's 2016 35.5 mpg average CAFE standards with the new Chevy Sonic. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2011)

The Obama Administration takes over two of three major automobile manufacturing operations based in the United States. General Motors and Chrysler are taken over by the Federal Government and pushes share holders aside (and devalues their investment) to assign a part of the ownership of these corporations to Labor Unions. Further, the Obama Administration issues new, aggressive CAFE standards (the largest mandatory fuel economy increase in history) and has GM push up the VOLT electric-powered car release date with a sales projection of 10,000 units in the first year (2011) ... actual sales (with a $3,700 discount and no corporate federal taxes because they are still owned by the U.S. Govt.) for the transpired 9 months of 12? ... only 3,895 units as of the end of September 2011. In the month of September alone, the company sold just 723 Volts and a major percentage of the 2011 total sales are being used by dealerships to market the lower cost, 42 mpg Chevy Cruze as per Mark Reuss, GM President North America - Fast & Furious!

We could go on and on with the many failures in Obamanomics, employment, and the values wrapped up in receiving the Nobel Peace Prize early in his Presidency and never end the examples upon which Fast & Furious becomes the best branding of the operating style and effectiveness of this 44th Presidency of the United States.

We are not experiencing Carter's Second Term as many dubbed the Obama Presidency going into the first year back in 2009, we are experiencing the "Fast & Furious Presidency" ... the one-term Executive Branch of Barack Hussein Obama!

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99% Is About The Democrat Party's Attempt To Create A 3rd Party For Chaos

A computer program hacker organization, Anonymous 99, introduces their plan to ‘engage in a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience’ to fight back against crime by banks and government agencies when they announced an upcoming ‘Operation Empire State Rebellion’. A99 [ctrl-click image for intro video] also voiced support of the Day Of Rage/Occupy Wall Street protests along with Wall Street Billionaire George Soros, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaregosa, and the 44th President of the United States - Barack Obama. Image Credit:

99% Is About The Democrat Party's Attempt To Create A 3rd Party For Chaos

The Occupy Movement is a put-up job of the Democrat Political Party and their supporters in the Labor Union and government employee's empire used by the "ruling class". Do not be fooled by this video, recently released by the group known originally to be computer hackers that have organized under the name, or banner, Anonymous 99. They describe that this name evolves from their statistic that 1% of the people on Earth control all of the wealth - this leaves 99% of the people on Earth under the control of this 1% and this needs to change. Their message is basically appealing until one strips away the onion that is the true agenda of Anonymous 99.

The word came out yesterday that George Soros, the man who just broke into the Forbes Top 10 richest people list by making only 7.8 Billion dollars this last year, is funding the Occupy Movement which is also promoted by Anonymous 99. He, Soros ... a capitalist, really doesn't want these people to be able to collapse the system as Anonymous 99 proclaims in this video, but ... he wants the power to be able to control more people and their actions (just as in the 2008 presidential elections). The one who pays - plays!

The whole of the "Occupy Movement/Occupy Wall Street/Occupy LA Protest" is nothing more than an attempt by union organizations (SEIU and Stephen Lerner | WGA | AFL-CIO | & etc.) to have people (useful idiots/students who owe money) turn against having our system of personal freedom, rule-of-law, and Bill-Of- Rights backed by the Constitution of the United States actually work. Our current leadership of the 44th Presidency, Leaders in Congress, and Union Leadership in our country are the people who currently do not enforce having our system of personal freedom, rule-of-law, and Bill-Of- Rights backed by the Constitution of the United States actually work and, in many cases, are operating in a lawless and irresponsible manner (re. Fast & Furious | Solyndra | General Electric | >>). If one were to Google Stephen Lerner, one might be surprised that this activity was originally scheduled for May but the protests in Wisconsin got in the way of the larger objective.

The Tea Party Movement is the best vehicle upon which Americans who wish to ensure that personal freedom, the rule-of-law, the Bill-Of-Rights, and the Constitution of the United States are put back in place as the governing priciples to maintain our society.

Americans, Do not be duped into joining a 3rd Political Party. The Democrats are going to lose and would love nothing more than to have a third party dilute the progress made by the citizens of this country working, within the order that exists, to bring about the gains realized in the 2010 elections. The elections in the last election cycle helped to curb the power of even the leadership in the Republican Political Party who identify themselves with the "ruling class".

The next election cycle, if pursued correctly by citizens of all stripes, can have the effect of the people gaining back the reins of power from "ruling class" Republicans, Democrats, and the structure that had been grown to perpetuate their re-election through taxpayer money used in financial industry bailouts, green energy venture capital operations of the Executive Branch, Government takeovers of companies in major manufacturing sectors and assigning a percentage of ownership to private sector labor unions, all public sector union contracts (and the dues money to fuel campaigns), and community organizing operations subsidized, again, with taxpayer money.

Get involved in activities that allow for a studied vetting of candidates that have them working to stand for the American system of personal freedom, rule-of-law, and Bill-Of- Rights backed by the Constitution of the United States.

About the only thing we know for sure, through observation about a connection between the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and Anonymous 99, is that 99% of the people protesting with shouts of "We Are The 99%" are non-anonymous white people (because we can see them) who seem to support progressive/socialist/anarchist/Obamaist policies and owe a ton of money in student loans to the banks and financial institutions they are protesting.

All the while the MSM tries to sell Americans (the readers) that this is going "mainstream" and accepted by the average citizen here during Carter's Second Term.

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Obama Job Speech Viewership Off By Over 25% - Down 11 Million

President Barack Obama outlines the details of the American Jobs Act during an address to a Joint Session of Congress in the House Chamber of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Sept. 8, 2011. Image Credit: Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

Obama Job Speech Viewership Off By Over 25% - Down 11 Million

President Barack Obama calls for a speech in front of a joint session of Congress (both the House of Representatives and members of the Senate in attendance - 535 members) in order to stem the tide of failure of his 44th Presidency. The only problem is that every one in the room (and apparently outside the room as well) knew that this President had nothing else new to add.

After asking for, and getting an increase in Government spending (read that as taxpayer funded borrowing) of about 2.5 Trillion dollars that included ObamaCare, Stimulus, Omnibus, with the corporate takeovers of General Motors and Chrysler ... then fighting for, and getting an increase in the Debt Ceiling by another 2.5 Trillion Dollars earlier this summer ... this President had the gall to ask Congress to grant him another 1/2 Trillion Dollars of "Jobs" spending (read this as "son of stimulus"). He not only asked for this spending, he insisted on it saying "Pass This Bill" 17 (seventeen) times throughout his speech.

Fewer citizens than ever are buying what this most progressive and most divisive Chief Executive our country has ever elected has to say. Most citizens know why and it is simple ... this President got voted into office on fiscal prudence, no earmarks, transparency in the processes of law and bill creation (72 hour internet posting of all proposed bills before any vote), and unity ... with not one promise pursued once this man took office on January 20, 2009.

President Barack Obama watches a monitor in House Speaker John Boehner’s Ceremonial Office at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., before addressing a Joint Session of Congress on jobs and the economy, Sept. 8, 2011. Image Credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Gotta' love the way the mainstream outlet of USA Today spins the reduced numbers of the viewing audience with this following excerpted and edited article -

Obama's jobs speech draws 31.4M viewers
By David Jackson, USA TODAY

The Nielsen ratings people are reporting that 31.4 million television viewers watched President Obama's jobs speech on Thursday evening.

That is more than 10 million less viewers than for Obama's State of the Union addresses, and other major speeches.

Other Obama speeches have been delivered in prime time; the jobs speech was at 7 p.m., after negotiations with Congress and concerns about bumping into the opening game of the National Football League season.
Obama's State of the Union address in January drew 42.8 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

By contrast, Obama's March address on military action in Libya had on 25.6 million TV viewers.

Obama's most watched speech: His May 1 announcement about the death of Osama bin Laden, seen by 56.5 million television viewers.
[Reference Here]

The most watched televised speech that President Barack Obama delivered was the announcement that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was tracked down and killed. An effort he appropriately claimed that he green-lighted, but played up the fanfare (and released way to many mission details) as if he should have the major share of the credit.

This nation had been looking for "UBL" for nearly 15 years (Clinton, Bush, and Obama presidencies) with the last 10 having the intent on ending his life. This Chief Executive was the man that happened to be the one on the watch and we are thankful he did not stand in the way of a mission accomplished.

Obama's foray as Commander-In-Chief in directing our troops into harm's way, on the other hand, had its vote by the citizens with his lowest viewership ratings.

Why can not USA Today (as well as other mainstream media outlets) be more honest in the way it reports the viewership numbers here during Carter's Second Term?

We'd love to see a headline like this:

Obama's jobs speech suffers a viewership downgrade on the heels of a U.S. Credit Rating downgrade

O-U-C-H! - This has not been a very successful third summer of the 44th Presidency of the United States.

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U.S. Government Closes Inquiry Into Altering Of Climate-Change Data

Cass Sunstein - In case you’re not familiar with Mr. Sunstein, he is a former Harvard law professor who is married to White House foreign policy adviser, Samantha Power. For his part, Cass prefers to pontificate on abstract legal issues such as whether poor people should have to pay for safe food and water. It would seem he operates in a world far removed from grain augurs and de-tasseling corn. Caption and Image Credit: Project On Government Oversight (POGO)

U.S. Government Closes Inquiry Into Altering Of Climate-Change Data

One of the main governmental powers that grant monies to scientific organizations so that they can study the effects of humans on the forces of the Earth and its processes, the United States, has decided to close its investigation of Michael Mann. Michael Mann, a Pennsylvania researcher who’s been a target of climate-change skeptics, was cleared of wrongdoing by U.S. investigators in the flap surrounding e-mails hacked from a U.K. university.

This excerpted and edited from Bloomberg -

Climate-Change Scientist Cleared in Closing of U.S. Data-Altering Inquiry

By Jim Efstathiou Jr. - Aug 22, 2011 4:44 PM PT

Finding no “evidence of research misconduct,” the Arlington, Virginia-based National Science Foundation closed its inquiry into Mann, according to an Aug. 15 report from the inspector general for the U.S. agency. Pennsylvania State University, where Mann is a professor of meteorology, exonerated him in February of suppressing or falsifying data, deleting e- mails and misusing privileged information.
The report confirms findings from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s inspector general and a separate panel of seven scientists based at universities in the U.K., U.S. and Switzerland. The University of East Anglia announced the committee. Ron Oxburgh, the former head of Shell Transport & Trading Plc and a member of the U.K. House of Lords, was chairman.
“It was a pretty definitive finding” that the charges “swirling around for over a year” were baseless, Mann said in an interview. “I was very pleased.”
The inquiries focused on the University of East Anglia’s climate-research unit, which stored the poached e-mails on its computer server. The university’s work contributed to some of the key findings of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has issued reports that blame rising temperatures on human activity.

E-mails to and from Mann were in the pilfered cache. One message by another scientist discussing Mann’s work spoke of a “trick” used in presenting data to smooth out year-to-year anomalies in climate-change information.

NOAA’s report, released in February, was requested by U.S. Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican who called the theory of man-made climate change a hoax. The report found no evidence of “manipulation of data.”
“To say that the scientists have been vindicated is oversimplifying the situation,” Matt Dempsey, a spokesman for Inhofe, said in an interview yesterday. “What was revealed as part of the Climategate scandal was deeply troubling and certainly a setback for climate science.”
[Reference Here]

What appears to be even more troubling is that the control freaks on the progressive-left embedded in our bureaucracy, headed by Cass Sunstein in the Obama Administration, who want to regulate human behavior by regulating the gas we breath out (CO2) and ... DUST (yes, dust, seriously, which will have ramifications on your yard, the activity of farmers, National Parks, and The Burning Man) through the EPA, are a part of the same U.S.Government doing the investigation.

Call, we who do not trust an omni-powerful and progressive government, skeptical ... fine, but who is the U.S. Government anyway? We have a system that has devolved from serving the citizens to a ruling class enterprise that has a vested interest in creating winners and losers based upon the political control of its citizens.

This is the same U.S. Government that gave us our current economy through the creation of junk mortgages by setting up the Government backed mortgage banks of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Free mortgages to anyone with very little qualification or intention to pay, then turn a blind eye to opportunists who packaged groups of mortgages and sold them to foreign governments as land backed securities.

This is the same U.S. Government that has decided to add an additional 40+% to our overall national debt through spending agendas in only two and a half years in the name of keeping our employment rate below 8% and has NO ANSWER for the fact that it remains well over 9% for over a year.

This is the same U.S. Government that has seen fit to not operate with a published budget for well over 820 days and wonders why, that even though we had a congressional vote to increase the debt ceiling, it had a downgrade of its Triple A bond rating to Double A Plus.

Human based climate change is a mechanism by which those who pay for the evidence of it ... can control everyone on the planet. This is a case of the drug supplier investigating itself for a corruption in the activity and process, and finding nothing to get hung-up about.

Case Closed ... here in this totalitarian issue of a Carter's Second Term government!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Unemployment In Barack Obama's Economy - The Masters Of Disaster

President Obama addresses the need to reduce the nation’s deficit while creating jobs across the country and wishes Americans a happy Fourth of July. Image Credit:

Unemployment In Barack Obama's Economy - The Masters Of Disaster

Today, the government's reporting of the June 2011 unemployment numbers came out. As always, the mainstream media, who blatantly support our current political leadership, reports these numbers out as ... unexpected, well below economists' expectations, a continuing "soft patch", and a disappointing downturn.

The fact of the matter is that this jobs report of only 18,000 new jobs created in an economy where just to keep up with population increases needs to add 150,000 per month and to start to recover back to the levels of unemployment set to before this economic downturn (and get it back within five years) of 350,000 jobs in the private sector per month. Of course the government constantly under reports these numbers so it could be less than the 18,000. The growth of 54,000 jobs previously reported for May 2011 was revised down today to just 25,000. Using this habit of softening the ugly blow of FAILURE through under-reporting, the numbers released today may be revised even more downward to about 8,500 or so.

In the first ever Twitter Town Hall at the White House, President Obama answers your questions (of 140 characters or less) on jobs and the economy and asks for your feedback on reducing the deficit. Image Credit:

This excerpted and edited from The Los Angeles Times -

Dismal jobs report shows unemployment rising to 9.2%
July 8, 2011 | 6:19 am

The U.S. employment picture went from bad to ugly last month as employers added almost no new net jobs and the unemployment rate edged up for the third straight month, to 9.2%.

The report Friday from the Labor Department is sure to be a huge disappointment and will raise fresh questions about the sustainability of the recovery, now technically starting its third year.

Analysts had raised their job-growth forecasts for June to 100,000 or more in recent days, hopeful of a rebound after surprisingly few job gains in May, which many attributed to temporary factors such as Japan's earthquake and the spike in oil prices.
The unemployment rate, meanwhile, ticked up to 9.2 from 9.1% in the previous month and this year’s low of 8.8% in March. Many thousands of people in June dropped out of the labor force, some presumably because of the discouraging outlook.

Friday’s jobs report was remarkable in that there was nothing positive in it.
Even for those with jobs in June, there was bad news. The average weekly work hours declined by 0.1 to 34.3. And the average hourly earnings for all private-sector employees dropped by one cent to $22.99.

"It's just an across-the-board retreat," said Heidi Shierholz, a labor economist at the Economic Policy Institute. So bad was the report, she found it hard to describe it and its portent for the future. "This is two months of really scary reports."
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Of course, Obama adviser David Plouffe said that two days before the June jobs report was released that economists anticipate 100,000 or 125,000 jobs to be added that month. After hearing the 18,000 number, Plouffe claimed (as quoted by Bloomberg), "The average American does not view the economy through the prism of GDP or unemployment rates or even month jobs numbers."

"People won't vote based on the unemployment rate, they're going to vote based on: 'How do I feel about my own situation? Do I believe the president makes decisions based on me and my family'," Plouffe continued.

Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said in a recent interview on Bloomberg TV, “We want to be for any policies that are going to help incentivize and stand up the private sector to drive the recovery.”

I have a suggestion to Masters Goolsbee, Obama, and Plouffe, why don't we get the weight of the Government to "Stand Down" so that the private sector can "Stand Up" and begin to create the recovery from the overbearing socialist agenda this 44th Presidency has implemented since taking office Jan. 20, 2009.

Barack Obama, David Plouffe, and Austin Goolsbee are just the beginning in the naming of the economic masters of disaster in this era of United States economic failure here in Carter's Second Term.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In Iowa, Barack Obama Ups His Game

President Barack Obama talks with patrons during a stop for lunch at Ross’ Restaurant in Bettendorf, June 28, 2011. Image Credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

In Iowa, Barack Obama Ups His Game

This week saw the President of the United States travel to Iowa for a fund raiser over the same time period the loyal opposition of the Republican party were campaigning to become the choice of the American people to unseat him.

Barack Obama scheduled this manufacturing plant speech for his run to get re-elected over the same time he is wanting to up the nations debt ceiling so that he, and the Democrat party can saddle the American citizenry with more Government spending and debt.

In the speech he came to Iowa to deliver, he made this statement, "You [Alcoa Davenport Works] had to up your game. And that’s what we’ve got to do as a country as a whole."

Before Barack Obama admonished the people of the United States for not playing hard enough and taking their life situations seriously enough, he showed his commitment to his wife's agenda for all Americans to eat healthier by dropping by for lunch at Ross’ Restaurant in Bettendorf.

My Plate replaces the food pyramid as the symbol of Government guidance on eating. Image Credit:

This excerpted and edited from the Des Moines Register -

Obama makes good on promise to stop at Iowa diner
Des Moines Register - 1:47 PM, Jun 28, 2011
By Ed Tibbetts, Quad-City Times

The president then made good on a 2008 campaign promise today, making a quick stop at Ross’ Restaurant in Bettendorf. The diner is off Interstate-74 on the way to Alcoa, which is in nearby Riverdale.

Three years ago, Obama talked with an owner, Cynthia Freidhof, at a town hall meeting, in August, 2008, and pledged to come here.
“You are so awesome,” Cynthia told the president as they hugged.

The president explained what had happened at the town hall, and that he’d been told about the Magic Mountain.
The president ordered four Magic Mountains and two Volcanoes. A Magic Mountain has grilled loose meat hamburger on texas toast, covered with french frieds and cheese sauce. Topped with onions, which is called a “snowcap on the mountain.” It becomes a volcanoe by adding chili on the top.

“I think he’s a man of his word, always, and he’s doing the very best job that he can and I just can’t believe he’s here, but it’s real,” Freidhof said.

The president challenged the press with him to eat a Magic Mountain, saying he’d buy it if they ate it. (I’m not sure if anyone took him up on it). The president said the orders he placed were for people on the plane [as if!] .
[Reference Here]

So the President upped his game on eating poorly (or just feeding his staff poorly) in Iowa against the lecturing of his wife's, Michelle, My Plate Campaign upon which the USDA invested over $2,000,000 on the website alone. One has to ask themselves, why did we throw away the food pyramid in favor of a multi-million dollar USDA eat healthy campaign just to have it officially ignored by the people who choose to shove this agenda down our throats? ... all the while being admonished and told to "UP OUR GAME".

Two words:

Up Yours!

Oh! ... and stop (EPA up 125% alone since Obama took office in 2009), STOP spending our money.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Barack Obama Economy - Greece-ing Our Skids

President Barack Obama delivers remarks during the Official Arrival Ceremony for Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany on the South Lawn of the White House, June 7, 2011. Image Credit: Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

The Barack Obama Economy - Greece-ing Our Skids

Yesterday, the United States stock market dropped about 1.5% on fears of extreme unrest in Greece on the news that the citizens there, who have lived in an entitlement/socialist society for decades, have nearly bankrupted the country and can no longer receive the supports to their lifestyles they were accustomed to.

Greece is struggling with a nearly half a trillion dollar debt load, and is working to avoid having to restructure, or worse, default on its debt. However, the Greek public has protested deep spending cuts and austerity measures to save their economy, and plans to privatize government-held entities have fallen far short of the necessary capital requirements.

Last week, President Barack Obama met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and one of the issues they discused was this ongoing problem of the Greecian economy. Greece has already received $161 billion in European bailout assistance, largely orchestrated by Merkel. Now, European finance ministers and international lenders are working on a second round, on the order of an additional $1l7 billion to $146 billion.

After his meeting with Merkel, Obama said the U.S. would participate in the bailout on condition that Germany takes the lead. In a sense, as the largest contributor to the International Monetary Fund, the United States is already participating.

This excerpted and edited from CNBC's -

US is in even worse shape financially than Greece: Gross - Published on Tue, Jun 14, 2011

When adding in all of the money owed to cover future liabilities in entitlement programs the US is actually in worse financial shape than Greece and other debt-laden European countries, Pimco`s Bill Gross told CNBC Monday.

Much of the public focus is on the nation`s public debt, which is USD 14.3 trillion. But that doesn`t include money guaranteed for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, which comes to close to USD 50 trillion, according to government figures.

The government also is on the hook for other debts such as the programs related to the bailout of the financial system following the crisis of 2008 and 2009, government figures show.

Taken together, Gross puts the total at "nearly USD 100 trillion," that while perhaps a bit on the high side, places the country in a highly unenviable fiscal position that he said won`t find a solution overnight.
Should the debt problem in Greece explode into a full-blown crisis-an International Monetary Fund bailout has prevented a full-scale meltdown so far-Gross predicted that German debt, not that of the US, would be the safe-haven of choice for global investors.
[Reference Here]

Question: Why are we bailing out Greece when we should be bailing out ... ourselves?

This is not the time to approve an increase the debt ceiling as the President insists on having the Congress and the Senate agree with him to do. Our country is already way too much in debt on un-funded liabilities alone.

It's time to hit the spending brakes, right now during Carter's Second Term, and stop this skid into Government entitlement oblivion.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mitt Romney And The Era Of Jimmy Carter

Stagflation, the worst of both worlds (anemic economic growth and high inflation) brings back less than fond memories of the 1970's, along with the misery index, which is calculated adding the inflation rate to the unemployment rate. Until the 1960's, Keynesian economists had thought that those two economic events couldn't happen at the same time. Image Credit: Copyright Free via

Mitt Romney And The Era Of Jimmy Carter

Welcome home to the era of Jimmy Carter as experienced here in Los Angeles and the rest of the nation. Half of our population never lived through the era and presidency of Jimmy Carter - where inflation and recession existed side-by-side which, in economic theory anyway, is not supposed to happen on the "Bell Curve". Where long lines of 30 or more cars formed around the street corners of gas stations and the ODD, EVEN gas rationing plan in Los Angeles was implemented because our supplies at the pump were allowed to become constrained.

Today, the unemployment numbers were just released and we are looking at a second summer where a double dip recession is a real possibility. A 9.1% unemployment rate was just announced for this last month (May 2011) and we know that this number will be adjusted upward as virtually all numbers released during this 44th Presidency have been manipulated to the media. Meanwhile, fuel prices fluctuate, policies get implemented without warning, and this Executive Branch leads with a high level uncertainty that promotes a sense of instability further antagonizing the fragility of our economic environment.

The Obama Administration, Democrat, and Republican ruling class leadership continue tell anyone that is in earshot that our best days are behind us and ask that we sacrifice any income to devote toward additional taxation. All the while, trillion dollar spending appropriations are passed, and 100 billions of dollars takeovers of large segments of our corporate manufacturing marketplace are made, kicking investors to the back of the line on the recognition of their ownership stake (possibly against American business law statutes) and turning these enterprises over to a shared control with employee unions ... who give dues money back to these politicians to finance their re-election campaigns.

This week in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney announced his candidacy to become the 45th President of the United States and unseat this current regime. We, at Carter's Second Term, would become excited but one has to ask ... where has Mitt been over these last two and a half years, to lead the push back, when we all have had to endure leadership without debate, transparency, capitalism, and an attitude of service to the freedom-loving people who are the nation (not the ruling class that think the Government exists to serve them).

Mitt Romney announces he is running for president, Thursday, June 2, 2011, during a campaign event at Bittersweet Farm in Stratham, N.H.. Image Credit: FNC

This excerpted and edited from -

Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign Announcement Speech

June 2, 2011, Stratham, New Hampshire, Remarks As Prepared For Delivery #mitt2012

Thank you for coming. And I want to thank Doug and Stella Scamman for hosting us on their beautiful farm.

You know, everyone here today can tell a different story. We have different backgrounds and we wake up in the morning and go to different jobs … or, look for different jobs. We go to different churches or maybe don't go to church so much. I bet some of you have families who go back 200 years or more in New Hampshire. And there must be some who just snuck in across the border, from Massachusetts. I hear the taxes are better over here.

But here we are on a beautiful June day coming together to begin a process that we often, quite naturally, take for granted. But it is really one of the great achievements in the history of the world. For all of our country’s wealth and influence, those are not the source of our greatness. The true strength of America is self-rule, and a government that answers to a free and independent people.

We live in the most powerful nation that ever existed. And it all goes back to a few men and women who had the courage to stand - and even die - for their belief in liberty and equality. Because of their vision, the United States of America is not ruled by a monarchy or controlled by an aristocracy. Though sometimes folks in Washington might act otherwise, we don't have a House of Lords with inherited power. And as the Red Sox like to remind the New York Yankees, there are no dynasties in America.

Who rules this great nation?

You do. Every four years you decide who will give that State of the Union address, who will set the course of the country, who will be Commander in Chief.
A few years ago, Americans did something that was, actually, very much the sort of thing Americans like to do: We gave someone new a chance to lead; someone we hadn't known for very long, who didn't have much of a record but promised to lead us to a better place.

At the time, we didn't know what sort of a President he would make. It was a moment of crisis for our economy, and when Barack Obama came to office, we wished him well and hoped for the best.

Now, in the third year of his four-year term, we have more than promises and slogans to go by.

Barack Obama has failed America.

When he took office, the economy was in recession. He made it worse. And he made it last longer.

Three years later, over 16 million Americans are out of work or have just quit looking. Millions more are underemployed.

Three years later, unemployment is still above 8%, a figure he said his stimulus would keep from happening.

Three years later, foreclosures are still at record levels.

Three years later the prices of homes continue to fall.

Three years later, our national debt has grown nearly as large as our entire economy.

Families are buried under higher prices for food and higher prices for gasoline.

It breaks my heart to see what’s happening in this country.

These failing hopes make up President Obama’s own misery index. It’s never been higher. And what’s his answer? He says this: “I’m just getting started.”
President Obama sees a different America and has taken us in a different direction.

A few months into office, he travelled around the globe to apologize for America.

At a time of historic change and great opportunity in the Arab world, he is hesitant and uncertain. He hesitated to speak out for the dissidents in Iran, but his Administration boasts that he is “leading from behind” in Libya.

He speaks with firmness and clarity, however, when it comes to Israel. He seems firmly and clearly determined to undermine our longtime friend and ally. He’s treating Israel the same way so many European countries have: with suspicion, distrust and an assumption that Israel is at fault.
With the economy in crisis, his answer is to borrow money we can't afford and throw it at Washington bureaucrats and politicians. Just like Europe.

Instead of encouraging entrepreneurs and employers, he raises their taxes, piles on record-breaking mounds of regulation and bureaucracy and gives more power to union bosses.

Instead of recognizing the states rightful authority to solve problems, he seizes power from them and rams through a disastrous national health care plan.

This President's first answer to every problem is to take power from you, your local government and your state so that so-called “experts" in Washington can make those choices for you. And with each of these decisions, we lose more of our freedom.
President Obama’s European answers are not the right solution to America’s challenges.

In the campaign to come, the American ideals of economic freedom and opportunity need a clear and unapologetic defense, and I intend to make it—because I have lived it.
Government under President Obama has grown to consume almost 40% of our economy. We are only inches away from ceasing to be a free market economy. I will cap federal spending at 20% or less of the GDP and finally, finally balance the budget.
I will insist that Washington learns to respect the Constitution, including the 10th Amendment. We will return responsibility and authority to the states for dozens of government programs – and that begins with a complete repeal of Obamacare.

From my first day in office my number one job will be to see that America once again is number one in job creation. You know, if you want to create jobs, it helps to have had a job. I will make business taxes competitive with other nations, modernize regulations and bureaucracy and finally promote America’s trade interests. It’s time for a president who cares more about America’s workers than he does about America’s union bosses.
The spirit of enterprise, innovation, pioneering and can-do propelled our standard of living and economy past every other nation on earth.

I refuse to believe that America is just another place on the map with a flag. We stand for freedom and opportunity and hope.

These last two years have not been the best of times. But while we’ve lost a couple of years, we have not lost our way. The principles that made us a great nation and leader of the world have not lost their meaning. They never will.

We know we can bring this country back.

I'm Mitt Romney. I believe in America.

And I'm running for President of the United States.
[Reference Here]

The speech reads pretty good, and if one were to judge a candidate on a speech ... one would be doing themselves a disservice.

There are three problems with Mitt Romney as a decent protector of what is good about American Freedom.

First off, he is on record supporting Ethanol subsidies to farmers ... THIS is not a smaller Government perspective.

Secondly, he has not, or will not disavow his mistake in promoting Romney Care. Sure, he says that this is an issue for State Governments to decide, but again, tackling from a public sector stance is also not a smaller Government perspective.

The final and third point came today in the town hall meeting in New Hampshire when he made a statement in support of the concept that Earth climate change is a product of Human activity - "I believe the world is getting warmer, and I believe that humans have contributed to that. /// And so I think it’s important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may well be significant contributors to the climate change and the global warming that you’re seeing," said Mitt Romney at a New Hampshire town hall meeting, according to Reuters.

The history of mathematical fraud is clear and it all came to light around November 2009 when internal emails were exposed "Wikileaks" style and proved that the "Hockeystick" effect - that had been published and re-affirmed in subsequent studise tying human activity to Global Warming - by the University of East Anglia located in England was trumped up in order to get more grants from the United Nations and other invested resources.

So, lets say Romney replaces Obama who is in current control of a radicalized EPA which is in the process of implementing "Cap & Trade" style policies. Will Romney feel inclined to shut it down? The easy answer is NO - Mitt Romney is in favor of Government helping to control/regulate carbon emissions.

One last Carbon understanding - of all greenhouse gases that exist, Carbon Dioxide is one of the least abundant at 40 parts in 10,000 parts. To bring this fact into clear thinking, imagine a basketball stadium has 10,000 seats filled with greenhouse gas particles - how many of these seats of greenhouse gas would be filled with CO2 particles? - Answer, only 40.

Three strikes ... and Mitt Romney is out - and sitting in the bleachers with Newt Gingrich ... here, during Carter's Second Term .

Friday, May 13, 2011

MEME Busting - The Art Of Cultural Truth In Narrative

The "Arab Spring" of 2010-11 — however bitter or sweet its fruits may grow in the fullness of time — didn't just happen. Bill Whittle makes a powerful case for GWB's foreign policy as a major catalyst in his latest YouTube sensation, "Memebusters! The Osama bin Laden Edition," where he asks "Why are all these Muslims in repressive regimes suddenly rising up for freedom and the right to vote? Why now, all of a sudden? That's why," he answers, pointing to the iconic image of a triumphant Iraqi woman who had just voted for the first time in her life in the wake of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Caption Credit: SISU | Image Credit: Declaration Entertainment

MEME Busting - The Art Of Cultural Truth In Narrative

In the biological world, genes carry hereditary information, whereas, in the human communications world, MEMES carry cultural information.

If one were to rely on only getting their information from the news narratives we receive from large media broadcast and political organizations, we run the risk of living live through the lens of a distorted cultural truth versus a narrative focused on facts.

Take, for example, the MEME of "Mission Accomplished" and how it is being used to translate success and/or failure in our cultural landscape.

This excerpted and edited from Declaration Entertainment -

FIREWALL: Memebusters! The Osama Bin Laden Edition
By Bill Whittle

We used to have an immune system -- called the "press" -- that caught errors. Now the "press" generates most of the falsehoods themselves.

Memes are cultural beliefs that were not taught in school or in religion but that take on a life of their own because large numbers of people have emotional reasons for wanting them to be true …
My joy about hearing about the death of Osama bin Laden lasted for about 20 seconds until I turned on the TV to see Andrea Mitchell crowing about how this really was "Mission Accomplished," not the premature "Mission Accomplished" that Cowboy George Bush claimed during his speech on that aircraft carrier, which happened, coincidentally, eight years earlier to the day …
Only George Bush didn't claim "Mission Accomplished." In fact he said just the opposite.

So, where did this meme come from?

Well, the press made it up out of whole cloth. They not only distorted, they actually reversed everything that George Bush said on the deck of that aircraft carrier …

The Middle East before the 9/11 terror attacks. At this time, UBL was building a palace in Afghanistan from which he would be able to rule the Islamic caliphate he was working to establish. Image Credit: Declaration Entertainment

The Middle East after Bush's actions taken in response to the 9/11 terror attacks. Image Credit: Declaration Entertainment
Now that day on the carrier, President Bush didn't say "Mission Accomplished," but he did say this:

"The advance of freedom is the surest strategy to undermine the appeal of terror in the world … Where freedom takes hold, hatred gives way to hope … When freedom takes hold, men and women turn to the peaceful pursuit of a better life … American values and American interests lead in the same direction: We stand for human liberty."

[Reference Here]

Where does all of this leave our current administration, the 44th Presidency of the United States? It is left to try and dismantle the good work previous generations had put in place in the name of Liberty with the allies in the United States press ... while reaping some of the benefits. UBL is dead, and is still dead, because of the larger strategy the 43rd Presidency had the foresight to put into play. Iraqi's can vote and express their human liberty our military and its strategy left behind.

The uprisings in Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and even Libya are actions that have been brought about because people can see what one country, with a similar demographic can do. The biggest problem with these developments lay in the fact there remains the risk that the desires of the people in the streets will be hijacked through jihad control freaks and, of course, the MEME agenda of the press ... led by Al Jazeera, and aided by our own administration through the lack of strategy used by the 44th Presidency ... Carter's Second Term!

Google's Blogger Down For Over 24 Hours!

Blogger Logo - Image Credit:

Google's Blogger Down For Over 24 Hours!

Blogger ... Google's web log hosting portal, has been down for a full 24 hours at the time of this posting.

This seems like a modern era record for this usually very reliable communications service and personal publishing arm of the giant search powerhouse, Google.

With all of the push Google has been putting in on Chrome, one has to ask - Is Blogger now becoming just an ugly stepchild to the array of focused services that Google has to offer? What - isn't Blogger sexy enough for Google to keep outages down to a minimum?

If this is the case, Google's shine is losing its luster.

This excerpted from Blogger's Status Link:

Blogger Status

Friday, May 13, 2011

We’ve started restoring the posts that were temporarily removed and expect Blogger to be back to normal soon.

Posted by at 06:07 PDT

To get Blogger back to normal, all posts since 7:37am PDT on Weds, 5/11 have been temporarily removed. We expect everything to be back to normal soon. Sorry for the delay.

Posted by at 04:25 PDT


UPDATE May 13, 2011 - 9:50am PT:

Blogger back online after nearly 30 hours of non-service.

Thanks, Google ... but we will be keeping an eye on you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Week Later ... UBL Is Still Dead!

Last known image of UBL just after Seal team #6 visits his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Image Credit Edmund Jenks (2011)

One Week Later ... UBL Is Still Dead!

... but the information he left behind lives on.

Also, the Obama Administration believes it is O.K. to Kill bin Laden ... just don’t Waterboard him as discovered by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

UBL is still dead but the President still insists on broadcasting every small detail of HIS involvement (why, is HE this insecure?) ... while HE should be dealing with all of this.Link