Friday, January 29, 2010

Media Watch: All Patriots Media - a launch to organize a "community"

All Patriots Media Network (APMN) is a multi-media platform for original audio and video content that perpetuates the values of Freedom, Liberty, Capitalism and the uniqueness of America. Our goal is to bring America a new slate of entertainment, providing a clear option to the offerings of the Main Stream Media. The APMN provides content online, and via traditional broadcast means. Image Credit: APM (2010)

Media Watch: All Patriots Media - a launch to organize a "community"

Starting February 1, 2010, a new media brand will hit the airwaves via the internet live online – 8am PST, and simulcast over the general radio broadcast outlets in Little Rock, Arkansas - 50,000 watt torch, 880am KLRG 10am CST and 1340am WTAN 11am EST (offers live streaming and is a Don Imus syndicated station) in Tampa Bay, Florida. As of this week, an additional agreement will have the show broadcast via a three-camera production on Galaxy 19 on free to air satellite. Phone in direct at 1-866-826-1340.

Born from the spirit bubbling up from the tea party movement, All Patriot Media Network (APMN), the entertainment multi-media brand and vision of Tony Katz, extols the values of Freedom, Liberty, Capitalism and the uniqueness of America. Tony's goal is to bring America a new slate of entertainment, providing a clear option to the offerings commonly found on traditional and recognized main stream media outlets.

Tony Katz - Founder of the Freedom Cigars discussion group, visionary, and host of All Patriots Media Network's “The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular”. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010)

This excerpted and edited from PRLog -

Tea Party Leader Takes to the Airwaves
Rising Tea Party star and former radio host Tony Katz signs a radio deal with Tan Talk Radio Network to broadcast “The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular” in two states.
January 21, 2010

Former Florida radio host and current Tea Party organizer Tony Katz has licensed with All Patriots Media, and the Tan Talk Radio Network, to broadcast his show, The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular, starting February 1, 2010.
The one-hour daily show positions the concepts of freedom, liberty and capitalism in proper context. Focusing on “right vs. wrong”, instead of “right vs. left”, the show features talks on trending topics including healthcare, cap and trade, big government, and constitutional issues.

“I’m thrilled to be back on the air, and it’s incredibly sweet to be returning to Tampa Bay, a town that has done so much for me over the years,” said Tony Katz. “Being on 880am in Little Rock is going to be wonderful. It’s the heart-of-America places where you get the most honest conversations. And I look forward to being a part of those conversations everyday.”
Reference Here>>

We, at MAXINE, were able to catch up with Tony at Porto's in Burbank to get some additional insight from him as he looks forward to becoming another voice for American values freedom in a new media world.

Since he is looking to launch a media platform that will be able to add to the discussion in an entertaining way ... through humor, he sees All Patriot Media Network as a perfect vehicle to capture the ignited passions represented by the now, ten-month old Tea Party movement.

Tony views the business proposition side of APMN as a capitalistic "passion play" and envisions the arguments to invest in this fledgling new media enterprise, characterized through these two, logic-based scenarios.

First, wouldn't one, who had a passion for American culture nearly 20 years ago, like to have had a chance to invest in Rush Limbaugh's Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) Network if the opportunity existed? If yes, would they invest in a similar opportunity now?

Second, one could invest in All Patriots Media Network to participate at a chance at helping to save a nation and culture (while pursuing a profit) .... or pass, sit on the sidelines and end up giving virtually all of their money to a big Government that continues to pursue its appetite for reducing personal freedoms while gaining more control over all things.

Pretty scary thoughts, but as Tony told us, he has had an active imagination most of his life, especially when it comes to nightmares. No one ever would have imagined some 30 years ago that our country would ever be confronted with these kind of threats from within our community. Simply stated, threats that are based on an elected Government dedicated to the pursuit of Statism ... and, yes, that is a nightmare.

Give All Patriots Media Network a listen at its live launch of the “The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular”, Monday morning, and maybe one just might give this internet based, new media enterprise a chance at an investing support to pursue APMN's vision of a multi-media platform for original audio and video content that perpetuates the values of Freedom, Liberty, Capitalism and the uniqueness of America.

At the very least, be entertained and find a new resource that would get one caught up on American culture news and events ... before Barack Obama's control agenda of "Net Neutrality" ruins this freedom too.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Media Watch: Barack Obama and the amazing "Ellie Light"

Ellie Light, a single identifiable letter writing respondent to opinion pages in newspapers and supporter of the current administration of this 44th Presidency, seems to be too prolific to be a real single person - it defies the odds. Image Credit:

Media Watch: Barack Obama and the amazing "Ellie Light"


What does the term "fainting spells" paired with Barack Obama trigger in your mind when they are mentioned together?

Well, we are beginning to witness another chapter of "put-up" jobs out of Barack Obama and the people who surround him.

Just as we have seen no more fainting spells since they were pointed out as defying the odds of a realistic occurrence ... even down to Barack Obama's scripted reaction to the discovery that someone in the audience gathered to hear him campaign - "Is there a doctor in the audience?"

Ellie Light, a single identifiable letter writing respondent to opinion pages in newspapers and supporter of the current administration of this 44th Presidency, seems to be too prolific to be a real single person - it defies the odds.

The core of Ellie Light's letter, defending President Obama, reads, in part:

"During his campaign, Obama clearly said that an economy that took eight years to break couldn't be fixed in a year, that Afghanistan was a graveyard of empires and would not be an easy venture for us. Candidate Obama didn't feed us happy talk, which is why we elected him. He never said America could solve our health care, economic and security problems without raising the deficit. Instead, he talked of hard choices, of government taking painful and contentious first steps towards fixing problems that can't be left for another day."

This Ellie Light seems to have multiple addresses across the country - in each case Ellie Light claimed to be a local resident. According to Michelle Malkin's Hot Air, virtually the same letter from the same person has appeared in at least sixty-two (62) newspapers, some as large and well known as USA Today and the Washington Times while others were small and local with names like the Los Banos Enterprise and the Danbury News-Times.

The facts and commonality were discovered when the Cleveland Plain Dealer, also a recipient of the letter, had a reporter investigate Ellie Light's "bona fides" and found little to make them feel comfortable. The Plain Dealer reporter has also published an email exchange with Ellie Light that has to be read to be believed.

The best suspicion so far has led to a twitter account run by a public relations outfit and additionally, the letters may have originated out of Long Beach.

Here is speculation excerpted and edited from Left Coast Rebel -

The Light Shown on the Ellie Light Mystery: Ellie Light Origin, is Ellie Light a Journalist named Samantha Power?
by the Left Coast Rebel - 1.23.2010

Like a detective on a trail, I'm all over this Ellie Light thing (still), the next tidbit I will point you to is the actual meaning of the name and the potential allusion to the Obama campaign symbol and a few other theories like the Cass Sunstein/Samantha Power possibility. As everyone knows by now, the 'transparency' of the Obama administration is an illusion, I think that this story is another (potential) determining factor of just that as well. I also read a report that Ellie Light has been featured in over 60 newspapers as of now. Readers have opined that 'Ellie Light' probably votes in each city/district that the papers are located in as well.

As anyone that can do a quick Google will find, the name 'Ellie' comes from Greek name Helen lending it the meaning of "light". So obviously we can then see that the name is most likely a pseudonym for something of meaning, something particular - light. Bungalow Bill has this insight:

El, a term used often in Chicago since they call their system of trains running to Chicago's loop and throughout the city on multiple lines also means horizon--like horizon in Obama's campaign symbol. We have two connections here to common themes with Obama.

Bungalow Bill also mentions that one must not forget Obama's campaign symbol featuring an 'O' with a setting sun, etc, obviously the term 'light' and 'Ellie Light' come to my mind when thinking of the symbol:

Moving along, reader Cambridge Lady checks in with an angle that I hadn't even considered - that Ellie is also short for Eleanor Roosevelt, she writes that it is maybe a reference to FDR's New Deal.....bringing light to America?

Proving how fascinating and hot this story is as well, I just got another note from a reader known as Piperbaye, he actually thinks that Ellie Light is a journalist, a certain Samantha Power. He notes as well that there is a Cass Sunstein connection to this Samantha Power and that Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals may be in play (the name Lucifer which Rules for Radicals was dedicated to means 'bearer of light'. Here's what he wrote to LCR:

I believe Ellie Light is a journalist by the name of Samantha Power. The meaning of the name ellie is light. An Ellie is also a national magazine award which Ms. Power won in 2005 for a piece in New Yorker magazine, entitled Dying in Darfur.

She worked for Senator Barack Obama and then on his presidential campaign before she was forced to resign for referring to Hillary Clinton as a monster.

While there, she met then later married Cass Sunstein who works in the Obama administration as Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs .

While at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-"independent" advocates to "cognitively infiltrate" online groups and websites.

In addition to this , the latin word, Lucifer, means bearer of light. Saul Alinsky, in Rules for Radicals, dedication is to Lucifer.
Reference Here>>

Needless to say, this intrigue has got some people buzzing - watch the letters under the name Ellie Light ... stop! - to paraphrase Barack Obama while directing the fainting scenes staged at one of his fainting spells events ... Is there a postman in the house?


Does anyone believe that this same letter (roughly), "penned" by the same author could accidentally make it into SIXTY-TWO (62) different papers without a coordinating effect somewhere?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Barack Obama's second year - More 153 & 411 moments

"Obama has cut the remembering-what-we-don't-like-about-Democrats stage of this process down from two to four years to about 10 months. Folks, I'm convinced that if we all work really hard, we can get it down to three months." - Ann Coulter, from "That Old Obama Magic Is Back" 1-20-2010 - Image Credit: Organizing For America

Barack Obama's second year - More 153 & 411 moments

This morning, Don Imus mentioned that Barack Obama has given about 153 interviews and issued or delivered 411 comments and speeches on health care reform since he has taken office.

Don mentioned this information in reaction to what Barack Obama said in an interview he granted to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos right after Scott Brown was elected to assume the Senate seat previously occupied by the recently deceased Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy from Massachusetts.

This excerpted and edited from The Daily Caller -

Obama’s failure to communicate on health care

By Jon Ward - The Daily Caller 01/20/10 at 9:14 pm

President Obama on Wednesday said the reason his health-care reform is on life support because Congress took too long to debating it and he didn’t talk enough to citizens about its benefits for them.
“One of the things that I have learned in Washington is you have to repeat yourself a lot because because unfortunately it doesn’t penetrate,” he said.

The president, making his first public comments after a Republican candidate on Tuesday won the special election to fill Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts Senate seat, said he understands that some Americans view his administration as a bunch of “technocrats up here … making decisions.”

But he said the main reason for this was not his policies but rather his communications strategy.

“What I haven’t always been successful at doing is breaking through the noise and speaking directly to the American people in a way that during the campaign you could do,” he said.
He also admitted he has failed to “change the tone here in Washington.”

Reference Here>>

With the context of this being the first day of the second year of this 44th Presidency, why don't we just recognize what we can see is the obvious delusional mind of Barack Obama ... it isn't that He has failed to change the tone in Washington, just the TONE DEAFNESS.

Also, He fails to hear the American people when they speak through Tea Party gatherings, Town Hall questions, and now votes in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts ... even though he believes that the American people have NOT been listening and hearing what he has said over the 153 interviews and 411 comments and speeches.

We American people have heard what has been said ... when will the Obama Administration resolve to begin to listen to the American people, in this, the first day of year two, of the destructive path of this 44th Presidency?

SOURCE: LA Conservative Examiner

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A speedbump down the ruination road of Carter's Second Term

All the leftist talking heads are saying double down on health care after Scott Brown won Massachusetts. We now know that many moderate Democrats aren’t going to listen to that advice and are considering picking up their chips before they lose it all. It’s time for the Democrats to choose if they are going to listen to pundits or the people. Congressmen in the fly over states better get the message or start packing their bags. Thankfully some of them are. Caption & Image Credit: David Horowitz's Newsreal

A speedbump down the ruination road of Carter's Second Term

The predictably impossible, happened ... the tax day Tea Party protesters, summertime Town Hall Meeting questioners, and the jilted Obama Independents raised their collective ugly head and rejected a Government being run as a one political party rule and voted a registered Republican to replace Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy in the United States Senate.

Scott Brown was swept into office by waging a campaign based upon actually being a representative of the constituents who purposely voted him into office as opposed to having a political party rubber stamp vote occupying the one of one-hundred voting seats in the United States Senate.

Do not let people who talk on the news programs tell you that this win in Massachusetts was a just a typical mid-term rejection of the ruling party ... "this happens all the time" ... this win by Scott Brown was a historic rejection of Barack Obama and his policies aided by the unbridled leadership approach employed by Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives and Harry Reid in the US Senate. This election was an example of a "Power To The People" moment.

The very liberal U. S. Congressman from New York, Anthony Weiner probably said it best, and he was a person who's philosophy benefited from the last full year of a one-party rule paradigm --

"Large numbers of independent voters saying they're upset about health care, that's not just their fault, that's our fault, too. And we have to think about what we're doing wrong here and to have a conversation as if nothing happened, whether you're in Massachusetts or not, is being tone deaf, -- I don’t think it would be the worst thing to take a step back and say we are going to pivot to do a jobs thing…If there isn’t any recognition that we got the message and we are trying to recalibrate and do things differently, we are not only going to risk looking ignorant but arrogant.” Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-New York, said.

Other notable quotes:

“Moderates and independents even in a state as Democratic as Massachusetts just aren’t buying our message. They just don’t believe the answers we are currently proposing are solving their problems. That’s something that has to be corrected.”-Evan Bayh (D-In.)

Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) said it “would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Brown is seated.”

Massachusetts voters and Scott Brown have changed the debate on health care reform. In his acceptance speech he was right on when he said:

“When there’s trouble in Massachusetts, there’s trouble everywhere and they [the ruling Democrats in Washington DC] know it. One thing is clear, people do not want the trillion dollar healthcare plan that is being forced on the American people.”

Let’s hope more and more Democrats really do know it.

Just maybe, liberalism in Massachusetts wasn't ... too big to fail!

Make no doubt about it, this election was a referendum on more than Healthcare, it was also a referendum on Taxation, Jobs, Transparency, and most of all, the Obama Administration & its process of one-party rule ... and represents a speedbump here, down the "first year" ruination road of Carter's Second Term.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Obama to three-peat in defeat - Trip to Massachusetts, Sunday

State Senator Scott Brown has led the fight in Massachusetts against wasteful government spending and higher taxes. He is a free-market advocate who believes our strength as a nation flows from its people. He believes in a culture of family, patriotism and freedom. At his September 12 announcement of candidacy for the U.S. Senate, Senator Brown articulated a core set of beliefs that guide his thinking. * Government is too big and that the federal stimulus bill made government bigger instead of creating jobs * Taxes are too high and are going higher if Congress continues with its out-of-control spending * The historic amount of debt we are passing on to our children and grandchildren is immoral * Power concentrated in the hands of one political party, as it is here in Massachusetts, leads to bad government and poor decisions * A strong military and vigorous homeland defense will protect our interests and security around the world and at home * All Americans deserve health care, but we shouldn't have to create a new government insurance program to provide it - Caption Credit: / Image Credit: SENATUS

Obama to three-peat in defeat - Trip to Massachusetts, Sunday

Barack Obama places his prestige and programs to make America into a vision of all Government ... all the time, on the line through an impulsive last minute campaign trip to Massachusetts. Obama goes to the overwhelingly Democrat state (Massachusetts has over 1 million more registered Democrats than any other political party) on Sunday to stump for Democratic nominee Martha Coakley, who is in a dead heat with Republican candidate Scott Brown for (the former) "Ted Kennedy's Senate seat".

President Obama's charm offensive didn't work in New Jersey or Virginia, where Republicans won crucial gubernatorial races in November. Will it work in Massachusetts? In fact, the stakes are even higher for the president than they were in last year's gubernatorial races, as he seeks to avoid losing a critical 60th vote in the Senate for his signature health care overhaul that is nearing the finish line in Congress.

If Brown wins Tuesday, Republicans pick up their 41st vote, which would be enough to sustain a filibuster and possibly kill the reform bill.

The most recent poll has Brown leading by 4 percentage points, and the Republican state senator reportedly is raising money at a rate of $1 million a day. Meanwhile, Coakley's campaign is under fire for the way she's run her campaign, going from front-runner to barely competitive after taking it easy following her primary victory in December.

The president's decision to hit the campaign trail again is a stunning reversal from what the White House had been saying in recent days and reflects the deep concerns the Democrat political party hold over their chances Tuesday.

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, center, campaigns with Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown as he greets Susan Fantasia in Boston's North End on Friday. Image Credit: Winslow Townson

This excerpted and edited from The Christian Science Monitor -

Massachusetts senate race hinges on independent vote

Massachusetts is one of the most Democratic states in the country. But moderate Republicans have done well there too over the years, and independent voters are likely to make the difference in the special US Senate race.
By Tracey D. Samuelson Correspondent / January 16, 2010

Massachusetts has long been regarded as a liberal stronghold, but the special election to replace Sen. Edward Kennedy in the US Senate is showing Massachusetts has a more conservative streak as well.
Brown’s success may have to do with his ability to appeal to independent voters in the Bay State – 51 percent of voters here are unenrolled.

True, Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-to-1, and the state can be counted on to elect Democratic presidential candidates by consistently wide margins – President Obama won here with a 26-point margin in 2008, Sen. John Kerry by 25 points in 2004.

It’s results like these that routinely place Massachusetts as one of the top states for Democrats in rankings of party affiliation. Last year, a Gallup survey named Massachusetts the third-most Democratic state, behind only Washington D.C. and Rhode Island.
But Massachusetts voters also gave Republicans the key to the governors’ office for 16 straight years, from 1990 to 2006.
For Coakley and Brown, it’s the state’s independents who will likely determine the outcome of the race.

“The majority of registered voters now are independents,” says David Paleologos, director of the Political Research Center at Suffolk University in Boston, which conducted Thursday’s poll. “Despite the fact that they are people who say … they don’t want to be tied to one party, independents have emerged as the political party in Massachusetts now. It’s really about the independent voter.”
Most independents favor Brown

Suffolk’s poll shows 65 percent of voters who identify themselves as independent favor Brown.
“I am running in the name of all independent-thinking citizens, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or unenrolled, to take on one-party rule,” Brown wrote in a Boston Globe op-ed column published Friday.

His focus on homeland security, in particular, is “a perfect issue to lead with” to attract independent voters, says Stewart.
In contrast, Coakley has stuck close to her Democratic base, focusing on abortion rights, healthcare reform, and, more recently, the economy.
In fact, Coakley’s support of the healthcare reform bill might hurt her with independents, 56 percent of whom oppose the proposed national legislation.
Still, while independents may prefer Brown, they are also historically much less likely to turn out to vote.

“They’re half the electorate, but they’re not half the voting power,” says Stewart. “The great middle is tending toward Brown, so then the question is who turns out.”
Reference Here>>

Before deciding to visit the state this weekend, the president did come to Coakley's aid by cutting an online video for her, calling on supporters to put on their "walking shoes" and bring out people to vote.

"In Washington, I'm fighting to curb the abuses of a health insurance industry (through granting excemptions to Unions on paying a proposed 40% tax on "Cadillac" or premium health care insurance plans and bribing Senators through Stimulus tax monies) that routinely denies care," Obama said. "I'm fighting for financial reforms to stop Wall Street from playing havoc with our economy (while giving unlimited funding to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so that they can continue to operate outside of proper banking practices). I'm fighting to create a new, clean energy economy (with a proposed Cap & Trade law that would make it very costly to exhale CO2 - "a tax on breathing" - and practically make the Coal industry non-existent through punitive taxation).

"And it's clear now that the outcome of these and other fights will probably rest on one vote in the United States Senate."

Thank God! ... and Godspeed to Scott Brown on becoming a US Senator and slowing down this edition of Carter's Second Term.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The case to retain Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid

Democrat Political Party Leadership - President Barack Obama is flanked by (L-R) Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in the Roosevelt Room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on December 15, 2009 in Washington, D.C. President Obama met with members of the Senate Democratic Caucus to discuss health care reform legislation. Image Credit: AFP/White House Pool

The case to retain Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid

Over the last couple of days, quotes in the forthcoming book "Game Change" about President Obama's ethnicity attributed to Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid revealed that Harry Reid is as racist as the political party he represents. The Democrat Party is the most tolerant of people who hold power over, and make judgments on people from a racial perspective.

Reid praised Obama's electability as a "light-skinned" African American "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one" insults all human beings and debases all voters in the United States as making voting judgments on the basis of human race first as opposed to political philosophy.

To the voter who is not from African decent, Reid comment asserts that they are softer on disapproval if someone spoke English in a clear diction and their skin color was not deep into the brown spectrum. To the voter who happened to be born from an African race decent, Harry Reid is stating that education and accomplishment are not as important as one's appearance and speaking ability.

Now if Harry Reid were just some person who sold soap to car wash operations around Nevada, he might be able to make a living and get by with attitudes of closure to humans he meets along the way ... but this is a man who is a lawmaker and has become the leader of all lawmakers in the most powerful Government lawmaking body in the United States, and these attitudes are not consistent with what is expected in a position of leadership and power over all human beings regardless of race.

We, at Carter's Second Term, say keep Harry Reid. Why set the example of intolerance to racist attitudes that the Republican Political Party set? ... when then incoming Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott made a comment in jest at a party honoring a former segregationist and Senate colleague, Strom Thurmond.

Thurmond ran as the presidential nominee of the breakaway Dixiecrat Party in the 1948 presidential race against Democrat Harry Truman and Republican Thomas Dewey. He carried Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and his home state of South Carolina, of which he was governor at the time.

During the campaign, he said, "All the laws of Washington and all the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, our schools, our churches."

Thurmond's party ran under a platform that declared in part, "We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race."

The comment that then incoming Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott made suggested the United States would have avoided "all these [race] problems" if then-segregationist Strom Thurmond had been elected president in 1948.

Trent Lott was removed in short order after he issued an apology on Monday, December 9, 2002, stating "A poor choice of words conveyed to some the impression that I embraced the discarded policies of the past," Lott said. "Nothing could be further from the truth, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by my statement."

The Republican Political Party knew all human beings were offended, regardless of race, leadership, and power considerations.

Democrats ... please retain Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader of the United States Senate. It will give all voters an example of support for institutionalized racists attitudes and show them exactly what the attitudes about race of the Democrat Political Party are ... and what level of institutionalized racism they are willing to tolerate.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Obama Administration diverts CIA resources to AGW Scientists

Obama Administration diverts CIA resources to AGW Scientists

Acting CIA Director, Leon Panetta, has directed the CIA to share data collection assets, time, and classified information with about 60 select scientists. The National Reconnaissance Office, which operates the nation’s fleet of spy satellites, is providing much of the data.

Former Vice President Al Gore is credited with helping restart the collaboration by urging Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to convince the CIA and others it was time to bring Medea (Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis - a Clinton Administration program that operated from 1992 to 2001) back to life.

This excerpted and edited from The National Center for Public Policy Research -

Experts with The National Center for Public Policy Research are decrying this practice as a distraction from important counter-terrorism duties. They further question if it a possible avenue to renew climate change subterfuge already plaguing some of these scientists.

"This is another example of President Obama not taking terrorism seriously," said Deneen Borelli, a fellow with the National Center's Project 21 black leadership network. "Our enemies must be laughing at the Obama Administration's incompetence."
"Given the very real threat posed by terrorists, it is ridiculous and downright dangerous to divert any intelligence resources to monitoring polar ice," added Project 21's Deneen Borelli. "Its said this won't hinder regular intelligence-gathering, but it's also clear that agencies can't yet share data and track a terrorism suspect who was identified by his own father. It's unwise to further distract our intelligence network by forcing it to consult with scientists about icebergs, polar bears and sea lions. The Obama Administration appears to be putting a left-wing political agenda before the safety and security of our nation."

Speaking on the involvement of Al Gore, Tom Borelli, Ph.D., director of the National Center's Free Enterprise Project, noted: "If anything, Al Gore is the real national security threat. Gore's climate change fear mongering, which lines his own pockets with cash has stoked a war against the fossil fuels so vital to our nation's economic prosperity and national security. His self-serving agenda is stymieing domestic energy exploration and production efforts. Now, he successfully lobbied to resurrect this diversion of our intelligence assets after the Bush Administration wisely ended it."

The claims of some scientists are already suspect after the Climategate scandal. Tom Borelli pointed out: "We've already seen climate scientists discussing the idea of destroying raw data to preserve climate change models that may be seriously flawed, and then it turns out that very same sort of data was allegedly 'lost.' How can we trust them to not behave similarly with CIA data - such as denying the proper peer review under the guise that the data is secret? The real question is: who's going to be watching the scientists?"
Reference Here>>

Additional Question:

Will the Obama Administration vet these scientists as it relates to their involvement with "Climategate" tactics ... or will they just be vetted as other Czars and advisors to the Obama Administration have been in the last 11 months (Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, Timothy Geithner, Harold Koh, John HoldrenCass Sunstein and others)?


Scientific Method is the search for Truth ... Climate Change data collection is the gathering of information in search for data that supports an AGW Ideology!

This process of diverting classified CIA assets and time takes away from their real job ... to gather information about real threats and assaults on the sovereignty of the United States.